Postcard Parable (The US Strangler)


Once Upon a Time, a Medical Examiner performed a postmortem on
Lady Liberty and Mother Nature. In each case, the collected forensic
evidence proved identical; the freakish tiny fingerprints, stray orange
make-up smudges and strands of dyed blond hair. Cause of death was
assault and battery and strangulation. A psychological profile pointed
to a psychopath suffering from delusions of grandeur, despotism and
misogyny. In spite of the infamous, prime suspect living in plain sight,
fearful, feckless lawmen flat-out refused to haul in his ass. THE END!
Moral: So long as a strangler roams free, no one lives/breathes freely!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home – Mask-Up in public – Stay Healthy!








Postcard Parable (The Grade F F’er)


Once upon a time, an odd Ogre, afflicted with malignant narcissism,
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, tertiary syphilis & Alzheimer’s,
hopelessly mucked up (beyond all recognition and repair), the very
homeland he swore on the Bible he’d preserve, protect and defend!
As such, his ferocious delusions of grandeur misled him; resulted in
his erroneously grading his leadership skills A+ while 6 out of every
10 of his subjects only deemed the F’er F-worthy. Not “owning” even
one achievement to present to non-cultist electors, his traveling the
high road to stay in power wasn’t a viable option. Ergo, his low road
spin doctors sabotaged fair elections! He won. Citizens lost! The End!
Moral 1: Unfit kings are best served by doctors of medicine; not spin!
Moral 2: Spin doctors can only worsen & prolong what ails a nation!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home!  Mask up in public!  Stay Healthy!









Postcard Parable (Hand Gestures)


Once upon a time, the Sovereign of Swampland, an old, orange ogre
with bleached blonde tousled tresses, ordered the foxy town crier to
wander the burg’s beaten paths; drone out a Help Wanted Message!
Alas, this toady set forth to unflaggingly thunder, “Hear ye! Hear ye!
Supreme leader ISO Supreme judge. ONLY sycophantic, stick figure
entities, who’ll summarily rubber stamp his hidden agenda; who’ll
willfully march in lockstep with subjugation need apply!” The End!
Moral: Offer kings, choking off liberty, middle digits, NOT high fives!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home! Mask up In public! Stay Healthy!






Postcard Parable (Junk)


Once upon a time, there lived an old, crotchety, junk food scarfing,
praise junkie, who publicly boasted/obsessed about his puny “junk”!
He pissed away tax dollars to go on frivolous junkets, too! The End!
Moral: Make damned sure to never, ever empower a junkyard dawg!
Obiter Dictum: Stay Healthy! Stay Safe At Home! Mask Up In Public!








Postcard Parable (Feet Fetish?)


Once upon a time, a devoid of empathy, pathetic, soulless, heel of a leader
trampled his subjects’ civil liberties with his hobnail boots’ heels & soles!
No healers could heal victims’ physical & psychological wounds. The End!
Moral: Make damned sure to bring to heel & boot out soulless soled heels!
Obiter Dictum: To stay healthy, stay safe at home and mask up in public!!!








Postcard Parable (Pandemic Panic?)


Once upon a time, a rational DEMocrat, Couageous-C, ISO an ovoid
shaped workplace, won the Popular Vote, yet lost, due to her rival,
the radical Coward-T, acing his E. College “math test”. Owing to his
mucked up priorities, he opted to erect a Wall along his homeland’s
southern border, yet, 3 years later, opted NOT to Wall off Corona-V!
Due to his failing that test, his DIY panDEMic sent 200,000+ people
to their early graves & buried prosperity, too! Worst of all, was how
he deliberately downplayed the grave threat that highly contagious
bug posed, because he didn’t want to “PANIC” the people? The End!
Moral: To prevent PanDEMics & Panic, in earnest, elect DEMocrats!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home/publicly mask-up to stay Healthy!









Postcard Parable (NO! NO!! NO!!!)


Once upon a time… in a once grand, Never-Never Land, there lived a
band of know-nothing, negligent, naughty, nutty, nitwit-nincompoops,
who elected a narcissistic, nihilistic, nationalistic, “know-it-all”, ne’er-
do-well; a nefarious, nasty, Neo-Nazi with a necrotic brain! The End!
Moral: Expect nothing good from this & you’ll never be disappointed!
Obiter Dictum: Stay Safe at Home… Publicly Mask-Up… Stay Healthy!








Postcard Parable (campaign promise)


Once upon a time, in a once great nation, there dwelt the soliciting
reelection weirdo, who opted to run on the odd campaign promise:
“Once I royally muck up your lives, you’ll have nothing left to lose!”
Voters assumed he was only joking. He was not! He won! The End!
Moral: Humorless politicos can still make us the butt of their jokes!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home! Publicly mask up! Stay Healthy!!!