Tick… Tick… Tick…


Each time I (conscientiously) mask-up to (reluctantly) set foot into Donny’s Diseased America, I log “The Event” on my wall calendar along with the locations of where I’ve been. It’s all in the hope that, if/when Donny’s Disease strikes me down, at least such data could, somehow, prove useful to contact tracers.

Alas, at that point, the 14 day, COVID-19 incubation countdown clock gets reset… Tick… Tick… Tick…

So far… for me… that now stands at 3 days down and 11 to go.

The rub, here, is that even if no symptoms appear, I still don’t know, with any certainty, whether or not I pose a health threat to humanity. And I cannot justify getting tested, each time, when our essential workers, not I, should go to the head of America’s long line.

Of course, owing to my old age and lifelong, respiratory issues, being asymptomatic would not be the likely outcome. Nope, I would not expect Corona-V to treat me kindly.

Truth told, I’ll be surprised to still be alive and well come Election Day 11/03/2020… let alone New Year’s Day 2021.


• I remain fully committed to tirelessly do my part to prevent human suffering and death… i.e. to shelter at home and social distance / mask-up in public. And I will continue to do so for as long as it takes.

• I grow weary of  the man-child, so-called leader who, day in / day out, is doing his damnedest to needlessly prolong his DIY pandemic… to sadistically inflict human misery by ginning up his childish devotees’ ferocious defiance of painless pandemic etiquette… as well as their selfish resistance to basic human decency.

Alas, Donny literally doth have the power of life and death and gets off, regularly, on lording that fact over us.

The good news, here, is that yet another countdown clock is going Tick… Tick… Tick…

And that readout now stands at 57 days…

57 days till Election Day… the day when our ballots must rein in the reign of terror of one Donald J. Trump… in all likelihood… the biggest health threat to humanity to ever walk on 2 feet (with a 4 knuckle assist).


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Fortune Cookie Blog (dead-i-cation)


Diehard malcontents, who’re always “dying” to wrongfully
defend their right to go mask-less during a virulent, death
dealing pandemic, no less, could easily demonstrate their
dead-i-cation to such a sickening undertaking! Literally!!!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!










My View and “Whew!”


16 days ago, due to hot, humid summertime conditions, my oily / sweaty skin caused my homemade mask’s left rubber band to slip off my ear while I was within a public, indoors setting. YIKES! Since I had nearly completed my business transaction, I was soon hightailing it back to my car and heading for home. But… had my exit been soon enough?

My being an old man with preexisting breathing issues, I knew that, if exposed, it’d take a miracle for this pitiless pathogen to either spare me or render me an asymptomatic carrier. Excuse the wordplay but, as for expecting a favorable outcome, I wasn’t holding my breath. I just tried to put it out of my mind and keep on busily blogging.

Well, factoring in how COVID-19’s typical incubation period ranges from 2 to 14 days, I suppose it’s not too early to breathe my sigh of relief… naturally, while social isolating at the infinitely safe distance, which the www affords us all.

So, here it goes…


An unnerving, worrisome incident, such as mine…

• Makes me wonder why, at the very least, Donald J. Trump could not have supplied top of the line surgical masks… maybe even N-95’s… to everyone residing in the U.S. Hey, preventing people from getting sick, right from the get go, certainly would’ve made our heroic healthcare providers’ livelihoods and lives a helluva lot safer and easier.

• Reminds me of what steps a fully prepared, proactive, principled POTUS would’ve taken… e.g….

[1] Deploy the National Guard to home deliver sufficient provisions (even prescription meds) to ensure all quarantined citizens can survive, comfortably, for two to four weeks, [2] Repurpose appropriate buildings to safely house and similarly supply the homeless and to reduce overcrowding in existing, multifamily / multi-generational residences, [3] Routinely test everyone for COVID-19 throughout sequestration, [4] retest just prior to cautiously reopening society, and [5] as a final kick-start the economy / restore consumer confidence gesture, ensure every inconvenienced person receives a substantial, stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

Had Trump implemented such procedures, would there even be a need to be masking up America, a half year into, what turned out to be, the coronavirus crisis of his own making?

To be sure, those who wallow in obscene wealth, right on cue, would’ve Tweeted and bleated against such commonsense  measures… even deemed them too costly. Costly? As if what? Saving lives would not be worth whatever the cost? Would they rather blow their wads on palatial mansions, yachts and solid gold toilets?

But, more to the point… do these tightfisted fools actually believe ending a crisis in two months is less cost effective than letting Trump drag it out… on and On AND ON INTERMINABLY!

Well, that’s all I’ve got, for now. Thanks for the opportunity to express my point of view and exhale my “WHEW!”


Stay Safe! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Patricia Tiu’s Heartbreaking Narrative (Vid of the Day)

It’s exasperating how some people fail to take the pandemic seriously. Their inexcusable, contemptible conduct has been inclusive of throwing pandemic parties (where the party animals’ intent is to deliberately spread COVID-19) and throwing tantrums when Governors issue statewide orders to wear masks in public.

One wonders if their alleged minds would change, were they to happen by to give a listen to our selfless hero, New York nurse Patricia Tiu? Within our Vid of the Day, she relates her horrifying, frontline accounts of the oft lost, life and death battles, transpiring within COVID-19 ICUs, worldwide.

