Pols, Pals & Foes


Let’s pick up the pieces; when humdrum Pols take tame stand
And stick to pedestrian speeches; bond to strike up lame band
Once slick admen join them; Pols and Pals both play game bland
They trick to paint tainted world; sell us a spiffed, spoofed name brand

Their nice ads roll ‘round the clock; spread thru the airwaves and stream
“Roll up your sleeves!” they beseech, “Please join vaxxed people’s team!”
While vaccine science, trustworthy, rolls out the Game-Changer scheme
“Jabs” can’t knock out / cure social ills; not at such nauseous extreme

Bottled up in ads’ ointment, the flies team / teem; galore
Trump troglodytes engage erudites; THAT no-win, endless war
Normal notions stump Trump; also his dumbbell / oddball corps
Freedom? Justice? Just buzzwords; they all buzz off / abhor

In most known negative “isms”; Trumpers sprawl, wallow, bask
To learn from pandemics’ hard knocks? They’re not up to that “task”
They won’t even thwart Covid; by simply donning a mask
Are they beyond all redemption? Need anyone ask?

Deep down in the deep end, of the primordial pool
Trumpers get off on their guns; nuff to make them all drool,
Some strafe houses of worship, the workplace, the school
Others are BLAM-BLAM bad cops, who flip off BLM’s rule

Trumpian race and class warfare, proves chronic infection
Dots Pandemic? Dots Climatic? Simps can’t make the connection
Freakin’ fools who can’t fathom the Free Fair election
These days, go on a rampage; foment insurrection


Granted, verses, above, tell the heart-rending tale
Of my homeland’s decline; beyond the pale / stale
Might “where there’s life there’s hope” wisdom, somehow, prevail?
Well, our Stars and Stripes still fly; Trump’s insurrection did fail!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Schools of Fish Would Be More Engaging

Any lingering doubts that Donald J. Trump’s Education Secretary, Ms. Betsy DeVos, is wrong about nearly everything, get quickly dispelled when she rankles FOX interviewer Chris Wallace. After all, normally, the FOX network is loaded with Trump sycophants.

Anyway, at the crux of this give and take is if schools can reopen, safely, during Trump’s still raging out of control pandemic. While the smart course of action would favor caution, Donny’s robot, DeVos, doth favor her boss’ let’s-get-me-reelected recklessness. If she possesses any default settings of common sense and compassion, at all, they certainly did not kick in. Consequently… SPOILER ALERT… rational, frank discourse, on her part, will not be forthcoming.

If you find DeVos’ non-answers too infuriating, you can always cut away to the calming clip below.

This is not the first time I’ve witnessed DeVos in the spotlight, so I can attest to the fact that Wallace hadn’t merely caught her in a rare, “the dog ate my homework” moment.

Clearly, her going to the head of Donny’s “class”, has mainly been due to her ability to filibuster, go off on tangents, offer up fishy replies and kiss Trump’s rump.

One wonders why Wallace hadn’t cut off her mike and cut away to this oceanic scene that features schools of fish.







Not Suffer Fools Gladly


As 1 of 7.8 Billion entrants in the Game of Life, I’ll readily fess up. Emotionally speaking, I’m far from perfect (more about that by blog’s end).

Yet, one hardly need be the epitome of emotional maturity / stability to, first, recognize what’s best for our human family and, next, act promptly, proactively and persistently.

Sacrifices of that nature should be second nature. Doing good, for the greater good, defines selflessness. It matters not if the required curatives, themselves, are elaborate or elementary… painstaking or pain-free… challenging or child’s play.

More to the point, let’s apply all the above to pandemic politics. Let’s start the game’s clock by fleshing and flushing out all, who have the unmitigated gall to call themselves leaders… i.e., the self-absorbed, self-proclaimed know-it-alls, who deny science and, as such, know nothing of consequence. As such, they squander golden opportunities to become the role models to the masses.

Even when this involves the mere child’s play of donning a facial mask, boneheaded heads-of-state throw temper tantrums to display their childishness.

Consequently, mindless people follow their mindless misleaders… i.e., wind up benching themselves in the Game of Life.

And who, pray tell, could ever expect sidelined whiny children to ever emerge as champions?

Such resignation / defeatist attitudes can only aid and abet coronavirus’ worldwide rampage. We, the misled beings are being beaten… some of us (literally) beaten to death by…

A mindless microbe.

Meanwhile, the levelheaded, who’ve been doing our level best to conquer corona, now stand by helplessly witnessing the stunningly unmotivated, maskless masses running amok… partying like there’s no tomorrow… some of these sickos even hosting pandemic parties. If you’ve yet to hear about them, Google the phrase.

They squander humanity’s nearly half-year long gains, which our masked mugs, social isolating, adjourned education and lost livelihoods had established.

They run out the Game of Life’s clock, where it has yet to even be determined if there could ever be a Sudden Death period of play… inclusive of the (hopefully completed) Hail Mary Pass? Long sigh…

To now make good on my post’s opening remark re my far from picture perfect, emotional fitness level…

While my commitment to helping save humanity could never be compromised, my patience towards the boneheaded and blasé now groweth thin. Could anyone blame me for saying…

I do not suffer fools gladly.