UnImpeachable Behavior? ~ 1 Quick Limerick #080


The fake prez sez, he’s free of Russian spell?
Squeaky clean, honest as Abe, no dumbbell?
Yet, oversight he defies,
Spurns sunlight, tells king-sized lies,
Which makes him look like he’s guilty as hell!





Nothing In Common ~ 1 Quick Limerick #079


Why would too-big-to-fail bankers with heft,
Hanker to follow my blog leaning left,
I am a commoner Dem,
Have zilch in common with them,
Of common sense are they bankrupt / bereft?




Alimentary, my dear Watson! (1 Quick Limerick #078)


Don’s drastic dictates make harmful impact!
He’s got NO wisdom! NO kindness! NO tact!
He can’t trust his own gut!
Yet, pulls “thoughts” out his butt!
From the “end zone”, alimentary tract!



Feeling Blue? ~ 1 Quick Limerick #077


The fake prezzy Trump, dwells in DC’s cesspool,
He’s a capricious, cantankerous tool,
He’s narcissistic, unstable,
And brings no brains to the table,
The twenty-four seven, lifelong, April Fool!




Seeing Red? ~ 1 Quick Limerick #076


President Trump is God’s gift to gene pool,
Scholarly, praiseworthy, selfless and cool,
That shrewd genius stable,
Just exists in verse fable!
This is my limerick prank… APRIL FOOL!




The Antithesis of Society ~ 1 Quick Limerick #075


How to thwart the mass murdering creatures?
The dolt prez sez he’d arm our schoolteachers!
The butchers? The bakers?
The candle stick makers?
And our Pope? Rabbis? Priests? Clerics? Preachers?

Limerick lines 3 and 4 ATTRIBUTION

The irony here…

• While… to the best of my knowledge… arming theologians is not yet part of the fake prez’s preposterous game plan, the operative word is YET. Yep, nothing enforces, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” better than a pistol packing Pope, right?  (←btw that’s sarcasm)

• The notion of fighting fire power with fire power is idiotic. A nearly 100% armed to the teeth society could not even act as a deterrent towards mass murderers… a.k.a. terrorists. Considering how these gun nuts oft are suicidal and depending on first responders… in this case vigilantes… to shoot them, this might even cause an upsurge in terrorist attacks.

• The number of incidents of innocent bystanders accidentally getting caught up in the daily, ubiquitous crossfire and expiring would be staggering.

• The resultant Wild West, bullets flying anarchy would be the antithesis of society.



Johnnie ’n’ Jack ’n’ Jim ~ 1 Quick Limerick #074


We Dems deplore Don’s despotic regime,
Yet know impeachment is only a dream,
But why cry in our beer?
With three wise men so near?
Ol’ Johnnie Walker™ – Jack Daniels™ – Jim Beam™! *


*However… we must sober up in time for Election Day 2020… to make damned sure we deny that entire un-American regime a second term… maybe even introduce deposed Donny to ol’ Johnnie, Jack and Jim?