Hey World (Don’t Give Up) ~ Vid of the Day


After you view / listen to / experience Hey World (Don’t Give Up), I’m sure you’ll agree that Michael Franti can musically sum up, in four minutes, what similarly minded, media pundits can take hours on end to discuss.






I Can Hear Music ~ Vid(s) of the Day

All I can say is…

If only our dilemmas in life were all so pleasant. Since I was unable to decide which version of I Can Hear Music to feature as our Vid of the Day, the solution was obvious. I’m presenting both and leave it up to you to decide. Play one or both… there’s no way you can lose!




Reach Out of the Darkness ~ Vid of the Day

YouTuber Stephen Hereford has covered, updated and visually enhanced the rock classic track, Reach Out of the Darkness, originally recorded / released in 1967 by the folk duo, Friend and Lover.

Admittedly / initially, his logic (re the mid-clip animal scenes) eluded me. But… upon deeper reflection… I did eventually grasp the underlying message…

We, who claim to be evolved and intellectually superior, should find it even easier to get along with each other.






BlogCast ~ “Horny” Music

Full Disclosure: The following content is an abridged revision of my June 1, 2017 BlogCast. That said, let’s rock and roll!


Recording artists dig that a big part of a rock band’s success depends upon establishing a unique, distinctive sound (and a horn section would certainly do the trick). To be sure, were an on-air, www or club DJ to be remiss in mentioning them by name, their fans would know instantly… just by hearing a song intro’s opening notes.

Undoubtedly, the trailblazing Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… with it’s opening, horn section enhanced title track… wound up inspiring other bands… of that same era… to be as musically adventurous… e.g., Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Ides of March.

We’ll now be hearing tracks from these horny sounding bands. You can EITHER casually play them back OR

For my more adventurous readers, you now have the opportunity to DJ your way through the rest of this post. If you’re new to these classic tracks, I’d advise first familiarizing yourself with each song’s beginning and ending measures. Next, cue up, in advance, the second and third tracks (hit play and pause while ensuring that all of the counters are reset at 0:00). You’re now ready to roll.

I believe you’ll find the extra effort well worth it, because merging these 3 tracks into 1 musical statement is fun and really sounds cool. At the risk of “tooting my own horn”, that Chicago and BS&T segue… in particular… really rocks!


Chicago ~ Make Me Smile

Blood, Sweat & Tears ~ Spinning Wheel

Ides of March ~ Vehicle





Julian’s Virtuosity, Voice and Visage ~ Sunday Song Series

Our Sunday Song Series stays alive at Week #55, courtesy of the Julian Lennon composition… Sunday Morning.

Needless to say… but I’ll say it anyway… he certainly inherited his assassinated father’s virtuosity, voice and visage. Whenever we’re listening to Julian’s performances, we can close our eyes and imagine that John is still alive and well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll be back for our next Sunday Song… 7 days from now…





Ain’t Got Time For Hate ~ Vid of the Day

Be you afloat in the calm waters of inclusion ISO validation or adrift
in the stormy seas of confusion ISO salvation, give a good listen to
Ms. Shemekia Copeland’s Ain’t Got Time For Hate. You’ll deem her
from the heart lyrical sentiments akin to the lighthouse beacon. Her
brilliant guiding light will deliver us all to the shores of a better world.