The Epitome of the Parody (Vid of the Day)

The Song Facts copied and pasted from Roy Zimmerman’s YouTube Channel…

Vote Him Away #2 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)
by Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters
featuring Peggy Seeger, Jay Siegel of the Tokens, Vicki Randle,
George Kahumoku Jr. Sandy Riccardi and Philipos Melaku-Bello.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” words and music by Solomon Linda.
Parody lyrics by Ede Morris, Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby.

Check out the Token’s version, too…


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Would he be open to Kiana Ledé’s open letter?

Ms. Kiana Ledé sets up her music video…

“Through all the crying and pleading, all the protesting and donating, I wanted to do something that always makes me feel lighter — singing. I came across the song “Dear Mr. President” by P!nk and realized so many of the lyrics are STILL relevant today. This song was originally released 14 years ago. I hope this song drives people to VOTE because Trump is a symbol of racism and we are facing the impending doom of his re-election. In order for us to follow through, he needs to be replaced. All of mine and Republic Records’ proceeds from the song are being donated to the NAACP Empowerment Programs which fight against issues like police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, voter suppression, racial biased education and much more.”

She also encourages donations to Black Lives Matter and National Bailout
& urges Americans (18+) to register / check their voter registration status



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Teddy Joins “The Band”

When I was barely four years of age, Santa left a magical Teddy Bear under our Christmas Tree. Teddy’s special talent:

He can play Brahms’ Lullaby on his beneath his heart, internal music box… the off to his side wind-up key right beneath his rotating left arm. Throughout my earliest days… in sickness and in health… he never left my side. Furthermore, his having been born in the late 1950s (before built in obsolescence had become the unacceptable, accepted industry standard), he doth possess the right stuff to always look his very best / maintain his youthful appearance.

I wound up saving Teddy, in hopes that, someday, my own daughter or son would grow up cherishing him, too… and then hand him down to a daughter or son… and so on… and so on… and so on…

However, as I left my childhood behind, upon becoming increasingly aware of the unbecoming aspects of our world, I wound up declaring humanity’s home an unfit place for newborns (or for that matter, people of any age).

Alas, my original plan for that intergenerational change of ownership changed. Upon factoring in how Teddy might not pass modern toy safety standards, anyway, maybe his still hanging out in our shared lair is for the best, after all.

So, where’s this blog going? Glad you asked.

What happened, this mid-morning, may’ve simply been out of boredom and/or my hopes to reconnect to fuzzy childhood memories. Regardless of the cause(s), I wound up musing about something I’d never before considered.

First… I sat Teddy atop my piano and wound him up to determine his music box’s key signature. My not tuned since 2004, eighty-eights suggest he’s playing our favorite lullaby in Eb, which may finally explain why I tend to gravitate to popular music scored in that octave. You know what “they” say about young minds being impressionable and old habits dying hard, etc.

Next… we became a duet… his slowly rotating arm reminding me of an orchestra conductor’s gestures… all of which inspired our lento pace.

Then… towards the end, just like his mechanical energy began winding down, so did mine.

Which serves as a dual reminder.

• When left to our own devices, anything is possible.

• It now being half past high noon, it’s high time I prepare my lunch hour breakfast.

Hey, who the hell punches a time clock during a pandemic, right? Thanks for reading this post! The End.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Street Level’s Virtual Saturday in the Park

While taking care of some business over the phone, yesterday, Angel, the customer service rep and I briefly chatted as she tapped away at her computer keyboard. Since it was the start of our homeland’s Independence Day, holiday weekend, she asked me if I had made any big plans to celebrate? My reply…

“Nope, I’ll be staying home and staying safe. There’ll be plenty more July 4ths in the future and, once this pandemic is over, there’ll be even more reason to celebrate them.”

Of course, seeing how there’s been this sudden, stateside resurgence of COVID-19, who the hell knows if that’ll be July 4, 2021… 22… 23…

Well let’s keep a good thought that it won’t drag out beyond 21.

Anyway, after hanging up the phone, I got to thinking about where I would’ve gone to celebrate. Seeing how I’m easy to please, I probably would’ve wound up visiting my favorite local park.

However, from what I’ve been hearing, there’s been this dramatic increase in foot traffic on my favorite nature trails, so, even though the odds of COVID-19 transmission are lower in the great outdoors… well… let’s just say I’ll be content to zone out on my blog ending clip’s content. Perhaps. it’ll prove therapeutic to you, too? Check it out…

As for our main clip, which tops off this post, we’ll be giving a listen to keyboardist Robert William Lamm’s composition, Saturday in the Park, which was originally recorded by his band, Chicago. His lyrical narrative will draw upon our communal, pleasant reveries of how, in better days, it was oh so easy to let the good times roll within sunshiny, fresh air, natural environs.

While I could’ve readily tracked down a Chicago studio or live performance, instead, I’ve opted, to showcase Street Level’s “Virtually Quarantined”, split screen, (figuratively and quite literally) out of this world, cover rendition.

To quote their YouTube set up blurb…

“Since we couldn’t play for you collectively during the quarantine, we got together individually to record this one for you. We thought it would be appropriate since, in 2020, Saturday actually does fall on the 4th of July! Also, it might be the first day we can actually perform again!”

