Contempt and Heartache


No lexicon’s words yet exist to fully express decent folks’ contempt for Vladimir Putin and his unwarranted Ukraine invasion; our heartache re the consequent, indefensible human suffering and slaughter.

After all, we are discussing our decent, deeply rooted feelings; right down to our very DNA.

Ditto our lexicon’s limitations, re a sufficiently powerful word to articulate our revulsion re Putin’s protégé, strange bedfellow Donald J. Trump, who, of late, has been publicly, verbally praising / orally pleasuring Big Bad Vlad (e.g., branding that Russian a “genius” / his Ukraine aggression “wonderful”).

C’mon Donny, can’t you two at least scare up a couple bucks to get a room? Yes? No? / Da? Nyet? / да? нет?

Well, “No” is how it’s been playing out, seeing how Donny recently brain farted on/in the air during Laura Ingraham’s Fox network show; “passed” his utterly imbecilic belief that the United States had launched the invasion of Ukraine.

My gawd, folks, even the mildly politically engaged, civilian bystanders are aware that, so far, U.S. involvement has been sharing the military’s “war toys” with Ukraine. Other than that, President Joe Biden’s tactics have been limited to economic; i.e., aid to Ukraine / sanctions against Russia.

That Trump would be EITHER unschooled re OR, worse yet, unable to grasp these Ukraine 101 Fundamentals is truly scary; we are speaking of the very mucker who was fake prez from 2017-21; who WILL BECOME fake prez, anew, from 2025 onward. Forgive the end of term ambiguity. Factoring in DJT’s fascistic traits, does anyone actually believe that, once reinstalled, he’ll ever consent to a transition of power (while he’s still above soil)?

However, to return to the recent past, once Donny’s initial “flatulence” had dissipated within Ingraham’s “latrine”… well… let’s just say that his consonant and vowel movement was not over by a long shot; i.e., when he began “pooping out” his claim that, were he still calling all the shots, Putin would’ve never attacked Ukraine.

  • To say the least… such a self-assessment is little more than ludicrous self-aggrandizement.
  • To say more… considering Trump’s awe for all things totalitarian, had his January 6, 2021 coup d’état successfully stripped the presidency from Biden, would it shock anyone to witness him, presently deploying U.S. troops to prop up Putin’s malevolent, topple Ukraine plot?
  • If for no other reason… Trump would go to war (provoke WW-III) because he has never forgotten how his infamous, 07/25/2019, quid pro quo, “perfect phone call”, failed to shake down Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; strong-arm him into digging up fake dirt to politically bury Joe and Hunter Biden.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Pelosi’s Perfect Protest (You can’t make this stuff up!)

As most of us know, these days, the word “PERFECT” does get bandied about a bit carelessly. But… not always…

In my post, just prior to this one, I discussed how Democrats should react to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address. Well… this post certainly lives up to the saying…

“You can’t make this stuff up!”

Just prior to the fake prez stepping up to the dias to address America and the world… per protocol… he presented to both VP Mike Pence and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a complimentary copy of his speech.

And then, we were forced to endure approximately eighty long minutes of The World According to Grump. To say the least, anyone who still believes in the Real America found Trump’s / Grump’s narrative…


(btw, fans of acrostics can readily sum up / slim down that above, lengthy list in one word.

For those of us who did manage to stay awake and stay till the bitter end, it was well worth it!

Just prior to the fake prez’s departure, We the People were treated to an OMG MOMENT… namely… being eyewitness to a PERFECT, non-verbal critique of the Trumpian content.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Donny’s speech.

• I actually got to see this all go down in real time.
• And I’ve never been more proud of an American.
• I’ve never been more proud to be an American.

What a brilliant way to put a narcissist in his place, critique his ghost written falsehoods and remind him that… had decency and justice prevailed… he would have never lasted long enough as POTUS to even deliver his speech at all.

Pelosi’s unspoken reminder to Donny…

He has avoided a Constitutional Conviction and Ouster for the very reason that the House Impeached him… namely… he’s the most corrupt Oval Office Occupant, ever, who was able to easily corrupt the U.S. Senate’s Republicans.







Whistle-Blower Pooches & Political Dogs (Vid of the Day)


If it’s, indeed, true that the world is going to the dogs, let’s hope our clip’s three featured pooches are leaders of the pack.

Granted, humankind’s best friends are not always well-behaved. However, unlike some humans, when confronted, they oft display a far more refined, superior sense of right and wrong… are far more willing to fess up to their transgressions… to feel the shame they have brought upon themselves.

That’s far more than can be said about politicians… namely…

• A certain, snarling, growling, lying through his teeth, guilty as hell, blatantly blameworthy, big-name political dog, who, stunningly, insists the never-ending, ever-growing list of his dirty deeds is “perfect”.

• The pack of rabid, howling wolves, who always have his back.







Unimpeachable Conduct? (1 Quick Limerick #094)


Daft Don will rant and rave, Tweet, bleat and bellow,
That he was the “perfect”, phone call, placing fellow?
Yet, transcript facts do belie,
That conman’s contrived alibi,
His contempt of Congress, cloaks his belly, yellow.






The Fireside Chat’s Soot


So… what the hell is Donald J. Trump up to now? Well, looky here, he’s plotting to re-purpose the concept of FDR’s folksy, fatherly Fireside Chats. Yep, via a live TV broadcast, he intends to prove his innocence by reading, aloud, from that now infamous White House generated, “MEMORANDUM OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATION“.

How astoundingly ironic! This is the very document, which affords us the juicy details to the fake prez’s perfectly wrong “perfect phone call”… a.k.a. Donny’s quid pro quo, 07/25/2019, shake down of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

One would think that, by now, the Trumpster’s brain trust and/or wranglers would’ve reminded him that, strictly from the Fascist’s perspective, such fireplace flames are only suitable for one thing… burning up the body of truth (soon followed by the burying of the cremains).

Yet, here we find the fake prez actually believing he can chat himself out of trouble? True, he just might succeed if, in actuality, this is all leading up to his plea of insanity.

Beyond the ideological and legal aspects, let’s factor in the aesthetics… namely… Donny simply is not the fatherly, folksy type. Hell, had he been my father, I’d have run away from home as soon as I had learned to walk. Come to think of it, to escape such a toxic parental unit, I’d have even crawled as fast as my hands and knees could go.

Anyway, it’s way above the Trumpster’s pay-grade to even attempt to reassure and comfort us. No amount of his thick, dense, politically expedient, fireplace soot can ever hide his corruption and culpability.

Beyond that? A Fireside Chat does no good when it could only showcase Trump’s insufferable, undignified, unprofessional  whimpering and whining… his droning on and on and on… about his perfectly wrong, perfectly self-incriminating, perfectly worthy of impeachment “perfect phone call”.