Our Last Stand?


Many of us have been witnessing the legions of unhinged, alleged Americans, who’d even provoke a second Revolutionary War just to re-install their fascistic, narcissistic, parasitic, idiotic control freak idol; that bizarre anomaly in no need of any further, formal introduction.

Informally, let’s just refer to him as the deplorable has-been / ne’er-do-well, who compulsively dyes his mangy tresses haystack yellow and routinely spackles lurid orange, Bozo the Clown make-up onto his mug; and leave it at that.

Now, here’s the rub. Were OrangeMan to ever be re-empowered, he’d work not towards society’s betterment but to its detriment. His main mission would be to financially and morally bankrupt America; all for his own personal gain.

To see his plot to fruition, he’d resort to mind numbing the masses; his M.O. akin to the payola pocketing, sleazeball DJ, who, right on cue, repeatedly blasts some, no-talent, one hit wonder’s lyrically barren, trance inducing muzak over the radio airwaves / Internet streams or onto the shabby, rundown, smell the stale urine and vomit, night club dance floor.

He’d also brainwash, factionalize and marginalize our society; pit people against people; relentlessly belittle our charming physical traits, delightful accents and full bodied, cultural diversity; hard sell his batshit crazy, bigoted delusions that, in some way, humans worshiping anyone other than a Christian deity, being blessed with a robust skin melanin content and speaking in a non-English tongue present what? Some sort of threat to humanity?

How much more moronic could he possibly get?

Truth be told, it is he who’s the actual threat to humanity; he, who has yet to be held accountable / punished for his attempted overthrow of America, back on January 6, 2021.

His escaping justice, so far, is precisely what’s mucking up his alleged mind, too! That scofflaw wrongfully equates his never punished status with vindication / validation. At this juncture, there’d be no stopping him from seeing the following threat to fruition…

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

Donald J. Trump / Dordt College / Sioux Center, Iowa / c2016 January

NO, IT’S NOT OK!!! Some fatherly advice is in order. Should you ever spot him on Fifth Avenue, RUN LIKE HELL IN A WILLY-NILLY MANNER AND, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT STOP TO LOOK BACK!!!

Fortunately, re January 6th, it’s still not too late to charge him with treason; haul his ass into court; convict and imprison (or institutionalize) him. At the very least, we must forever deny him all high elective office. Should we fail to do even that, he’ll remain an ever-present danger to America / our entire world.

That very problem could become evident, within hours of the polls closing on Election Day 2024. How so? Well…

Should VainMan emerge the victor, once sworn back into the Oval Office, that vengeance seeking, seething with anger psycho would [1] give free rein to the still rampaging, countless, coronavirus variants, which, in turn, would burn up citizens in sickening, deadly Covid-19 fevers and [2] allow climatic change to burn down the entire planet in one helluva catastrophic conflagration.

Should VainMan emerge the sore loser, right on cue, he’d instantly bark out, “Sic ‘em!” to his sicko sycophants, who, in turn, would re-stage their January 6th attack and obediently, promptly burn America down to the ground.

Long Sigh…

I trust that I’m far from alone, here, when it comes down to rehashing the above content. But, such repetition is vital and not sans good reason.

You see, most critical thinker, liberally minded bloggers, such as I, identify with the burning passion of America’s Founding Fathers; share their vision for honest, level-headed, even-handed, liberty-based governance. There’s no way that I’d ever forsake these very ideals, which well up my eyes with joy, pride and even awe.

In other words…

  • I flat out defy damned near everything that that contemptible Anti-American anomaly stands for!
  • I will not stand down until that fascistic, narcissistic, parasitic, idiotic control freak stands down!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









September BlogCast ~ A Heartfelt Plea for Harmony


My greetings to all of my WordPress blogging colleagues, followers and visitors! If you’re just here to hear the music, scroll down and start clicking away… these four selections will amply communicate my intended sentiments, which I’ll now further expand on… i.e., should you choose to read onward…

Initially, I found it tough to set the proper mood for this installment of our monthly musical get-together. I had to scuttle my original “hot fun in the summertime” theme… deeming it insensitive and inappropriate in the wake of all the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey… considering how life may never fully return to normal for the millions of flooded out, uprooted survivors in Texas. My heartfelt condolences to folks who lost loved ones and hopes that you, who have survived, can restore your lives as much as possible and can find happiness again.

I’d have to ditto my mood barometer reading regarding all who were recently maimed and slaughtered during the eerily similar, vehicular ISIS terrorist attacks against Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain AND Nazis / Klansmen terrorist assaults against Charlottesville, Virginia. My wholehearted condolences to the all the good people who lost their loved ones and best wishes that the surviving victims recover speedily and as completely as possible. Hopefully, someday soon, happiness will be yours once more.

