Donny’s Donnybrook (Part 2)


The 1st “debate” between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump has now been over for about an hour. And, in this man’s opinion, the grotesque spectacle of Trump’s unpresidential meltdown could not end soon enough.

The fake prez’s conduct was so immature that, exasperation caused my parental instincts to kick in; so much so that I wound up shouting at my TV, “SHUT THE F UP”; did so, so loudly here in Michigan, that my voice may’ve even been heard in Cleveland, Ohio (the debate locale).

I’m now 100% certain that, if we vote to hire Joe / fire Donny, Trump will not accept that outcome, under any circumstances, and will flat out refuse to leave at high noon on January 20, 2021.

Between November and January, Donny will be egging on his legions of gun toting goons; ordering his paramilitary force to burn down America. At that juncture, that’ll be his “perfect” excuse to declare Martial Law; thereby nullifying Biden’s victory “.” or “?” (not sure, yet, which punctuation would be correct here)

If Trump attempts to roll out the tanks, it’d certainly be a tough call for American generals. I mean, would the top brass use military might to enforce the wishes of the estimated 62 million (or more) Americans, who elected Biden. or side with the Trumper tantrum throwing, tyrant tyke? We can only hope they wouldn’t opt for the latter.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







What Next? A Crime Wave of Tsunami Proportions?


A wise leader prepares for the worst and hopes for the best.

However, America has no such leader. He does not seem to fully grasp that… due to his being a short-sighted science denier… his response to the coronavirus has, all along, been too little too late. Instead of reacting proactively to stay ahead / afloat, he has become the Captain of the Titanic.

Before this all blows over, the sickness’ fever, itself, could become secondary to the temperature of society going up in literal flames.

Fact of life… to fight the virus, America has had to go into shutdown mode and the resultant, out-of-work people, already, are having a rough time making their rent / mortgage payments and buying their groceries. Once homeless and hungry, their very survival instincts will drive them to act out in ways that are… to say the least… uncivilized.

Factor in how, stateside, we exist in an armed to the teeth, gun sick society and indeed, we could be facing down a resultant crime wave of tsunami proportions.

Is Martial Law inevitable? Will that become that so-called leader’s “perfect” excuse to suspend the November presidential elections? How convenient, huh?

Of course, a forward thinking leader could normally avoid such an extreme by proactively calling for the emergency set up of federal programs designed to keep everyone fed and housed.

BUT… due to the very nature of that damned virus… how would social distancing even be possible for folks who’d be [1] waiting in long, slow moving breadlines, [2] dining in overcrowded soup kitchens AND [3] crashing each night in cramped, federally run flophouses?

Let’s hope that my concerns prove dead wrong. If not…

Prepare for the worst.