The “n” and “nn” Homophones


Be the homophones spelled with an “n” or “nn”, American society appears to be stuck with a most ungainly, uncompromising, temporal predicament.

Re that “n”, we find Einsteinian Canon precluding time travel to past eras; the type of good old days we’d find far more comforting; i.e, when compared to our present-day news cycles dominated by reportage of the Covid-19 pandemic, environmental ruin, no-win wars, threats to women’s rights / civil rights / human rights, police brutality, looming fascism, insurrection conspiracies, hyper-partisan politics and anti-vaxxers / anti-maskers / Karens (of all genders) gone wild.

In other words, be the historical accounts printed out between the covers of our official, honestly authored textbooks or handed down from generation to generation, via familial folklore (in the most myth-free sense of that word), we can only yearn for days of yore; not actually return to them.

Re that “nn”, we find the Trumpian Cannons. Oh, to be sure, we speaketh not of the literal cannons and cannonballs, but none of us should be whewing, “That’s a relief”, either.

  • We must NEVER forget how anti-American Donald J. Trump’s anti-American insurrectionists had violated and attacked the U.S. Capitol; had been armed with loaded handguns, shotguns and rifles; not to mention large-capacity ammunition feeding devices, stun guns, machetes, crossbows, Molotov cocktails, bats, flagpoles (with Old Glory still attached), crutches, skateboards, camouflage smoke devices, chemical sprays, fire extinguishers; not to mention zip-tie handcuffs and a hangman’s gallows; not to mention their weaponizing human excrement.
  • We must NEVER forget the resultant death and destruction, which Trump and his terrorists are totally responsible for.

And seeing how that rioting mob, in all likelihood, will be facing down little, if any, punishment; how no one (as of my posting time) has had the spine to haul Trump’s considerable Fascist fanny before even one honest to God judge, once again, as usual, we find that traitor to America giddily and WRONGFULLY claiming exoneration.

While none of these domestic terrorists have, in actuality, halted the hands of time, the net temporal effect is identical. It all distills down to how Donald J. Trump’s backwardness halts, dead in its tracks, nearly all advancement of American society.

So, let’s check out the damned Catch-22 in a nutshell…

  • Einsteinian Canon won’t allow us time travel to relive better days of yore.
  • Trumpian Cannons won’t permit us to travel normally ISO a brighter future.
  • Be it the “n” or “nn” homophone, our society stagnates in the here and now.

Factoring in how too damned many insufferable, alleged world leaders have been parroting DJT’s bleated, moronic, CYA catch phrases (e.g., “fake news” and “witch hunt”) AND have been aping his deplorable, despotic deeds, would the following be a foregone conclusion…

As goes America so goes the world?

Wherever we dwell, let’s do the utmost to prevent such a dreary, dreadful destiny.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Fortune Cookie Blog (Hot! Hot! Hot!)


Once upon a time, discussions of the weather were a harmless way
to break the ice during social gatherings. But is this still true, today?
Let us hope this fortune cookie is not an accurate barometer of hot
under the collar, hotheaded, hot air fueled, political climate change!






Optics Eerily Consistent To Allegations


PREFACE: We must remain mindful that America is still a nation of laws… innocent until proven guilty being one of those laws. That duly noted… let’s roll…


As was expected, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s sworn depositions to the Senate Judiciary Committee wound up in a she said / he said stalemate… perhaps doomed to remain so unless he EITHER (if guilty) confesses OR there’s at least one eyewitness who could corroborate her allegations.

What wasn’t anticipated was how Ms. Ford’s grace under fire candor would so starkly contrast Kavanaugh’s firestorm of equivocation. Which begs the big question, if a man’s conscience is clear, why would he not want to truthfully, completely answer questions which could only serve to restore his good name AND reward him with the very SCOTUS judge gig he lusts for?

Even so… one would still expect someone accused of attempted rape… at the very least…to attempt feigning an air of dignity, imperturbability, credibility and sobriety. Sobriety? What sobriety?

Instead, Brett reveled in the reveries of his party-till-you-puke youth… persistently prattled about his party animal days / daze where he “fell asleep” after slamming down BEER after BEER after BEER after BEER after BEER after BEER… and probably didn’t even stop at that one 6-Pack.

What is even more worrisome is how [1] the belligerent Kavanaugh’s ugly, undue sense of male entitlement would not allow him to take NO for an answer… [2] would not halt his drunk on power attempt to force himself upon the Supreme Court while [3] his buddies, the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans (also drunk on power), were aiding and abetting him, goading him on AND telling him to “GO FOR IT!”

It’s optics such as these, where one cannot help but perceive behavioral parallels eerily consistent to Ford’s ALLEGATIONS, e.g., that back at that 1982 crime scene bedroom, [1] the belligerent Kavanaugh’s ugly, undue sense of male entitlement would not allow him to take NO for an answer… [2] would not halt his drunk on beer attempt to force himself upon her while [3] his buddy, Mark Judge, (also drunk on beer), aided and abetted / goaded him on… told him to “GO FOR IT!”


How To Spell Strong Correctly (One Quick Limerick #046)


NarcissistMan thinks he’s strong? Let’s rethink!
His heart of stone boasts barbed wire / chain-link,
He burns bridges, builds walls,
Promotes partisan brawls,
All that is strong, here, is his admin’s stink!