Postcard Parable (The Grade F F’er)


Once upon a time, an odd Ogre, afflicted with malignant narcissism,
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, tertiary syphilis & Alzheimer’s,
hopelessly mucked up (beyond all recognition and repair), the very
homeland he swore on the Bible he’d preserve, protect and defend!
As such, his ferocious delusions of grandeur misled him; resulted in
his erroneously grading his leadership skills A+ while 6 out of every
10 of his subjects only deemed the F’er F-worthy. Not “owning” even
one achievement to present to non-cultist electors, his traveling the
high road to stay in power wasn’t a viable option. Ergo, his low road
spin doctors sabotaged fair elections! He won. Citizens lost! The End!
Moral 1: Unfit kings are best served by doctors of medicine; not spin!
Moral 2: Spin doctors can only worsen & prolong what ails a nation!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home!  Mask up in public!  Stay Healthy!









Subtract – Add – Multiply – Divide


The small-minded, ham-handed fake prez can be expected to muck up nearly everything he gets his small hands on.

To try one’s hand at societal problem solving involves a process not unlike plugging the variables into a mathematical equation. Now, here’s why Donald J. Trump is such a lousy mathematician…

Into each equation, without thinking, Donny’s head will automatically SUBTRACT logical, time honored scientific principles and ADD in his incalculable levels of debilitating malignant narcissism, abject amorality, unbridled avarice, corrupt ambition and pathological dishonesty. Whatever non-answer(s) he comes up with will, damned near always, bitterly DIVIDE public opinion and vastly MULTIPLY the problem, too.