More “Dirty” Limericks re Donald Trump


During Donald Trump’s hot-miked bus ride,

To Billy Bush, he did smugly confide,

How he’ll coax and coerce,

Kiss and grope… do far worse,

To his attacked female victims, worldwide.


To all women, Trump thinks he’s “God’s gift”,

To say the least, his ‘tude makes women miffed,

He forces kisses on mouth,

Violates them, down south,

And once he gets off, he casts them adrift.


To get down to the crux of the matter,

Donald Trump is a crude, smutty sătyr,

That prez wannabe jerk,

Is Not Safe For Work,

He’s risky biz for your on-the-job chatter.


Donald Trump hates all women the same,

He’ll assault, insult and body shame,

They’re to him, cuts of meat,

To abuse and maltreat,

He’s bankrupt, despite his wealth and fame.


Don Trump’s sex assaults / cussing, non-stop,

Present mega-probs for mom and pop,

That sex fiend, so uncouth,

Robs their kids of their youth,

He batters them, with his X-rated slop.


Hey Americans! Don’t sell your souls,

Moral values MUST trump, Don Trump’s goals,

DO NOT let that wretch slaughter,

Your own Mom, Wife or Daughter,

Keep that in mind… as We head for the polls.



99 Word Blog (#061) A Joe vs. Donny Donnybrook?


Last week, VPOTUS Joe Biden… justifiably outraged about sexual predator and misogynist Donald Trump… offered up a 1-2 punch solution.

Firstly, he verbally assaulted deplorable Donny. Secondly, he backed up DEM FIGHTIN’ WORDS by fantasizing about fisticuffs, thusly…

“I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym.”

While rational folks fully realize Joe was merely speaking metaphorically, has Donny now taken the VP’s “challenge” literally? Trump responded

“I’d love that. I’d love that.”

Hmmm… just how would Secret Service bodyguards ever handle such a donnybrook since they’d be duty bound to protect both men?