99 Word Blog (#039) Megan Rapinoe & Colin Kaepernick


Throughout American history there’ve been serious flag problems. The Confederate Flag represents a revolting era… Caucasians enslaving and slaughtering Blacks.

Old Glory’s gory, genocidal past includes… the massacre of Native Americans, nuking of Japanese and annihilation of Muslims.

This flag flips off American Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, LGBTs, the Impoverished, Aged and Ailing. As such, it’s little more than a Made in China, red, white and blue hunk of fabric.

It shouldn’t shock us when American athletes Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kaepernick don’t stand for a flag with a shameful past… a flag, which doesn’t stand for ALL Americans.


Four-Play (Week #9) (Native American Music)

Welcome to my ninth Internet broadcast. For this week’s installment, we’ll be digging sounds that delve deeply into American heritage… the music of Native Americans. Indeed, it’s a miracle that they / their music have even survived.

To get real, here… consider how, on such a vast continent as North America, the 18th and 19th century’s Caucasian immigrants, bristling with land grabbing and genocidal intent, had failed to locate their moral compasses while plodding westward… could not find it in their hearts to peacefully coexist with indigenous Americans. These newcomers certainly had a lot of damned gall calling Indians savages.

While I’m only a third generation American (my ancestors had not set sail for the “new world” until the early 1900s), I still feel compelled to express my long overdue outrage re the disheartening, disgusting, bloody chapters, which those of my race had written into the history books.

Most of what Caucasians had chronicled is tantamount to white man’s whitewash… a sanitization, which does not even come close to capturing their sociopathic bloodshed and brutality… the callous, wholesale slaughter they unleashed… the resultant death toll, which had been measured in the multiple millions.

Though my mere words could never, ever possibly right those horrific wrongs, nonetheless, I apologize on behalf of Caucasians everywhere.

This sordid history is certainly what fuels the justifiable outrage expressed in this week’s Four Play lead track “My Country ‘Tis Of Thy People You’re Dying “… the lyrics penned and performed by recording artist Buffy Sainte-Marie. That duly noted, one should be touched by the closing track… the healing power of Joanne Shenandoah’s “Prophesy Song”. On a technical note, Ms. Shenandoah’s video headline, below, is a link to a must see, a cappella duet of this same song as well as a brief interview segment.

I’m also providing a link to the bonus track by the Eagles, The Last Resort… their musical account of how the American West was lost.

Beyond that… it’s now time for me to step down from my soapbox and relegate any in-depth analysis to the musicology minded. As for me, I deem these thought provoking, soul searching, mesmerizing masterpieces fully capable of speaking for themselves.

While few DJs can please all the people all the time, I do encourage you, my listeners, to be musically adventurous… marching in lockstep is nowhere near as fun as dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

“Still not my ‘cup of tea,’” you say? Not to worry. With 4 more broadcasts still remaining in my blog experiment’s 13 week run… you never can tell what you’ll be hearing seven days from now.

For any of you who may’ve missed past posted programs and/or would like to give ‘em a listen again, everything is neatly archived in my music category.

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Buffy Sainte Maire ~ “My Country ‘Tis Of Thy People You’re Dying”

Douglas Spotted Eagle ~ House Made Of Dawn Light

R Carlos Nakai ~ Native American Flute

Joanne Shenandoah ~ Prophecy Song (Peace & Power)