From a Pacifist Pragmatist’s Perspective


As a pacifist… I do find it disconcerting whenever I find myself needing to side with the warrior mentality…

As a pacifist… I would love to side with any leader who’d withdraw his troops to end a war…

As for the BIG HOWEVER let’s just sum it up thusly….

As a pragmatist… I know that a leader who EITHER wages a war OR inherits it from his predecessor does have a moral obligation to [1] maintain the safety and well-being of the civilian population as much as possible, [2], keep his troops out of needless danger, [3] clean up the whole effing mess that war always leaves behind, [4] make damned sure that any of the blood splattered gains there may’ve been will never be sacrificed AND [5] once / if it is ever established, keep the peace!

Donald J. Trump’s recent, ill-advised, ill-timed, ill-conceived, ill-thought-out, ill-tempered withdrawal of troops from Syria has amply proven to the entire world that he is neither a pacifist nor a pragmatist. The needless human suffering and incalculable instability he has inflicted upon our world is indefensible and unforgivable.






Rude Donny + Dude Rudy = Risky Business?

Is it really true that, once posted, nothing ever dies on the Internet? Might this spoof be proof? Might the fake prez actually have a real sense of humor, after all? Who knows?

Anyway… watch it while it lasts.







Just wondering… and worrying…

Seeing how…

• Donny, the too big for his britches, fake prez, recently donned his hand-me-down, commander-in-chief long pants (and noticeably drowned in them)…

• That self-proclaimed “stable genius” has so ignorantly and irreparably destabilized Syria… the entire world… by [1] withdrawing American troops, [2] abandoning America’s Kurdish allies and [3] freeing the Kurd’s 11,000 ISIS detainees…

• The Trumpster’s battlefield-bound commands were not first vetted by any White House grown-ups…

• His barked out orders were so easily obeyed down the chain-of-command…

Seeing how…

• “The Boy Wonder” once asked, “If we have nuclear weapons why can’t we use them?AND (must there always be an AND?) AND more recently, actually proposed the nuking of hurricanes, too…

If Donald J. Trump ever ordered a nuclear attack, would his generals question his monumentally questionable judgment or simply follow his insane orders to a “T”?






A Limerick Acrostic (NSFW)


I previously posted this content @WordPress back on 09/08/2017…


Observe Der Führer bleat / let his Tweets fly,
Frothed with news-speak, bald-faced lies, fierce outcry,
Un-invites / ousts lib press crews,
Calls their whole truths, the “fake news”,
Key free speech / press rights, he’ll condemn / defy!





Take The Offbeat Local Solar System Mnemonic Tour!


Check out this rather off the beaten path mnemonic tour of the local solar system. The Mercurial man, who has ice water coursing through his Venous system, does have a d-Earth of patience. Nevertheless, he knows that to be a two-termer (or more) he must Mars-hal his bigoted, toady, underling enablers and like-minded voter base (btw they are all Ass-teroids). Yet, he’s feeling down on his luck, so he hopes his Juju-pewter metallic fetish / charm will have the magical powers to do the trick. And speaking of tricks, he’s now feeling lust, so he extramaritally flings with a Slattern. Feeling a bit slothful, too, he has heard that to sit on Uranus is how to perfectly deal with this situation. Well that’s how he “sings” his iNept-tune. Hmm, it does seem like Vladimir Pluto-in is somehow missing. Is that even possible?






Talking Turkey

“I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.” ~ Donald J. Trump

Oh really? While I could never claim to be a military genius, it’s safe to say that…

Even I know more about ISIS than Donald J. Trump, believe me.

Granted, this post’s discussion will be limited to my general knowledge re the War on Terror’s Rule #1… namely…

One must never throw allies under the bus. However, that’s exactly what the Trumpster is doing.

The 4 – 1 – 1:

• American and Kurdish forces have both been fighting against ISIS within Syria.
• The Kurds have played a major role in helping America defeat ISIS.
• Trump is now pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.
• That will facilitate Turkish prez Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s invasion of Syria.
• With no American protection, the Turks will slaughter the Kurds.
• Trump’s decision to aid and abet Turkey will also aid and abet ISIS.
• With a resurgence of ISIS… well… need anyone say more?

So, what might motivate this sudden change in Trumpian foreign policy? Hmm… might a “little” quid pro quo be in play? Perhaps Erdoğan was able to shovel up some fake dirt on Joe Biden?

Hey, seeing how the Don has been shaking down nations, spanning our entire globe, why would Turkey be an exception?