Any Shoes Can Shoo the Blues


Subtitle: A Non-Deceptive Trip Down the Garden Path


Scant days ago, while blogging about homophones, I wound up with these concessions…

  • Einsteinian Canon won’t allow us time travel to relive better days of yore.
  • Trumpian Cannons won’t permit us to travel normally ISO a brighter future.
  • Be it the “n” or “nn” homophone, our society stagnates in the here and now.

Well, since then, I’ve discovered a kinda / sorta loophole around such blanket statements; how the meteorological path can help lead the way. This is tantamount to a how-to-come-true where, for at least for a fleeting moment, we can defeat such defeatism.

For starters, let’s talk a bit more about the weather.

No sooner had our northern hemisphere’s Autumnal Equinox arrived than, for two consecutive days, both the barometer and mercury had plummeted; resulting in utterly miserable conditions (gloomy blue / gray storm clouds, 15cm / 6in rains, 10ºC / 50ºF temps).

Well, yesterday, glorious summer-like weather had returned; affording me / my Michiganian compatriots a much needed and welcomed respite. And seeing how our waterlogged soil had precipitated the growth of both my lawn and shrubbery, I headed out to tend to the grounds keeping; duties I normally view as drudgery.

But not yesterday.

In short, suddenly, magically, all of the pandemic’s debilitating and deadly ramifications; the entirety of our global sociopolitical / socioeconomic woes (inclusive of my homeland’s recent brush with a Trumpian coup d’état) had been cancelled out by the warm, comforting sunbeams.

I found myself losing myself in the normalcy of it all.

And I’m confident that you, too, can experience such a phenomenon. If you’ve yet to travel a similar, mind over matter path, I highly recommend you lace up your athletic shoes.

Hell, any shoes can shoo the blues.

In the immortal words of Nike™ “Just Do It”; and I’d add, the sooner the better.

By the bye, should anyone wish to read, in its entirety, my past post, titled “The “n” and “nn” Homophones”, the path to my homepage’s linked, September 2021 Archive will get you there.



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Rearview Mirrored Reflections: Infirmity


A life limiting, invisible infirmity can necessitate becoming a mere spectator when you’re aching to be back in the game.

To avoid making an already bad situation worse requires…

• Listening to your head and not your heart.

• Saying, “no” when you yearn to say, “yes”.

• Your endless, uttered in same breath, “I’m sorrys”.

One begins to wonder which pain is worse…

• The physical manifestations, themselves, or the awkward conversations regarding them?

• Disappointing others or feeling disappointed in oneself?

As tempting as it might be to present a brave front to the world… to lead as positive a life as is humanly possible… to perhaps even employ mind over matter tactics to deal with your disability… this can only act as a dual edged sword.

How will you reply when everyone expects you to say “yes”… when you must say, “no”?