The Boneheaded Base (1 Quick Limerick #087)

The Head Bone’s Connected to the Tailbone


The Trumpster’s base, boasts odd bigoted mix,
His white hooded image, he doth spin to fix,
“There’s not one racist bone,
in my bod”, Don will drone,
No bones about it! There are Two Hundred Six!




GO TO HELL! (1 Quick Limerick #086)

Is Past Performance An Indicator of Future Results?


House Democrats’ probes? Fake prez doth defy!
Supreme Court rulings ‘gainst him? He’ll decry!
What if the Leftist Groundswell?
Yelled out, next year, “GO TO HELL!”
Would Trump accept his defeat or deny?




Idle Hands (yad·da yad·da yad·da) ~ 1 Quick Limerick #085


Who’s that small-handed caveman? Here’s the gist:
He’ll thumbs down kind handshakes, with shakes of clenched fist,
He chokeholds gov., like clawed crab,
At private parts, he will grab,
His hunched over gait, needs five-knuckled assist!





Beautiful Clean Coal??? NOT!!! (1 Quick Limerick #084)



A know-nothing, know-it-all, known for defiance,
Lambastes all time-honored, fact driven science,
Which warns us Earth won’t be nifty,
By nearby year Twenty-Fifty,
Unless we end fossil fuel reliance!












“Sell” the “Cl” and “Buy” an “F” (1 Quick Limerick #083)


For those so inclined… today’s poetry requires some active reader participation… 18+ only please. To max out your reading enjoyment, read… word for word… and then follow… to the letter… this blog’s above-headlined Line 4 / Word 4 Instructions.


Trump and his boneheaded, bigoted base,
Plot to reboot Adolf’s Aryan race,
They hanker for “Mein Kamph”, redux,
Amerika Axis! (Dumb Clucks!)
Fighting FOR fascism¹ is a disgrace!



¹ WTF gives anyway? From time immemorial, our fearless ancestors have fought and even bled to death to gain and maintain freedom… each earning the fitting title of Freedom Fighter.

Not even in our worst nightmares could we have ever foreseen the day where once upon a time decent folks are getting suckered into becoming Fascist Fighters… on behalf of some flimflamming, glad-handing, greed driven, bastard, a-hole, autocratic leader, who’ll sell the soul of humanity… bleed humanity dry… even destroy an entire ecosystem… just to get the trains to run on time.

The easily duped can count on having little to nothing to show for their misguided, blind loyalty… other than a dead-end, benefits barren, non-living wage, here today / gone tomorrow, part time, clock punching job. A lousy trade off considering how they’ll be selling their very souls to the bosses from hell… typically the tyrannical, maniacal, sadistic slave-drivers, who’ll get off on watching their workers suffer hourly and drop dead prematurely.






D-Student Don D-Caps D-Day ~ 1 Quick Limerick #082


The lowdown on D-student Trump, Donald J:
NO bookworm, NO history buff; safe to say,
In his big head; witted, dim,
June Sixth is ALL about HIM,
Just because D-caps begin Don and D-Day.








White House Whitewash ~ 1 Quick Limerick #081


He who shouts loudest is right? No mistaking,
Smacks of fake bellowing and bellyaching,
Don’s White House “give ‘em hell” yelling,
Whitewashes whoppers he’s telling,
An unpresidential, unwise undertaking!