An Unexpected UnFollowing


Several days ago, some unpleasant circumstances surfaced, resulting in my unfollowing a WP website.

That was unexpected, too, considering how, in the short time I’d been aware of these latter-day nomads, I had [1] thoroughly enjoyed virtually camping out / exploring the Canadian wilderness “alongside” them and [2] wound up totally impressed by their breath of fresh air writing style and breathtaking photography; all of which had made their travel-blog the next best thing to actually being there.

Alas, only to have my feel good buzz abruptly drowned out by the deafening cacophony of oppression’s clanging, rattling chains.

The problem surfaced… when they began [1] blogging about paying visits to the U.S. southern states and [2] literally paying descendants of Confederate generals / soldiers (traitors ALL to America) to take them on guided tours of plantations and mansions dripping with slaves’ blood, sweat and tears.

There can be little doubt, that indecent docents have always been hellbent on wrongfully perpetrating / perpetuating / presenting / promoting America’s absolutely indefensible racist history; obviously inclusive of the brutal beatings, whippings and lynchings of enslaved blacks.

We ARE speaking of the unspeakable… the very hatred which still seethes and surfaces in the here and now; on a nearly daily basis; i.e., each and every time, each and every rocks in the head, stone beneath sternum, out on patrol, out of control cop [1] profiles and pulls over black motorists, [2] brutally beats and tases them, and, in the tragic end, [3] whips out his/her service revolver to, in cold blood, slaughter their black detainees… correction… the blacks they enslave; all over what is nearly always tantamount to a minor driving infraction (e.g., expired license plate tabs).

While I don’t actually believe… that I’ve severed ties with bigoted bloggers, it is their naiveté that’s most bothersome. Fleshing that out, it’s their apparent belief that one can hobnob with bigots sans getting their own hands stained blood red.


While it is true that “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”, it’s worth pointing out that revisionist history does not teach anybody anything worthwhile!


And more to the point… there are not many, IF ANY, down south docents’ tours, which correctly dress down / strip off the white hoods and robes to fully expose knuckle dragging Klansmen, who’ve bloodied the pages of American History; who, in words and deeds, continue to do the same within each new day’s breaking news (aka, history in the making).

Since it’s unlikely that these travel-bloggers will ever read this post, I can only hope that they’ve not gone completely noseblind to the stench of America’s racist past and present; that, somehow, they’ll self-realize how…

The best, and oft ONLY way… to effectively shut up bigoted history revisionists is to make damned sure they take a hit in their damned wallets. All people of good conscience will flat-out boycott their (mis)guided tours and NEVER, EVER buy into any of their alternate reality published SHIT!

For what it’s worth… I do hope that when these nomads plan future travels, they do realize that there are plenty of savory destinations to pick and choose from; populated by decent people far more worthy of their spent travel dollars.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!












With each passing nanosecond, it is becoming tougher and tougher to bypass that 136kg / 300lb monument to ignorance and intolerance. On the road of life, he is the personification of a massive, badass orange pylon; the roadblock to the much needed and long overdue road to recovery from a multifaceted malaise…

• Be that disease that aforementioned corpulent Fascist’s choke-hold, which asphyxiates many a citizen’s freedom.

• Be that disease pre-American / American society’s reprehensible, four centuries long history of slavery; the systemic racism, which [1] drives the hangman’s noose wielding Klansmen to lynch people of color and [2] sparks police brutality, resulting in many a black man’s “I can’t breathe” pleas for mercy prior to his needless death.

• Be that disease COVID-19, which smothers economic stability / prosperity and chokes off oxygen from many a ventilator dependent human prior to her / his needless death.

• Be that disease the likely irreversible ecological devastation that will, eventually, render Earth’s atmosphere unbreathable; leave many a human gasping for what little breathable Oxygen may still remain.







Witch Hunt? Lynching? Coup d’état?

Donald J. Trump needs to rethink his contempt for the U.S. Constitution and thank its framers for authoring an orderly impeachment / removal procedure. While that’s not the same due process protections afforded ordinary citizens, he still has no good reason to fear a witch hunt, lynching and coup d’état.

Indeed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not hired a carpenter to build a pillory. She’s not been frequenting Home Depot ISO heavy duty rope, either. As for her being a proficient military tank commander / driver / gunner? Nah… she just doesn’t seem to be the White House gate crasher / blow the front doors to smithereens type. Hell, it’s doubtful she even owns a bullhorn suitable for issuing her “GET THE HELL OUT OR ELSE!” ultimatum.

Anyway, if Donny is as virtuous, innocent and misunderstood as he claims to be, would not an Impeachment Inquiry provide the perfect, Perfect, PERFECT venue for him to prove it, Prove It, PROVE IT?

Even if he winds up impeached, anyway, the unscrupulous, soulless, spineless U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his like-minded toady underlings can be counted on to elevate rightwing partisanship over righteous patriotism… i.e., they’ll be amenable to allowing a thug to remain holed up within his oval hideout.

Even if Mitch doesn’t march in Trumpian lockstep,  Donny still has all the judges that money can buy. According to an August 5, 2019 NPR report…

“In the 2 1/2 years that Trump has been in office, his administration has appointed nearly 1 in 4 of the nation’s federal appeals court judges and 1 in 7 of its district court judges.” (read more here)

And those stats don’t even begin to factor in the U.S. Supreme / Extreme Court’s conservative bloc… inclusive of the fake prez’s handpicked, sycophantic pals, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Hell, they’d bend over both backward and forward to rule in the Trumpster’s favor… and against America.

Speaking of anti-America dudes… Donny also has one final trump card to play. Russia’s Putin. Come Election Day 2020, Big Bad Vlad could easily finish off his no shots fired overthrow of America… i.e., do his damnedest to keep his puppet / ventriloquist’s dummy propped up in the Oval Office… and make his second term a lifetime appointment, to boot.

America would then wind up dead. And anyone who’d fail to kiss Trump rump would wind up dead, too.