In Response To Terrorist Acts… Past, Present & Future…



So, you kill in your god’s name, so you say?

Your Holey War1 is to make “sinners” “pay”?

“Thou Shalt NOT Kill” is NO spin,

When YOU kill folks, that’s YOUR sin,

How will YOU pay, on God’s real Judgment Day?


If the voice in your head orders killing,

Commands chaos and carnage, blood spilling,

No one else is to blame,

Except you, fool, by name,

Don’t you dare try to give “God” top billing!


Re the god, who you claim to endorse?

Be He Christian, Jew, Muslim or Norse,

Would one gentle and shrewd,

Seek your help, cruel and crude?

NOPE, that’s not work He’d ever outsource!


To dive off the deep end is to sink,

Try to muster sound brain cells to think,

Instead fight the insanity,

End your war on humanity,

Seek out peace of mind, hire a shrink!



1 No… I didn’t misspell “Holy”.


One Quick Limerick (#004)


Meet mean Ol’ Grumpy, who wants a tall wall,

War refugees, émigrés he’ll ban, stall,

He can’t embrace diverse cultures,

His “ICE-men” swoop down like vultures,

Statue of Liberty’s tears start to fall!


One Quick Limerick (#003)

Three score and ten is far, far from one’s youth,

But that is not too old to be uncouth,

Hear Tweetie whine, snort and grunt,

Call proper inquests, “witch hunt”,

His just deserts for not telling whole truth!



Limericks re the Muslim Ban


The True American Spirit…


True blue Americans still harbor charms,

We feel compassion for folks fleeing harms,

Our traditions so grand,

Extend our helping hand,

Welcome downtrodden with wide-open arms.


#45’s un-American “Reality Show”…


Fleeing the war ravaged lands overseas,

There’s no shortage, oppressed refugees,

Émigrés they are seekin’,

Lady Liberty’s beacon,

But her torch has been doused by a sleaze.


That full of excrement exec in Tower,

Exerts excessive executive power,

That poor excuse of a man,

Exhumed his Muslim ban,

Unrolled his unwelcome mat with a glower.


Let’s consider the top downward rot,

How wrong righties now call ev’ry shot,

With their ethics so barren,

Lack of empathy, carin’,

The U.S. is no safe harbor spot.


The Stateside freedoms the oppressed desire,

Are at death’s door and are due to expire,

Émigrés just might find,

What they’re leaving behind,

Might be like leap from fry pan into fire.


Donny Downer… Dandy?



Below, you’ll find some new lyrics to update a song dating back to the first American Revolution… Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Most of us will be able to “hear” the song playing in our minds without an assist from the above video… but if you do opt to hit the playback button, be advised that it will only cover the first four verses… obviously requiring a restart to accompany all eight.


1. Donny Downer came to town,

Fraudulent and phony,

Fills folks’ heads with racist crap,

And other acrimony!


CHORUS… Donny Downer walls it up,

‘Long the Rio Grande,

Boots out non-wasps P-D-Q,

Of this he doth demand-dee!


2. Donny Downer came to town,

For sexist swill he’s wishin’,

Sticks his nose in women’s biz,

He’ll beat them to submission.


CHORUS… Donny Downer gets keeps it up,

Donny Downer randy,

Spews forth his misogyny,

And GRABS whatever’s handy!


3. Donny Downer’s billionaires,

All squealin’, wheelin,’ dealin’,

Upward redistribute wealth,

From poor folks they are stealing!


CHORUS… Donny Downer sucks up wealth,

Donny Downer greedy,

Cronies toast, “To Donny’s health!”

Next exclaim, “Screw the needy!


4. Donny Downer came to town,

He’ll wipe out all the wise rules,

Best buds are his Wall Street pals,

To us they’re selfish fools… FOOLS!


CHORUS… Donny Downer, screws it up,

When things CRASH, no doubt… doubt,

He’ll then force poor Janes and Joes,

To bail the banksters out… OUT!


5. Donny Downer came to town,

Thinks he’s our Big Brother,

His surrogates use double-speak,

To suffocate truth, smother!


CHORUS… Donny’s claqueurs whoop it up,

Don shouts / shuts down free press,

Takes down Lady Liberty,

While peeking up her gowned dress?


6. Donny Downer came to town,

Disputes with defiance,

Climate change, he calls a hoax,

To nix established science.


CHORUS… Donny Downer, know-it-all?

Donny Downer’s swagger dagger,

Kills free speech at E-P-A,

Can’t breathe, can’t speak through gag… GRRR!


7. Donny Downer came to town,

His high horse is no pony,

Plots to take out our whole world,

And folks, that’s no baloney!


CHORUS… Donny Downer mucks it up,

Brash nuke Tweets he’ll bandy,

Deems each bad-assed mushroom cloud,

Akin to cotton candy?


8. Donny Downer’s peeps did vote,

But so did Bad Vlad Putin,

Attacked the Net, sank Hillary’s boat,

Of that there’s no disputin’!


CHORUS… Donny Downer won’t fess up,

Donny Downer cocky,

Did Vlad help him? Don neighs, “NYET!”

Yet skeptics say, “Horse Hockey!”


A Must See and Hear New Year 2017 Blogcast

As 2016 winds down, I want to sincerely thank all who’ve been spending their precious time reading my blogs and listening to my blogcasts. I also want to welcome and thank anyone new to my blog site on this holiday night.

Those who know me are likely already aware that I’m feeling serious doubts and dread regarding the régime change slated to take place in America a scant 20 days from now.

On this last night of 2016… perhaps one of the last nights in America and our world… you can thank the confidence inspiring, lingering influence of President Barack Obama for calming me and, in turn, sparing you from my blogging more extensively along those gloomy lines.

Suffice to say… if I had the power, I’d snap my fingers to cure all my nation’s ills… all of our world’s ills.

Needless to say… I don’t… so it’s on to the music.

Admittedly, your first reaction to my plans to play Auld Lang Syne three times might be “Isn’t that a bit monotonous?”

Not really… you see I’m presenting a diverse mix of stellar recording artists and showcasing the inexhaustible creativity of YouTube videographers, who’ve enhanced their productions with historical footage and (in the case of my lead video) included some powerful thought evoking poetry.

A brief excerpt from that poem (read full poem here)…

New Year’s Prayer by Charlotte Anselmo

Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.


Well… here’s where our magical, musical journey into 2017 begins…

For those of you facing time constraints… perhaps some New Year’s Eve party hearty plans… if you play just one video… stick to the very first. Beyond that…

Have fun tonight! For those who wind up buzzed on booze and/or on other substances, be sure to have a place to sleep it off OR call a cab OR have a sober, designated driver within your circle of friends.

Wishing you the happiest, healthiest, most prosperous 2017 possible!


Sissel ~ Auld Lang Syne

Dougie MacLean ~ Auld Lang Syne (Remembering Those Who Left Us In 2016)

Kenny G ~ Auld Lang Syne (20th Century Images)

If you liked my blogcast, I’ll see you back here on February 1, 2017 (if not sooner)…