Setting my sights way down the temporal road, I’m banking on Saturday, July 4, 2026, which will be our very next opportunity to live out this track’s lyrical sentiments.

Obviously, Lamm had not anticipated a global pandemic when he penned this song back in 1971. Nonetheless, the last lyric to his song’s bridge doth offer up… to us all… his most apropos, one liner, pep talk…

“Listen children all is not lost, all is not lost, oh no, no…”


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







Build The Soundtrack To Survive The Pandemic

In younger days, I discovered a surefire Rx to chase away the blues / blahs / doldrums / emotional storm clouds… whatever ya wanna call ‘em. And no, I’m not talking about OTC meds / controlled substances / illicit street drugs… whatever ya wanna call ‘em.

Of course, lyrically speaking, John Lennon and Paul McCartney euphemistically called ‘em “friends” while Keith Richards and Mick Jagger opted for “little helpers”… but… lest I dig myself too deeply into the pit of digression… allow me to refocus…

What my “drugs” of choice actually involve are musical selections, which contain as many of the following active ingredients as possible: [1] whimsical or meaningful lyrics [2] compelling arrangements, [3] intricate chord progressions, [4] shifting key signatures.

Well… we’re in luck! The Welsh/Brit band Badfinger’s, Carry On Till Tomorrow has all four bases covered. They recorded it back in 1970, under the auspices of producer Sir Paul McCartney, no less! And song composers Tom Evans and Pete Ham’s minor chords, notwithstanding, their guitar driven musical arrangement, interwoven with lyrical rays of hope, drive it all home. Oh, btw, of the Four Stanzas my fave is the 3rd… but more about that in a moment.

Granted, my affinity for Carry On is not without good reason. I first heard it over my staticky FM car radio’s tinny speakers on Friday 11/09/1973, right after my early a.m. spin-out on an icy freeway overpass… one where I had narrowly averted a head-on collision with a semi-tractor-trailer. Winding up with nary a scratch on my body, my Chevy Nova’s body and any of the other motorists’ corporeal or vehicular bodies… well… to this very day… I still believe everyone’s unscathed condition had involved a miracle. I must’ve had an unseen co-pilot tug at my panic frozen hands… just in the nick of time… to steer everyone out of harm’s way. By the by, to date, this has been the closest I’ve ever come to death.

Just as I was drifting back into the slow flow of traffic on this stormy day, Carry On Till Tomorrow was carrying on, against the backdrop of the rising sun, breaking through the overcast and transforming the adjacent, freeway shoulders’ thigh high weeds into golden fields. WOW! In real time and nearly on cue, I was living out the 3rd stanza’s lyrics… check ’em out and try not to ditto my “WOW!”

“Drifting on the wings of freedom, leave this stormy day
And we’ll ride to tomorrow’s golden fields
For my life’s too short for waiting when I see the rising sun
Then I know again that I must carry on”

While the music continued melding with the meteorology, I offered, upward, my undying gratitude for all the tomorrows I was certain that (t)his miracle had just granted me.

My listening to this track, anew, earlier today, has reminded me of my long ago spiritual experience. Carry On Till Tomorrow is far more than a Tom Evans / Pete Ham song title. Even sans the miracle, this composition can stand alone as a motivational selection. I mean, the words “carry on” are right in the song title and get sung nearly 30 times… in just under 5 minutes.

I’ve now, officially, added this anthem to my playlist, which I’ve dubbed: The Soundtrack To Survive the Pandemic. Even if you’re not into tunes originating from this dinosaur’s musical epoch, don’t dismiss the overall concept. I highly recommend that you track down whatever anthems mean the most to you and create your own, unique version of The Soundtrack To Survive the Pandemic. Rallying around such music can be your morale booster. My version certainly is a mood elevator!

Danny McEvoy’s 03/31/2015 following cover will breathe new life into this rock classic, advance composers Tom Evans and Pete Ham’s half century old masterpiece into the new millennium and end this post… save to say…

Stay Safe – Stay Home – Stay Healthy… and Carry On Till Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… and Tomorrow… et cetera…










Music For Every Mood?


If we look long enough, we can find music to match just about every mood imaginable. In this post, the mood swings affect three versions of the same song… namely… the Kurt Cobain / Krist Novoselic / Dave Grohl composition Smells Like Teen Spirit. Which of them (or combination of them) will match your own mood of the moment? That’s for you to decide…

Tori Amos:

Amos / Nirvana Mash-Up:









Need to Nod Off Fast? “Pop” This Poetic Sleeping Pill!


Song writers mind meld with either sobriety or insanity,
Bass / Treble notes dot their clefs; well-known to humanity,
Lyrics span the vast spectrum; from pap to profanity,
Multiple genres can range; from bucolic to urbanity,
This “well duh” moment in verse; rooted deep in inanity!







Up, Up and Away We Go…

Our musical ensemble consists of Billy Davis Jr., Florence La Rue, Marilyn McCoo, Lamonte McLemore and Ronald Townson… collectively known as The 5th Dimension. For the next 2 minutes and 36 seconds, via this 1967, Jimmy Webb composition, they’ll keep us soaring Up, Up and Away... flying far, far above all of our worldly, worldly concerns.

Much appreciation for and Mega-Kudos to YouTuber EnchantedEscape, for her presentation of the breathtaking imagery.