A G-String o’ Hard/Soft “G” WordPlay


Once upon a time, there existed an egotistical, gargantuan, gluttonous, graceless, greedy, greasy, garish, gauche, gaudy, gilded, goldbrick, gasbag grifter / gangster, who transmogrified into a good for nothing General / general nuisance.

No student of History… HELL… no student of ANYTHING… was he.

As such, THAT ignoble, ignominious, inglorious, undignified, disgraceful, thuggish power grabber (likely unwittingly) patterned his disgusting régime after WW-II Nazi Germany; fully depended upon the Third Reich’s key goons (e.g., Hermann Göring) to ingrain into American society, something akin to a latter day Gestapo.

He also relied, a great deal, upon his Joseph Goebbels channeling, TV talking head, propaganda ministers to aid and abet his degenerate agenda; to totally warp the minds of his base, devotee voter base.

Six scant days into ’21, the degenerate General assembled his vast, savage legions of insurgents, goons and renegades; knowingly organized and energized this angry throng as his private army; rallied his gung-ho gang of gushing grovelers into such a ferocious frenzy that they stormed the Reichstag; destroyed, defiled and even publicly defecated within the U.S. Capitol!

Although this ragtag mélange of domestic terrorists / enemy combatants, fortunately, failed to prevail, even now (as I type and you read), these psychotic hangers on stand down / remain on stand-by; all gleefully, giddily chomping at the bit to hear their rabid, gruff, growling, mongrel General’s very next, foaming at the mouth barked out, “Attack!” command.

The End?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Dumb Donald: Drunk on Power!

For optimal effect, prior to playing back the clip, above, read the set up, below…

From 1973 – 82, long before the Real Donald became a (four-letter) household word, we found the clever (clairvoyant?) Match Game writers submitting Dumb Donald scenarios for emcee Gene Rayburn to recite to the panelists, contestants and all who were playing along in the home and studio audiences… situations such as…

Rayburn: Dumb Donald is soooooo dumb…
Audience: How dumb is he?
Rayburn: He thought Twelve O’Clock High was a movie biography of _____.

Soooooo… just how, pray tell, does Dumb Donald’s dumbness match the Real Donald’s (and vice versa)?

Well, it’s not all that obvious unless one already is… or becomes… familiar with Twelve O’Clock High’s WW-II storyline. Admittedly, as a pacifist, I’m not into flicks that glorify war’s regimented violence… and, for that matter, any other violence!

Nonetheless, I still needed to gain a better understanding re this day’s Match Game subject matter. Ergo, earlier today, courtesy of YouTube, I viewed Twelve O’Clock High, in its entirety. Almost immediately, I became impressed by the narrative’s depth… how this focused more upon soldier burn-out issues and downplayed the actual battle scenes. The screenplay writer even tacked on the dogfight between the U.S. Air Force and Nazi Germany Luftwaffe as almost a film ending afterthought.

Wikipedia, in meticulous detail, tells the rest of the story… e.g., relates how the U.S. Library of Congress considers Twelve O’Clock High culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. That very essay even mentions how the film remains “widely used in both the military and civilian worlds to teach the principles of leadership.”

Soooooo… Voilà! We’ve got a Match!

Real Donald is soooooo intoxicated with power…
How intoxicated with power is he?
He’d not recognize the principles of leadership if
they jumped up and bit him on his fat Fascist fanny!

Real Donald is soooooo headstrong…
How headstrong is he?
His backward emanations mind melded with those
bygone Match Game soothsayers; so much so that…

They created this Twelve O’Clock High scenario which, in turn, showcases the shallowness of both Donalds, which, in turn, cues the celeb panelists’ inebriation-related responses. But, will they match contestant Pat’s response? Let’s scroll up and click playback to find out…


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!


Recommendation: Seeing how pandemic shuttered cineplexes have left us with nothing to view and plenty of time on our hands, why not check out Twelve O’Clock High for yourself?







99 Word Blog (#031) Martin Niemöller’s Warning

Nazi concentration camp survivor Martin Niemöller spoke of how German citizens’ apathy, fearfulness and foolishness had empowered and emboldened Hitler. My demographic substitutions, personalization and (perhaps) clairvoyance update Niemöller’s “First They Came” speech…

First… President Trump targeted Hispanic immigrants for deportation… but we said nothing because we’re not Hispanic immigrants…

Next… Trump singled out the LGBT community… but we said nothing because we’re not homosexuals, bisexuals or transgendered…

Then… Trump trained crosshairs on Muslims… but we said nothing because we’re not Muslims…

Then… President Trump targeted you and me… and there was nobody left to speak out for us…