As if those meteorological and ideological storms weren’t bad enough, already, we, of good conscience, have also been deeply in mourning over the loss of the American presidency. And by saying “presidency” I’m referring to the monumental, leadership vacuum that’s been sucking the air out of the Oval Office… sucking the life force out of my homeland and our global community… all perpetrated by an ethically barren, morally bankrupt, avaricious and vicious, Orwellian, stick-figure figurehead.

In times of trouble, a nation’s citizenry should be able to count on their leader for a comforting pep talk… an FDR-esque, folksy fireside chat as it were… but… alas… long sigh…

Folks, it’s downright depressing and disgusting to observe the cannibalistic, parasitical, so-called prez…

  1. Feeding off the post-hurricane apocalypse’s human suffering… just to sate his voracious narcissistic hungers… just to erect a smokescreen to enshroud his nefarious, fascist political agenda.
  2. Feasting off the ISIS terrorist attacks in Spain just because that’ll wrongfully validate his flat-out hatred of all Muslims1. It is stunning how… practically in the same breath… he lavishes praise upon un-american [sic] Nazis and Klansmen… sucking up to them just so they’ll help reelect him in 2020.

Net effect, the so-called prez, has wildly emboldened these domestic terrorists. Left unchecked, these co-conspirators… the pathetic “prez” and his deplorable pals… will violently subvert all that the real America stands for. We’re likely witnessing the rebirth of Nazi Germany.

So what the hell does that make the so-called prez? An Adolf Hitler / David Duke hybrid? Did some nefarious, eager beaver recombinant DNA scientist mutate him? Did a psychotic psychosurgeon lobotomize / reprogram him? Or was he “merely” born and/or reared that way? Whatever the cause of his mental illness/illnesses, we can only wish him a speedy, complete and permanent recovery. In this modern medical era, no one should be condemned to live out one’s life bouncing off the rubberized walls… be they real or hallucinated.

The real America’s survival… indeed the survival of the whole world… depends on a sane presidency and sound minded leaders elsewhere, too. How else could we ever hope to see our global population live in harmony?

That plea for harmony is from where I now take my musical cue… set the tone for this month’s BlogCast.

Folks, I find the negativity of what I just blogged… to say the least… disturbing. What else can I conclude than negative leaders bring out the worst in me, indeed, in every like-minded, warmhearted, ethical patriot who truly gives a damn? And that has got to change… starting with the legal, orderly and peaceable ouster of such negative entities.

But, until the day that becomes reality… I believe the following music will provide an ear and eye opening… a mind expanding and mood elevating experience.

Accompanying only my sparse, supplemental commentary, I’ll now let the songwriters’ and singers’ sentiments speak for themselves.

Ray Stevens ~ Everything Is Beautiful

Admittedly, I would’ve preferred this track’s religious undercurrents to have been more inclusive of faiths other than Christianity… but… when we consider the less globalized era in which this song was first composed and recorded, would not genuine believers of all religious stripes be forgiving? Additionally, I sincerely believe one can also be agnostic and still be fully capable of concurring with the overall message of unity. Oh, btw, you can also give a listen to an alternate track featuring a duet performed by Ray Stevens and another of this month’s BlogCast featured artists, Glen Campbell.

The New Seekers ~ I’d Love To Teach The World To Sing

Many decades ago a slightly, lyrically modified, abridged version of this song became the soundtrack to a Coca Cola™ commercial, which you can view here.

Glen Campbell ~ Try A Little Kindness

I joyfully rediscovered this track just one week ago upon purchasing the late Mr. Campbell’s greatest hits CD… after finding it while grocery shopping at my local supermarket superstore. I first heard Campbell perform on the late Sixties era, “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” TV show… a program with a distinctly, politically progressive POV… from where I derived own liberal attitude. Campbell died just a few short weeks ago on August 8, 2017. You can access a video tribute.

Peter, Paul & Mary ~ Weave Me The Sunshine

Peter Yarrow will now introduce this BlogCast finale… thusly…

“‘Weave Me The Sunshine’  became a very big hit in South Africa and in Brazil and ultimately of course it’s a song that has found it’s way into many churches and synagogues.”

About all I could possibly add, here, (as is true with nearly all folk music) it’s nearly impossible not to sing along with this upbeat and uplifting tune. And I recommend that we all add our voices… sing it loudly… sing it proudly… trump all of those negative vibes. Let us all spread outward its unifying, harmonizing message (indeed, the messages from all four of these songs) to all four corners of our world.

Thank you for listening on this day. If you LIKE what you heard, click back here

for my next BlogCast on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

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1 We, who still can and do think clearly, fully realize that ISIS has mutilated and muddied true Islam and now exploits it just to justify their deadly, bloody attacks.