R.I.P. Trini Lopez (Sunday Song Series)

Singer / guitarist / recording artist Trini Lopez, 83, passed away this past Tuesday, August 11, 2020 (due to COVID-19 complications). His professional career had spanned 1959 thru 2020.

I first became aware of his limitless musical artistry, proficiency and energy… way back in 1963… when radio jocks were playing his lively, chart topper hit interpretation of If I Had a Hammer… courtesy of station CKLW’s (Windsor, Ontario), 50,000 watt, broadcast tower.

Mr. Lopez’s cover of the Manos Hadjidakis compostion, Never on Sunday (first sung by Melina Mercouri in the film of the same name), becomes our Sunday Song Series’ Week #101 selection… now playing out in this BlogCast and beaming all across the www… courtesy of WordPress’ powerful blogging platform.

Although music aficionados, worldwide, feel saddened, we can take comfort in knowing that the vast discography, which superstar Trini Lopez has bestowed upon humanity, will shine on in perpetuity.

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Pavlo Simtikidis Simmers ’n’ Cooks (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to Week #79 of our ongoing study of Sunday titled songs. This time, our spotlight will be shining upon guitarist, extraordinaire, Pavlo Simtikidis, who’ll be performing, in concert, his instrumental interpretation of Never On Sunday.

To quote from his Wiki-Bio, he plays “a Mediterranean sound mixing the folkloric styles of Greek, Spanish and Latin music with pop sensibilities” (read more here).

The tempo will start out at a slow simmer but, by song’s end, everything will really get cookin’.

I thank-you for stopping by and cordially invite you back for our 80th Sunday Song… 7 days from now…