Stay Above the Lawn!


The despot’s dense fog dims the dawn
His dormant brain doth favor brawn

His sycophants suck up and fawn
He deems each subject lowly pawn

The unchecked disease he doth spawn
Deep sixes coffins ‘neath dank lawn



Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Icky Specifics


‘Tween Trump’s ears is brick-brick-brick
‘Neath man boobs he’s thick-thick-thick
His brain cells don’t click-click-click
On uptake ain’t quick-quick-quick!

Trump’s pandemic; ick-ick-ick
Has made millions sick-sick-sick
Works not one damned lick-lick-lick
Our time runs out tick-tick-tick!

Trump’s a grabber; chick-chick-chick
In grrrls’ necks he’s crick-crick-crick
Lusts to dip his wick-wick-wick
Fems do brand him; prick-prick-prick!

Trump’s dictator; dick-dick-dick
Courts red staters; hick-hick-hick
Not blue voters’ pick-pick-pick
Out rear door we’ll kick-kick-kick!









Watching Worrying Wondering


Watching the late summer sunset through the real world window
Ten nimble fingers commit black font phrases onto the white field
All is one mere copy and paste away from the launching platform
Notions, once liberated, attain light velocity all across the WWW.

Worrying overwhelms, knowing the misinformed, misguided sheeple
Pledge undeserved. unconditional allegiance to the surly absolutist
He’s their praise junkie hero; a zero who knows not, wrong from right
Trumps day with night, right with might; Tramples black with white.

Wondering, as fireflies, moon and stars strain through the darkness
How could anyone accept his diseased, decayed, devastated world?
As crossed forearms now cradle weary head, crickets sing a lullaby
Once dreams query reality, can a brilliant answer arrive with sunrise?



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Poetic Acrostic


Fascism, in America, brews,
Under-reported, that odious news,
Cancerous metastasis chews,
Killed body decays and mildews!
You cannot escape the curfews,
Or billowing teargas, which spews,
Unavoidable jackbooted crews,
Trample dissidents’ bones and sinews,
Running roughshod pro-protest laws’ views,
Unruly tyrant, too, unduly hews!
Monster’s roars met with oversight’s mews,
People throughout once great nation, he screws!






The Query


Please hear out this query
Be ye real gent or dearie
Or ghosts Pierre, Marie Curie
Or A-I’s Alexa, Siri

How can that autocrat, eerie
With makeup orange, all so smeary
With ugly mug, smug and sneery
Get off on Dystopia, dreary?

Meanwhile, his foes lucid, leery,
Have downcast eyes, oh so bleary
Two flowing rivulets, too teary,
Like Poe, feel weak and weary

Meanwhile, his friends feel so cheery
All across his (w)hole sphery
See punch-drunk dudes; nearly beery
Lame dames swoon; (s)expressions skeery

So, be ye real gent or dearie
Or ghosts Pierre, Marie Curie
Or A-I’s Alexa, Siri
Re above query, what’s your theory?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Is today the day?


Human vulnerability and mortality fuel the undercurrent
Undercurrent of doom washes over the consciousness
The mind wanders / wonders / worries; Is today the day?

Will the teamed up scourge; pitiless overlord and minion
Akin to a knows-no bounds, jackbooted marauder / intruder
Kick down our doors; pummel our bodies into lifelessness?

Fill in his name, opportunistic overlord deems virus his minion
The virus laughs its ass off; knows fully well vice versa applies
The power-struggle destined / doomed to end in stalemate?

The subjugated bystanders; both the worried sick / sickened
Unproductively cry-out our outrage and / or cry our eyes dry
While all death liberated souls soar heavenward, we wonder?

Is today the day?
Is today the day?
Is today the day?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







‘Neath His Veneers

Meet the unruly ruler; delve ‘neath his veneers
Off the forward path / high road, he too often veers

He slashes freedom and funds, with talon sharp sheers
He’s counseled by yes-men, who are horses’ rears

He revels in fan’s cheers; reviles his foes’ jeers
Turns blind eye to the latter, who cry into beers

Evil eyes ever-glinting, his lecherous leers
His mouth more than hinting, at sadistic sneers

His snout snorts ire’s fire, which scorches and sears
Off yuge giant head, protrude right-slanted ears

His brainbox befuddled by stripped toothless gears
He’s morally bankrupt, life’s accounts in arrears

He’s been friendless from birth, hath not genuine peers
Run for your life! Watch your back! Whenever he nears!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Pandemic Pandemonium Poem


Pandemic’s same old, new dawn; bad news stories playback
Trump’s truculence and treason; he bleats / Tweets his attack
I can’t resist online retorts; the tooth-for-tooth type payback.

“That bastard burned down our homeland!”, I shout and cry
In fetal ball I next curl up; bawl my eyeballs bloodshot / dry
By dusk, eyes bleary / head weary; dreamland’s worth a try.

Can I dream up exit plan, to someday soon, flee the coop?
Safely free all huddled masses, from our damned time-loop?
Or, awaken again, right back at my poem’s Line-One stoop?



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







2020’s 20/20 Narrative


Heed this A.P.B. warning: Freaks have fled their cage!
Both creeps now hog spotlight, upon the world stage,
Here’s where pathogen, deadly, goes on its rampage,
As does its encroaching enabler, whose maw oft farts rage!

Microbe and micro-brain Monarch, neither is willing,
To forswear selfish claims, each is owed the top billing,
Their club of choice is the fear, each is instilling,
Both are foes to humanity, both hellbent on killing!

Their disease, double whammy, oft debilitates,
They are what they are: depraved degenerates!
Grim Reaper germ denies life; populace decimates,
Putz decries freedom; his subpar strife devastates!

Yoo-Hoo 18-plus citizens! You, who are stateside dwellers!
Be you gender-fluid or prototype ladies or fellers,
Our homeland will die, sans enough Trump rebellers,
Let’s cast our absentee ballots, while safe in our cellars!

With sera and meds, still in R & D stage,
To avoid COVID-19, heed this advice, sage!
Wash hands, social distance, mask to face PLEASE engage!
Adults never whine and throw tantrums! So DO act your age!