Subversiveness and Subservience


On January 6, 2021, Donald J. Trump ordered his private army of domestic terrorists (a.k.a. right wing radicals, Klansmen, Nazis and boneheaded bootlicker oddballs) to storm the U.S. Capitol building. In essence…

The (in title only) President of the United States of America had actually ordered HIS attack AGAINST the United States of America.

In better, bygone days, by now, unified Americans’ righteous indignation would’ve demanded that any insurrection inciting president, bare minimum, be speedily impeached, convicted and banned, forevermore, from seeking / attaining all future elective office. Also, the accompanying murdering, maiming and malicious destruction of property would’ve resulted in a slew of criminal court cases where returned guilty verdicts and prompt sentencing would lodge the X-prez within the nearest maximum security prison or, in lieu of that, a mental institution.

Yet, here America (barely?) stands one month later. Only the subversiveness and subservience of Trump’s cohorts and co-conspirators allow him to still remain at large; to still revel within his grotesquely gaudy, golden lifestyle; to still fuel his threats to seek reelection come 2024.

While Trump’s U.S. Senate Impeachment Trial is slated to commence next week, the only anticipated, unified righteous indignation will involve the feelings of 50 Democrats and, at best, only 5 Republicans.

Alas, 55 votes will fall far short of the 67 necessary to convict Trump / deep six his delusions for a political resurrection. While the magnitude of his treason should result in 100 votes to convict, I won’t be holding my breath.

The unacceptable reality check? Trump’s virtually guaranteed, totally indefensible acquittal could / likely will green light his re-ascendancy; hammer the final nails into our homeland’s coffin; bury Liberty, Democracy and the American Dream.

I don’t know what is more effing depressing here; Donald J. Trump’s attempted coup d’état, itself, or the fact that, once again, there he’ll sit, laughing his fat Fascist fanny off from the knowledge that he can always do whatever he fucking pleases with impunity.

Hell, even if he never wins another election again, what of the countless Fascist wannabes who’ll, someday (likely soon) seek the presidency? Those who’ll be far more efficient at overthrowing America than Trump had been? Who’ll view Trump’s “get out of jail free card” as a legal precedent for establishing their own…

Anything Goes, You Can’t Touch Me, Anti-American Agenda

Long sigh. Folks, you wouldn’t believe the number of times, this past month, that I’ve attempted / failed to adequately express these sentiments; all the strength it took to fight off my “Oh, WTF is the use?” mentality.

I mean, how the hell does one even begin to blog when the content could best be summed up in two words:




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Is the Trumpster in the Dumpster?


Recent revelations re Donald J. Trump’s mucked up, income tax situation now beg a few questions…

• What if the fake prez is not only morally bankrupt but also financially bankrupt?

• What if he’s seeking reelection to continue mooching off American taxpayers; to stay holed up in the White House another four years?

• What if he’s trying to avoid a city dump forwarding address, living in a cardboard box, cooking rats over a campfire, experiencing rainy bad hair days AND shitting into a bucket?

• How far would he go to avoid that?

• Would he start placing “perfect” phone calls, worldwide, to his despotic heroes; for the express purpose of selling them stolen military property / armaments / nukes and even revealing sensitive government intellectual property / secrets?

• At that point, he’d be sacrificing U.S. security / endangering us. But seeing how he intentionally allowed Corona-V to go on a rampage; seeing how he is fully responsible for the (so far) 210,000 COVID-19 fatalities, would it even faze him if he buried all 328 million of us?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







He Has Worn Out America’s Welcome Mat


Today we’ve learned that Dictator Donny wants to dodge / defy the U.S. Constitution to delay / dick up America’s free, presidential elections. Seeing how he spits contempt at every grand idea our Founding Fathers had envisioned for themselves… for posterity… we must conclude that the fake prez just can’t cut it as an American. One would think that, by now, he’d have thumbed his nose, whipped his finger, waved his final good-bye and cut and run.

Let’s face it. He’s the White House guest who has worn out America’s welcome mat.

While we should never get in the habit of booting Americans out of America, since he doesn’t want to be an American, anyway, in his case, we can make one exception… can we not? You know… just to indulge him?

It’s high time that the fake prez packs his bags and gets the hell out! Let him emigrate to Russia, where it’s a certainty that puppeteer Putin will welcome his puppet with open arms.

In the worst possible way, they are, indeed, kindred spirits. After all they both feel intense, perverse rapture for autocracies where the typical, scum of the earth despot stays in power till he drops dead.

The only unanswered question…

Would Big Bad Vlad install his protégé, Donny, as his heir apparent or court jester?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






Don’t Take this Leap of Faith Sans Parachute!


Let’s take a leap of faith that Genesis 1:27 presents to us a flawless narrative, namely, that we were all created in the Image of God. Let’s now expand on that fundamental, yet, relatively ambiguous premise; consider how this resemblance might not be limited to facial features and body types. What if it had been meant to be inclusive of all aspects of human nature; in particular, the vast array of personality types?

To cut to the chase…

If Donald J. Trump is the spitting image of God, what the Hell does that make God?