My Petition to the Petitioners


Of late, Interwebs surfing Americans have been inundated with impassioned pleas to sign the petitions being circulated by prominent, Democratic Party representatives; e.g., the dedicated Voting Rights Activist Stacey Abrams and the barely noticeable Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Granted, such documents can prove useful in taking the ideological pulse / reading the moral compasses of Americans. However, I do remind these good-intentioned folks that they ALREADY know how we truly feel. Such petitioners need look no further than the resounding results of the legitimate, indisputable 2020 elections. Have they not taken a gander at which national / state level candidates won / lost, what ballot proposals succeeded / failed, etc; of how, most notably, Georgia got flipped from MAGA Red to TRUE Blue?

I mean WTF further validation do Democrats need, anyway?

To virtually pass around petitions serves no purpose other than to hide the fact that, SO FAR, obstructed Democrats have not been making good on their promises to [1] thwart the Republican’s nationwide voter suppression tactics (Jim Crowism / Gerrymandering), [2] raise minimum wage to $15 per hour (which actually needs to be at least $24), [3] roll out bold infrastructure improvements (inclusive of human infrastructure) and [4] unshackle the robust climate change mitigating / reversing science (before it’s too effing late).

It’s high time Democrats grow a set; refocus priorities to get their political house in order; i.e., the White House, U.S. House of Representatives and, especially, Schumer’s U.S. Senate, where the recalcitrant, power-tripping little “d” democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have been gleefully, further weakening President Joe Biden’s ALREADY weak agenda.

Both Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi need to also promptly serve notice to the always avaricious for power and obscene wealth, obstructionist, Trumper Republicans; remind these alleged legislators that their whiny, cacophonous, cantankerous, cancerous, sore loser… the narcissistic and fascistic Donald J. Trump… did lose to Joe Biden; remind them that, here in America, Majority Rules and the vast majority of voters did empower a Democratic Majority to speak on their behalf. I mean, since Trumper (f)law-men / (f)law-women cannot be supportive, at the very least, they need to get the F outta our way!

More to the point, Democrats must bust up the Senate Filibuster rule which, in theory, is supposed to promote bipartisanship, BUT, in actual practice, is nothing but a road block to all progress. Dems must also perform some sort of political exorcism to rid both Sinema and Manchin of their soul sucking, Trumper demons.

Granted, very little of that will prove easy; in fact it could be downright risky business; i.e, could cause Democrats to lose their (theoretical) control of the legislative branch (come 2022), and the executive branch (come 2024). However, if Dems do nothing now? Well, let’s just say that many of the voters, who they’ll alienate, will sit out one or both Election Days. In essence, Dems, who appear spineless, will own such a dismal, political downfall, anyway.

Indeed, it’d be far riskier for Democrats to piss off critical thinking voters who want… strike that… who DEMAND bold legislation designed to promote human dignity and equality, honest even handed, liberty-based governance and solid environmental stewardship. Furthermore, we DEMAND laws that’ll bury effing Fascism, too!

And speaking of totalitarianism, a heady reminder to all empowered Democrats. Should you ever fail to rigorously investigate Donald J. Trump and his co-conspirator insurrectionists / traitors (some of whom, in all likelihood, are still masquerading as U.S. legislators); fail to purge all guilty parties from our legislative bodies and forever bar such anti-American wannabes from seeking elective office, we will live to regret that; perhaps even die as a nation. We can expect Trump’s cult to rear its ugly head, anew, to once again reprise their January 6, 2021 attempt to overthrow / burn down America.

We, who really know what America is supposed to be all about, actually want our all-encompassing, national policy to reflect who We are; live up to these mighty sounding ideals:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Our Founding Fathers’ Preamble • Constitution Ratified on June 21, 1788

On Election Day 2020, We the Majority, sent Democrats to Washington to breathe life into an agenda that will not only benefit all Americans, but also our entire, planetwide human family.

Empowered Democrats Listen Up! The time for talk / distracting petitions is LONG OVER! The time for take charge, comprehensive, remedial legislative action is NOW!


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








World Stage Bad Actors Flub Their Lines

We find our world teetering on the precipice of WW-III. Two bad actors are flubbing their lines while standing upon the world stage. A foolhardy, power tripping American butthead is butting heads with his likeminded, North Korean counterpart.

Both “leaders” are oblivious to the fact that their making even the slightest misstep could result in a slip and fall… one which would force humanity to take the final, fatal plunge.

Let’s take one step back from that narrow, slippery ledge to ask…

Just how did we ever get ourselves mired in this mucked up mess?

Speaking from an American’s standpoint…

In our democracy, to become empowered, all any wicked wannabe leader need do is BS a low information, Fox News brainwashed electorate… snag 50% + 1 of their votes (in key Electoral College states).

Next, to maintain his chokehold on power, he’ll serve up a heapin’ helpin’ of pseudo patriotism to drown out the voice of reason… the common decency POV expressed by the fourth estate and other legitimate dissenters. And worse yet, he’ll wrongfully vilify all of his spot-on critics.

Of course, this power hungry entity knows that, no matter how much he Fs over the masses, he can still count on that 50% + 1 blind loyalty. Might we even be talking about a massive, chronic case of Stockholm Syndrome (i.e., low self esteem citizens deeply involved in an abusive relationship with their political lover)?

In THE END we wind up with the powerful screwing over the powerless.

Indeed, he willfully turns on (betrays) all average Jane and Joe Americans… both his turned off dissenters and (ironically) even his still turned on (aroused) supporters.

Points to Ponder…

Seeing how it’s likely impossible that anyone can ever persuade such a “leader” to open up his ears, eyes and mind, is it now too complicated and too late to legally remove him from office?

If that answer is yes, let’s promise to wave to each other while taking our final fatal plunge into oblivion… i.e., if, in the heat of WW-III, there’d even be sufficient time for such pleasantries.