Just thinking about all the endless heartbreak, I can barely hold back my tears. While I’d like to think that everyone could react in a similar manner, keeping in mind my lead paragraph, I’m not holding my breath.


Stay Safe! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






Sucking the Air Out of the Room


Here in America, many of our Governors have been issuing statewide mask orders, yet, making exceptions for people who can’t wear them, due to breathing problems. You’d think these leaders would recommend an alternative, such as clear plastic face shields, and supply them, free of charge, to those who cannot afford them.

Think about it. If folks with preexisting aliments are already finding it tough to breathe through a mask, how, pray tell, will they ever do so with COVID-19 infected lungs?

I’m speaking from first hand experience, so I can empathize. As a young boy, I was asthmatic due to allergies to airborne particles. Yet, even today, I still have my moments where I mutate into a watery eyed, red nosed, sneezing snot monster.

Anyway… where was I?

There hasn’t been a day, during this pandemic, that I’ve not felt gratitude for my allergist’s regimen of allergy shots. Decades ago, the good doctor managed to ease my symptoms, to the point where, now, the only problem I experience with masks is fogged up glasses.

And believe me, I’d never set foot, sans mask, into the Trump-contaminated world.

But, getting back to our Governors…

In spite of their best intentions, they’re still not getting everything right. And that can only prolong this godforsaken pandemic, which could’ve been conquered, by now, had foolish American voters not empowered an egomaniac, who sucks the air out of whatever room he occupies.

That, in itself, presents a horrible breathing problem.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!






Catch this Catchy Tune (COVID-Vid of the Day)

Check out Randy Rainbow’s impressive mash up of epidemiological and political science… a.k.a. his parody of the Lee Adams / Charles Strousis composition, Put on a Happy Face.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Masked! Stay Healthy!







Hey, get a room!


One would expect that, to avoid contracting the über-communicable disease, COVID-19, we’d discover germ-o-phobe Donald J. Trump, practically OD’ing on the contraindicated Hydroxychloroquine, encapsulated by the somewhat more useful Hazmat Suit and hunkered down in his bunker.

However, seeing how he’s also an addleheaded, adulation junkie, who’s been feeling entrapped by the coronavirus necessitated quarantine “wall” and, as such, has been suffering from agonizing withdrawl symptoms, it’s easy to see how he’d prioritize scoring his next fix of totally undeserved praise… and in the process… even sacrifice his own personal safety and everybody else’s well-being, too!

Which doth fully explain Donny’s scheduled, upcoming campaign rally, which will be descending upon the coronavirus stricken / sickened community of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What will make Trump’s politically obscene scene particularly risky, will be how, for him and all the attendees, it’ll be akin to a clothing optional (mask-wise), frowned upon social distancing, indoor orgy.

19K to 28K of Trump’s feverishly frenzied, freaky fanatics are expected to show up. Little doubt most of them will wind up sweatily crammed together… spitting out three word, monosyllabic, moronic catchphrases such as “BUILD THE WALL!” and “SEND HER BACK!” And all throughout, they’ll be interfacing with one another… so much so… they’ll also be shedding and spreading a host of microbes… not necessarily limited to coronavirus.

Hell, were these reckless revelers any more up close and personal, they’d need to get a room.


Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!







Who was that masked man? (Vid of the Day)

To my much younger self, hearing the William Tell Overture, typically, coincided with the opening credits for each Lone Ranger adventure… the popular, episodic televised western, which, from 1949 to 57, showcased a heroic, crime fighting, masked (around the eyes) horseman, who’d ride into town, at breakneck speed, to save the day… to ward off evil men and thwart their wicked machinations… to make our world a better place to live in.

The LR would routinely get the job done in a non-violent manner… e.g. fire his sixshooter to warn not wound and, even better, oft hand off rather than fire off his trademark, calling card, silver bullets (his symbol of justice, law and order).

In a sense… in our pandemic stricken and sickened world, have not we… the now fighting off stir-craziness, social isolating souls… become masked (around the nose / mouth) heroes on a like-minded, stave off wickedness / save humanity mission?

Our Vid of the Day’s mood elevating, inspirational, instrumental selection could even become our anthem. The above clip features another hero of mine, guitarist extraordinaire, the late Glen Campbell, who will, at first, briefly reminisce about what the Lone Ranger means to him and, next, WOW us while we witness his nimble fingers practically setting his guitar strings ablaze as he unbridles his electrified rendition of the William Tell Overture.

To the best of my knowledge, no lyrics were ever written for this 1829 orchestral masterpiece, composed by maestro Gioachino Rossini, but just as well… only the most accomplished vocalists would ever be able to keep up with such a frenetic tempo.

“Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!”


Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy! And also Stay On Board with medical professionals and legal authorities, who routinely back their health promoting, life saving advice to us with sound, time honored scientific / medical facts.

It is in everyone’s best interests to…

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] observe social distancing protocols (remain at least 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] wear protective face masks [6] avoid large crowds, [7] socially isolate /  hunker down at home and [8] self-quarantine if you’re feeling ill.