Fortune Cookie Blog (True Believers)


The souls, who ardently seek parenthood; can see way beyond each day’s
dreary headlined news, are the personification of optimism; true believers
that love, eternal, is deeply rooted in our very DNA; that such good will be
triumphant over evil. They’ll boldly usher in the dawn of a brand new era,
where revitalized humanity finally, fully, lives up to its potential; soars, for-
evermore to, heretofore, only dreamt of enlightenment and magnificence!






Fortune Cookie Blog (love eternal)


Our key-rings’ keys are countless. No master key. To find “The One” to unlock
the heart & open the door to love, eternal, requires quality time and patience;
sharing life stories; the revelations of our thoughts, views, hopes and dreams.
This takes far less time than the insensitive, fumbling, trial & error approach.