One Quick Limerick (#009)


Grump’s hot air and hotheaded storming,

Like greenhouse gas generates global warming,

Freakish wind, rain, ice storms,

Have become the new “norms”,

Our weather ravaged, whole world is deforming!



One Quick Limerick (#008)


Rants from a White House, that’s loaded with chaff,

Head-case head honcho, made one more YUGE gaffe,

Bigmouthed butthead, had misspoke,

Called us the butt of world’s joke,

When it’s at HIM, not U.S., they all laugh!



One Quick Limerick (#007)


Old Grump snarled at Ma Nature, “F You!”

From the Paris Accord he withdrew,

It’s a damned shame Grump’s old man,

Had not conceived THIS game plan:

To always “exit” when his wife he knew!