The Un-Disciplined King (1 Quick Limerick #099)


King Perv, who’s pimped out in avarice; vice,
Needs folks he harms to butt kiss; treat him nice;
to prattle, fawn, praise and thank him?
HELL NO! His Mistress should spank him!
But, would he not deem discipline: Paradise?








Top Billing? (1 Quick Limerick #098)


The narcissist nincompoop tries to upstage,
Coronavirus, that’s on wild rampage,
Helps not the sick and the dying,
Expects their thanks; For Not Trying,
When he don’t get that, he seethes his outrage!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







Unveiled Villain (1 Quick Limerick #097)


In the limelight, the Crowned Head doth bask,
Snarls at Newshawks, who take him to task,
He’ll pooh-pooh face protection,
To curb COVID infection,
Might he need muzzle, far more than a mask?


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







Let’s Fill in the Blank (1 Quick Limerick #096)


All prezzy sez and duz, he’s sure to muck up,
Instead of telling him so, minions suck up,
To be proFane, more Frank,
Let’s all Fill in the blank,
That numb dumb cluck is one hell of a _uck up!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!









Crowned by Corona (1 Quick Limerick #095)


The coiffured, yet, mangy man, oft flips his wigger,
So full of himself, his head could not be bigger,
Yet, in thick skull there’s no brain,
Fears not the Corona strain,
He now has become, the pandemic’s grave digger.







Unimpeachable Conduct? (1 Quick Limerick #094)


Daft Don will rant and rave, Tweet, bleat and bellow,
That he was the “perfect”, phone call, placing fellow?
Yet, transcript facts do belie,
That conman’s contrived alibi,
His contempt of Congress, cloaks his belly, yellow.






A Down in the Dumps Labor Day – (1 Quick Limerick #093)


What’s there to “celebrate” on Labor Day?
When union busting denies us our say,
When mucked up workplace backdrops,
Involve slave-driven sweatshops,
NO contracts / pensions, NO living-wage pay.





A (Shared?) Healthy Core Belief (1 Quick Limerick #092)


Whether we’re centrist or left or right polar,
Be our views secular or holy roller,
We know there’s NO real excuse,
For Donald Trump’s child abuse,
Enforced by ICE and each border patroller.





A Trump Devotee Wake Up Call ~ 1 Quick Limerick #091


There is no defense for Trump, don’t you dare try,
From immigrant moms’ arms, their babies he’ll pry,
Where’s your moral outrage?
re these tykes who he’ll cage,
The immigrant kids he torments till they cry!

Alternate Line #5: Some immigrant kids he torments, till they die!




Donny CrappleSeed ~ 1 Quick Limerick #090


Dense Donny CrappleSeed, sows hatred’s seeds,
That germinate into invasive weeds,
Barbed with antisemitism,
Thorned with white supremacism,
Which choke out human and equal rights needs!