For the past month, I’ve been blogging, almost exclusively, about the pandemic. Upon reviewing these posts, recently, I realized that some of them could be misinterpreted by readers… in particular where / when I’ve been sorting out my all too human, mixed feelings about isolation.

Granted, I complain. However, that’s not rooted in Trumpian childishness, foolishness, selfishness… or any other negative “ness-word” that makes up the English tongue… words both readily recalled and on the tip of the tongue.

So, to clarify my stance…

• I fully accept the stay-at-home recommendations set forth by my Governor, the honorable Gretchen Whitmer! That is both my Moral and Civic Duty. In the absence of readily available testing for Coronavirus, I must view myself as much a potential threat to humanity as each and every other person must view me. I truly care about the well-being of the people, who I now stay at home to avoid… who, when in public, I must maintain (at least) two meters’ worth of masked separation from.

However, my acceptance of the new reality can only go so far.

• I do not grant a free pass to nobody’s president, one Donald J. Trump! It is my Patriot Duty to dish him out an ALL-HE-CAN-EAT, heaping helping of Truth To Power! It has been Deplorable Donny’s CYA stance, his butt dragging and sitting on his wallet obdurateness *, which have inexcusably impeded widespread, Coronavirus testing… i.e., the time-honored scientific methodology that’s so vital to the containment and conquering of that debilitating and deadly pathogen.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!



* See what I mean about those negative “ness-words”? It was while proof-reading that I spotted how “obdurateness” just happened to slip in while I was discussing disgusting Donny.







Calling Out Wrongdoing Is Not Wrong


My code of ethics and sense of civic duty are what motivate me to behave in a responsible manner. Society’s well-being means as much to me as my very own. What a shame many of today’s leaders cannot echo such sentiments.

Whether my cast ballots have empowered my homeland’s leadership or not (typically the latter)… be these rulers wise or otherwise (again, typically the latter)… I do hold them all to the exact same, stringent standards that govern my life. I don’t believe that’s asking too much of them, do you?

Even when some unwise leader “miraculously”, mysteriously comes around to my way of thinking, I still view him askance. Such an “epiphany” is bound to remain tainted by some permutation of vicious avarice, blind ambition and political expedience… likely all three.

When such a leader screws up, I will promptly express my displeasure. As an American, that’s what’s known as doing my Constitutional, Patriotic duty. If my fellow citizens cannot wrap their minds around that, then it’s fair to suspect, as school kids, they had slept through their civics lessons… maybe even cut those classes altogether.

Granted, my chances for actually righting any leader’s past wrongs are slim to none. But damn it, that doesn’t mean I should wave the white flag. I can and will blog, onward, to expose egregious conduct to help ensure it never, ever happens again!