A WordPress Renaissance Woman ~ Vid of the Day

WordPress denizens are fully aware of what a truly amazing experience “living here” can be. We get the golden opportunity to freely express ourselves each and every time we key in our login data. Even better… for those of us fortunate enough… our visits can and do go way beyond the words. In other words…

We can count our lucky stars whenever transcendental experiences materialize before our very eyes and ears… when cloaked within the vast sea of cyberspace… we discover true star power.

Such is the talent of piano virtuoso… Ms. Lori D. Marchell Carlsen. From her YouTube and WordPress websites, I’ve copied and pasted (below) the backstory to her (above featured) seven movement masterpiece…

“My Copyrighted Original Piano Music entitled C-13 Sonata inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 about Love, the Universal Language. This was composed throughout one summer many years ago. I would love to see it orchestrated. It was during a very difficult ‘dark night in the soul’ in my life, so the victories seventh movement brings the importance of remaining diligent in honoring our heart paramount in my life. Please feel free to share it with others, and thank-you for your kind comments and following my blog!”

Since I cannot think of a better testimonial / finale, I’ll also copy and paste my posted WordPress reply to her comment…

“Your talents as a classical pianist and composer are extraordinary. I’d wholeheartedly echo your wish for a full orchestral arrangement of your masterpiece. Your vid’s accompanying photos / paintings are impressive, too. I hope you can hear my virtual applause and chants of bravo! Bravo!! BRAVO!!! and encore! Encore!! ENCORE!!!”

With Renaissance woman Lori’s creativity being self-evident… as limitless as the cosmos itself… do I even need to recommend the following? OK… I will…

Visit Ms. Marchell Carlsen’s WordPress Site… tune into her YouTube Channel and… of course… be sure to subscribe to and follow/friend this mega / multitalented pianist, artist and published author, too.




Four-Play (Week #5)

This post is the 5th installment of my musical blog experiment’s projected 13-week run. For those who’ve missed any of my past posts, they’re all archived in my “music” category.

This week, I’ve segued four piano pieces with quiet hours / nocturnal / lunar themes. I choose not to get into any in depth musical analysis beyond this because I present the selections you hear, here, purely for the enjoyment of great music.

I do realize that tapping into humanity’s vast musical repertoire can oft involve genres, which cannot possibly please all the people all the time. Even so, I’d encourage everyone to be musically adventurous.

True, it may not seem cool to dig sounds that wander from the beaten path you may walk on. But would you not agree that people who are truly cool are those who resist mindlessly marching in lockstep with everyone else?

Well… if these selections still are not your “cup of tea”… do click back again… you never can tell what you’ll be listening to next week.

Blog response will act as my Arbitron / Nielsen “radio ratings”… so… if you’ve enjoyed my “show”, click that “Like” Star. Of course, comments are always welcome, too!


Yundi Li ~ Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne in Eb Major (Op 9 No 2)

Keiko Matsui ~ Presence Of The Moon

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Thomas Newman ~ Any Other Name (Film: American Beauty)