Fortune Cookie Blog (Protection)


Ditching the mask, long before the end of the pandemic,
is akin to shucking the prophylactic long before the end
of the act, resuming the action, YET expecting all of the
pregnancy and disease prevention benefits to continue.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









New Year’s Day “Vacay”

Those of us who blog about… correction… obsess over the state and fate of our homeland and world, in a sense, are akin to caregivers who foster the well-being of an ailing and/or aged family member.

Re either job description, I’m speaking from firsthand experience.

Re either occupation, an occasional respite is advisable. And that’s how I spent my New Year’s Day and the better part of the 2nd.

Even tho the time off did me a world of good, IT had to happen; that IT being the return to reality, namely:

  • Donald J. Trump STILL remains utterly clueless re the myriad of reasons for 81 Million voters opting to say, “You’re FIRED!”; to e.g. just one, his willfully mucking up containment of the deadly coronavirus. I mean, did he really, Really, REALLY expect us to reward him for the (so far) 358,000 people who have needlessly died on HIS watch? My God, this has been averaging 3,000 souls per diem; the equivalent of one 9/11 attack every 24 hours!
  • Trump’s delusional allegation of widespread voter fraud STILL remains unsubstantiated because such corruption only exists within his bloated with corruption head. Even his three Supreme Court Justice appointees (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett), who he thought he owned, have repeatedly refused to aid and abet HIS repeated attempts to disenfranchise 81 Million voters; HIS subversion of Democracy; HIS treason!
  • Disheartening, too, is how the 74 million voters who failed to re-empower Trump, are STILL in ferocious denial; so much so that these oft armed to the teeth anarchists / would-be terrorists, actually buy into HIS plot to overstay his January 20, 2021 eviction notice; HIS intent to torch our Constitution; HIS goal to burn America down to the ground.
  • As if this weren’t all bad enough already, there’s THAT foul attitude where an inordinate number of my compatriots STILL cannot even begin to fathom ever doing anything for the greater good of humankind; not even simply masking up to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They actually believe everything can remain in that bygone “business as usual” mode; even during a freakin’ deadly pandemic, no less.

Seeing how it’d be ill-timed and ill-advised to let down one’s guard under dire circumstances, such as these, I won’t be scheduling any additional respites anytime soon.

Not knowing, precisely, how all of the above-mentioned, interacting current events will be ending, I’ll now be abruptly ending this post thusly:

The End (!) (?)

As for which of those two punctuation marks will be applicable?

Alas, that’s still TBA.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Masses Mass Murder the Masses

Let’s not bog down this blog with the particulars to this TRUE story; mainly because that’d only divert our attention from the larger issues at hand.

Cutting to the chase scene, science based leader, purely in the interest of public safety / public health, attempts to rein in religious services, a.k.a. the documented, superspreader events of a ferociously contagious, deadly pathogen. Faith based judges rein in said leader with their ruling that his pandemic protocols infringe upon the rights of the people to worship in whatever manner they see fit!


  • WTF kind of “religious leaders” would ever file a lawsuit, for the express purpose of winning the right to knowingly sicken / sicken to death their congregants?
  • WTF kind of “judges” would rule in favor of clergymen who, in essence, are little more than premeditated, mass murderers?
  • Whatever happened to the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill?
  • Why would a technically legal judicial ruling not, bare minimum, include an attached caveat to sternly warn the victorious “vicars” that their masses could easily wind up mass murdering the masses!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Tangled Webs

For forty years, my father taught high school level Chemistry, Physics and Biology within Minnesota’s and Michigan’s public school systems. It was approximately one year prior to his 1982 retirement when…

I found him seated at our dining room table on a Thursday evening… preparing a weekly Chemistry exam to be administered the following day. At first glance, all appeared normal, that is, until I noticed he had set out multiple stencils before him (btw, this was in the pre-printer / photocopier era where the mimeograph machine still ruled supreme).

When I asked, “Why the four pager exam?” dad explained that several conscientious students (enrolled in his a.m. classes), had been complaining, confidentially, that cheaters were feeding his test questions and answers to the p.m. enrollees. Even his Grade Book readily confirmed how a disproportionate number of his afternoon students were acing his tests.

Ergo, to fight back, he planned on administering four different exams.

ASIDE: As frequent readers of my Dumb Donald posts may’ve already surmised, I’ve been a longtime Match Game fan. In all likelihood, that’s what motivated my following suggestion to my father…

“Why not delete the numerical values from your test questions and leave blanks? All you’d need to do is provide the easily changeable, missing data on the blackboard.”

Dad and I both chuckled, conspiratorially, as he re-boxed three of those stencils. He’d now be able to not only ferret out dishonesty’s circulation pattern but also identify the specific cheaters.

Even so, we both expressed our dismay. After all, cheaters were expending far more time and energy than it’d take to simply study the damned subject matter.

Beyond that, consider the risks to public safety / health if such “students” ever cheated their way through med school.

Summed up more generally…

“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” – – – Sir Walter Scott

Such wisdom certainly is applicable to political science matters as well.

