How To Define “Strong” (One Quick Limerick #015)



A so-called prez does not know right from wrong,

His deficit he deems an asset strong,

Let’s concur! Be vociferous!

He’s so strong he’s odiferous!

Let’s hold our noses, all day, all night long!



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99 Word Blog (#046) Pence’s Man Crush


Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, recently said that, if elected, he’d be a strong VP… just like Dick Cheney.

Treasonous Cheney, the Constitution gutting, de facto president, who had morphed W Bush into a puppet and ventriloquist’s dummy.

Sociopathic Cheney, who had perpetuated flat out whoppers about WMD to justify attacking Iraq, squandered $1.1 TRILLION to wage that needless war, gleefully slaughtered THOUSANDS of U.S. troops and 1 MILLION innocent Iraqi civilians, waterboarded and tortured enemies of his own making, plundered Iraq’s oil AND spawned ISIS.

Well, Mike Pence has just proven himself strong alright… his stench is overpowering.


99 Word Blog (#020) Failed Odor Abatement Ploys

Say your hometown collects garbage once per week yet, midweek, the stench becomes unbearable.

The trash bag’s too full to spin into a knot. Since there’s no twist-tie, either… you improvise… tie a red ribbon into a pretty bow.

Albeit less… it still stinks!

Say there’s a presidential wannabe whose exhaled tirades reek. His staff warns Dumbo re his political halitosis… but he’s in denial.

Ergo he deadpans, “You’re Fired!”

His new staff’s odor abatement ploy involves masking his stench… metaphorically giftwrapped / topped off with a pretty, Republican-Red bow.

However… unless that bow covers his mouth… he’ll still stink!