Yep, it’s really as simple as that!


For the life of me, I cannot begin to fathom why some folks still feel cultlike devotion for a particular, peculiar, narcissistic, Fascistic fusspot.

While I seriously doubt that any of you, my readers, DO fall into that category, nonetheless, I’d still like to explain why I, most emphatically, DO NOT!

Anyway, who knows? One or two of the misguided might, someday, stumble onto this site. That said, let’s roll…

Long blog short, authoritarian rule affects me, not unlike that sinking, sickening feeling one gets when…

  • During that once in a lifetime job interview, you get the first whiff that tells you that you forgot to use your antiperspirant / deodorant.
  • Your city council rezones your lifelong neighborhood to allow for the construction of a new sewage treatment plant.
  • The very first time you set foot outdoors wearing new jogging shoes, you step into a pile of fresh dog shit.

In other words, Fascism Stinks!

Look, I do get it. Some folks do not feel complete without a dictator dicking up their existences. Note how I didn’t say, “… dicking up their lives.”

But, damn it, not all of us would ever want to exist that way. We really want to live our lives to the fullest! And damn it, you cannot… correction… must not ever force your odious governmental preference upon the rest of humanity.

So, how can everyone peacefully co-exist?

Well, those of you, who are deeply into subservience need to learn to sate your boot licking urges privately. To e.g. that…

  • Seek, find and perhaps even wed a life partner, best described as a till-death-do-you-part control freak.

Not ready, yet, to make such a lengthy commitment, you say?

  • Well, in that case, why not try working your way up (or is that down?) by trying out a control freak boss?

Yep, it’s really as simple as that!


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!