Pandemic Etiquette (1 Quick Limerick #102)


While Herculean, might describe our task,
Corona-V Must be Slain! How you ask?
Let’s scrub hands with persistence!
Shun large crowds! Social distance!
Last but not least: Make Damned Sure To Don Mask!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







Just Following Orders? (1 Quick Limerick #101)


An anti-American, treasonous cur,
Conspires to conquer protestors, astir,
If Trump’s intrigues, illegit,
Green lit a homeland nuke hit?
Would top brass respond with their “No” or “Yes sir!”?








A To-Die-For Economic Recovery?


Preface: Free Speech rights don’t allow anyone to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, if no such conflagration exists. To protest in public, while willfully ignoring a pandemic’s fundamental health safety protocols, is tantamount to yelling “Fire!” Under such conditions one should not expect Constitutional protection.

Yesterday, we, the reasonable people of Michigan, found just cause to feel disgust. Once again, malcontents… perverting their 1st Amendment rights and parading their insanity… swooped down on Lansing to occupy the Capitol Building’s steps.

A sizeable portion of them were deathly ill with Nazi, KKK, NRA and Trumpian ideology. Many of these braindead individuals were brandishing weapons, ranging from assault rifles and handguns all the way down to an axe. Some even dangled hangman’s nooses.

They made their appearance in sycophantic deference to fake prez Donald Trump’s idiocy and in suicidal defiance of genuine Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s wisdom.

In essence… while bunched way too closely together… they were thumbing their collective, unmasked nose at her Stay-At-Home orders… i.e., her science based, concerted efforts to prevent COVID-19’s human suffering and death. Her naysayers’ overall message was as ass-backward as their ilks’ typical fashion-backward statement. As for the matter of the latter…

While nobody should ever encourage white supremacists to don such garb-age, it is hard not to point out that… purely in the interest of public health safety… these brownshirts could’ve reconfigured their swastika armbands into facial masks. As for the Kluxers, they could’ve donned their eyeholes-only KKK hoods as-is. Of course, who could ever expect such sickos to even consider doing anything for the common good of anyone?

So, here’s what we’ve got…

• In the process of screeching and spreading their sicko agenda, these dissenters were also spreading COVID-19… and will continue to do so once they goosestep back into their individual communities.

• The consequent coronavirus second surge will will bury hundreds of thousands… maybe millions… more.

• Ironically, they’ll further hamper the restart of businesses / delay their own return to work.

• An economic recovery where only morticians, coffin manufacturers and grave diggers will prosper.

And what the hell good is any of that?

Let’s hope they held onto yesterday’s axe. They’re going to need the blunt end to hammer nails into the economic and actual coffin lids of their own making.







Image Makeover (1 Quick Limerick #100)


Corona’s COVID-19 needs name, new,
To give full credit, where credit is due,
He, who downplayed, this bug’s killing,
Must be awarded top billing,
Doctors should dub it The Trumpian Flu.


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







The Un-Disciplined King (1 Quick Limerick #099)


King Perv, who’s pimped out in avarice; vice,
Needs folks he harms to butt kiss; treat him nice;
to prattle, fawn, praise and thank him?
HELL NO! His Mistress should spank him!
But, would he not deem discipline: Paradise?








Three Little Birds’ Buoyant Words (Vid of the Day)

While auditioning YouTube clips, several days ago, [1] I gave a listen to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, [2] considered whether or not his message soared sufficiently to rally you and me through the pandemic and [3] opted to temporarily “ground” my posting plans to further mull over his message.

Well, just yesterday, while tuned in to NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday broadcast, lo and behold, host Lulu Garcia-Navarro presented her feature… A Song To Help Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic… where she played segments from this very song, while interviewing Dr. Lisa Davenport, a Pembroke Pines, Florida clinical psychologist, who first expressed some of my own similar misgivings… and then promptly proved them baseless. Said she…

“‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers has been with me since I was a young child. And it’s always been a song that I’ve gone to to sort of quiet my mind, quiet my spirit, give me a sense of relief, a sense of hope in – at times when maybe that hope – it escapes us.”

“It might sound a little too simple and even a little bit too cold or even insensitive to say that there is hope, there is a clearing that we are going to be OK, we’re going to be all right. But I think that if we don’t believe that, then the alternative is to feel despair and to feel hopelessness. And that’s not who we are as a human race, as a planet, as our history. Our history tells us that we’re going to be all right, just like that song.” (hear full interview)

My gratitude to Dr. Davenport for her free counseling session, which helped me see the human condition more clearly / positively.

My appreciation, heavenward, to spiritual guide Bob Marley… and apology, too… for having ever doubted his lyrical truths for even a nanosecond.

So, how would you weigh in on this discussion? Does Three Little Birds’ message fly high enough for you?








Top Billing? (1 Quick Limerick #098)


The narcissist nincompoop tries to upstage,
Coronavirus, that’s on wild rampage,
Helps not the sick and the dying,
Expects their thanks; For Not Trying,
When he don’t get that, he seethes his outrage!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







Unveiled Villain (1 Quick Limerick #097)


In the limelight, the Crowned Head doth bask,
Snarls at Newshawks, who take him to task,
He’ll pooh-pooh face protection,
To curb COVID infection,
Might he need muzzle, far more than a mask?


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







Let’s Fill in the Blank (1 Quick Limerick #096)


All prezzy sez and duz, he’s sure to muck up,
Instead of telling him so, minions suck up,
To be proFane, more Frank,
Let’s all Fill in the blank,
That numb dumb cluck is one hell of a _uck up!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!









Crowned by Corona (1 Quick Limerick #095)


The coiffured, yet, mangy man, oft flips his wigger,
So full of himself, his head could not be bigger,
Yet, in thick skull there’s no brain,
Fears not the Corona strain,
He now has become, the pandemic’s grave digger.