Brett Kavanaugh’s Pervasive Evasiveness


Brett Kavanaugh’s choked back tears during yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing were understandable. Weighing heavily upon his mind is Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that he attempted to rape her three+ decades ago and how this front-page news has jeopardized his SCOTUS appointment, stressed out his marriage and necessitated awkward discussions with his young daughters.

True, Kavanaugh adamantly maintains his innocence, however, the only ways that’d even be possible is if this is EITHER a case of mistaken identity OR that… against the backdrop of this amoral, Trumpian era… attempted rape is no longer considered a crime.

While I’m a lifelong liberal, what compels me to believe Ford’s testimony rather than Kavanaugh’s goes way beyond partisan politics.

What defies all logic is how a man, who so steadfastly claims he didn’t do it, would not be demanding another FBI investigation and even a polygraph examination… both of which could conceivably restore his public image, ease the stress within his private life and reward him with the very SCOTUS job he lusts for.

Adding more sour notes to Kavanaugh’s so-called choirboy image is his stonewalling of the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats’ legitimate questions, many of which only had required a simple yes or no response. Worse yet… despite the Committee’s rules against filibustering… he incessantly rambled on nonsensically… embellishing his non-answers with a barrage of circumlocution, non-sequiturs and inconsequentials… all for the express purpose of running out the clock.

And make no mistake here, Kavanaugh afforded the wildly partisan, madman, Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley the perfect opportunity to gleefully, promptly enforce the five minute rule to repeatedly shut up / shut down the Democrats… i.e., to thwart all of their honest attempts to establish the truth… either all on their own or with the subsequent FBI assist they unanimously requested. As to be expected… the Republicans adamantly and fallaciously maintained that it is now too late for such an investigation.

Well… for the edification of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s recalcitrant Republicans… it’s never too late to investigate.

More to the point… one would expect a Supreme Court judge wannabe to insist on establishing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Why would Brett Kavanaugh ever object to that… that is… unless the truth would clearly establish his guilt?



Burger Flippers Get Vetted Better Than POTUS Wannabes


Throughout the primary phase of America’s presidential election year, some voters had become so blinded by Donald Trump’s “DC outsider image” they chose to overlook his severely flawed personality and grotesque ideology. Even worse were the other voters, who actually got turned on by those exact, same, deplorable shortcomings.

Consequently, America is now stuck with a xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic, pornographic, animalistic, psychotic, undiplomatic, un-presidential candidate… a raving, raging tyrant, who says he’ll ONLY accept the Election Day results if the vote tallies indicate he’s the winner.

And worse yet… some of his more militant supporters might even go on a take no prisoners rampage if he doesn’t win.

Reality Check: Donald would’ve still been in the race had Billy Bush’s Access Hollywood video not gone viral. We have the media to thank for derailing Trump’s crazy train.

As for the future, we must ensure no one, such as Trump, ever gets that close to becoming president again. That same sentiment should also apply to any other federal, state and local government office seekers.

Let’s be practical. Anytime anyone anywhere says to us, “Vote for me”, that person becomes a job applicant. We, who vote, become their prospective bosses. As such, we should vet each candidate the very same way fast-food restaurant and retail managers vet applicants.

Let’s insist that all of our political candidates submit to psychological evaluations and physical exams (inclusive of pee in the cup drug tests). Paying visits to their social media sites ISO telltale tweets, comments, blogs and photos would not be a bad idea, either. Other useful tools would include handwriting analysis, voice stress analyzers, polygraph machines and criminal background checks.

Let’s not mince words… until we implement such a stringent vetting process, we’d actually be far safer entrusting America’s nuclear launch codes to a burger flipper.