Take a long, unforgiving look at the tangled web which the Science-Denier-In-Chief, one Donald J. Trump, has been weaving, hourly, not only in his futile attempts to cheat his way out of his DIY pandemic but also in his (hopefully failing) attempts to dishonestly spin himself into a second term.

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!









Is the Felt-Tip Pen Mightier Than the Fascist’s Sword?


Ever since man-child Donald J. Trump utterly failed to prevent a preventable pandemic and totally left it up to the governors to decide on whether to shut down America… or not…

The fake prez has been akin to the on vacation, road tripping, antsy, backseat brat, who’s been driving his parents nuts by incessantly whining, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

That’s a fair analogy, seeing how Trump has been feverishly pestering and bullying these same governors to prematurely and recklessly reopen churches, schools and businesses… especially businesses… while COVID-19’s death toll is still skyrocketing.

After all, if they don’t cave into Pollyanna Trump’s unreasonable demands, he won’t be able to perpetuate his get reelected MYTH that America is in post-pandemic mode and returning to normalcy / prosperity?

Of course, deep down, Trump actually loves how COVID-19 has been burying liberal oldsters and people of color… typically, the very voters, who’d never support him. Ergo, his loud and clear message to us has become…

Do your damned duty and DROP DEAD for Wall Street!

Obviously, Fascist Trump’s ‘tude marches in lockstep with genocidal maniacs, who our World History books have been warning us about for ages. For those of us, who’ve been paying, attention, we’re fully aware that autocrats do their damnedest to always make evil shit happen.

Translation: As an asthma compromised old man, I expect corona, Trump’s ally, to eventually snuff me out.

Until then, I find myself besieged by a whole new psychology, which overrules and dims my outlook. I treat the arrival of each joyless day as if it’s my last. Discretionary spending has flown out my slammed shut window, as I wonder which will happen first… the collapse of civil society or my body? Either eventuality, I could easily be robbed of my life.

And so… long sigh… topping off my bucket list is my goal to make it to Election Day’s morning after. I must discover if the pissed off, righteous, American electorate’s felt-tip pens have proven mightier than the Fascist’s sword.

If all goes well, my cast absentee ballot to Constitutionally oust Donald J. Trump (if counted) could be my one last chance to leave my positive mark on my hometown, homeland and home world.








The Cheerleader-In-Chief


The coronavirus crisis, of science denier Donald J. Trump’s own making, has denied Americans their lives and livelihoods on a massive scale. One would expect the bad karma associated with his mucking up Pandemic Management 101 to be sufficient to deny him reelection. But will it?

Not if his ego and power tripping have any say in this matter. It’s fairly safe to say there’s nothing he would not do to snag a second, totally undeserved term. But, how far would he go?

Suppose he knew of an insufficiently tested, potentially dangerous vaccine, which he deemed “perfect” for huckstering just in the nick of time… i.e., one mere week prior to Election Day.

It’s easy to envision dense Donny donning his brilliant red, red state compatible, Santa Claus costume, hitching up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (a.k.a. Rudy Giuliani) to his loaded with syringes sleigh and flying off all across America. Together, in all sorts of weather, they’d swoop down and land in municipalities great and small. That’s where “St. Nick” would play doctor and shoot up everybody. But, would he flat-out lie to his “patients”? Not disclose the iffiness of this serum?

Factoring in how fact checkers have caught him telling whoppers, tens of thousands of times, since his being sworn in, what would telling one more lie even mean to a pathological liar?

He doesn’t give a flying F about about public safety, either. After all, he’s the very snake oil salesman who’s been known to push the anti-malarial (contraindicated for COVID-19) drug Hydroxychloroquine… to instruct his “patients” to fry their guts with UV radiation and shoot up / mainline household (FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY) disinfectants.

Safe to say, he’d think nothing of morphing people into lab rats / risking more lives.

Of course, seeing how Christmas in July is only a crass, avarice driven, Madison Avenue concept, let’s strip this blog of its Santa Suit.

What we actually have, here, is Donny, the self-proclaimed Cheerleader-In-Chief. All he need do is cheer the people up long enough to vote for him come Election Day. And, were any of his always barren of science, horrific advice to cause his victims to drop dead the very next day… eh… so what? Easy come / easy go… well… at least from that sociopath’s perspective.

Oh, the unmitigated gall of his feeling entitled to a second term… in spite of his own negligence which, so far, has resulted in the needless deaths of 137,000 Americans. Hmm, doth grave digger Donny feel a compulsion to “up” his numbers to 1 Million? 2 Million? 200 Million? More?

Were he to politically bury his Democratic rival, too, it’d be easy to envision DJT reveling in his ill-gotten victory, giddily giggling his fat Fascist fanny off while uttering, “Anyone stupid enough to believe anything I say, deserves to die! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Be his shoddy wares pharmaceutical or rhetorical, street smart people will just say “NO!” to whatever BS dope dealer Donny is pushing. And savvy voters will never allow Donald J. Trump the last laugh.