“Cold War” Combats Global Warming?


Preface: Excuse my Earth Day, literal 11th Hour posting time. I had even considered not posting at all (I’ll elaborate approximately mid-blog).

On April 22, 1970, as a High School Sophomore, I took part in the very first Earth Day; our small town’s student body amongst the estimated 20 million other participating Americans (approximately 10% of the then 205 million total U.S. populace).

Earth Day’s Founding Fathers had been Senator Gaylord Nelson (D – Wisconsin), House Representative Pete McCloskey (R – California) and Harvard professor Denis Hayes. WOW, imagine THAT! An actual bipartisan environment where Democrats and Republicans worked well together; and better, yet, with nary a whiff of a climate change denier, to boot.

Initially, this trusty triumvirate, had tapped into that era’s Hippie parlance (e.g., love-ins, sit-ins, be-ins etc.); thereby dubbing these happenings (<—more hippie lingo) “teach-ins”.

My chemist / biologist / physicist father; in the role of our school’s Science Department Head, had become a local Founding Father; even lending out his vinyl LP to our teach-in’s DJ; requesting he spin the aptly titled track, Pollution, recorded by pianist / singer / song writer Tom Lehrer.

Anyway, from that day onward, Earth Day celebrations’ popularity did catch on, worldwide and… and…

Uh, excuse me folks… but… I cannot go on with this pretense… to be brutally honest…

This damned post, tho fact filled, is not much more than HOT AIR. And, seeing how (as I type / you read) Earth’s polar icecaps are rapidly melting down, that makes even metaphorical HOT AIR problematic.

While we, the poorly led people of our dying world, by and large, do dig how climate change is a grave matter, this all boils down to our alleged leaders’ butt dragging, which is burying any hopes of finding and fast tracking a long overdue end to our stomping our chasm deep, collective carbon footprint upon the Earth.

Problem, here, is how present day Republicans (and even a few Democrats) simply cannot locate the requisite, fearlessness, which humankind must muster; i.e., in order to bestow our undying respect upon Mother Nature.

More to the point… we must never forget that, within our vast multiverse, Mother Earth still remains the ONLY known human habitable planet.

Even were our nearest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri, to sport an orbiting Earth clone / “New World”, at an astounding distance of 4.246 Light Years (40,208,000,000,000 km / 24,984,000,000,000 miles), we could very well be multiple centuries away from constructing spacecraft, which could attain velocities to deliver us there in a timely manner.

In other words… for the foreseeable future, humankind is still facing down a stark, literal do or die reality. To continue permitting lousy leaders to, business as usual, bury our home world, is to bury humanity!

And that could easily be our destiny; i.e., unless every last damned climate change denier / head of state is on board with the following Climate Change science…

“The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.”

Non-Authored Google Search on Earth Day 2022

That’s not going to be any walk in the park, considering what we’ve been witnessing these past two+ years; namely, how Covid-19 and Climate Change deniers, frequently are one and the same.

In other words… when roadblocks to all progress entities fail to reduce metabolic fever, how can any of us ever expect them to lower the meteorological fever?

However, there may be a glimmer of hope; provided a working theory of mine would actually work; namely, WHAT IF we could convince hawkish leaders to stop waging asinine, conventional wars just to subjugate people and confiscate their territory; to INSTEAD, re-channel their fight to attack our actual Public Enemy #1; a.k.a. Climate Change.

In other words… redefine Cold War’s connotation into something painless, positive and peaceful; and then wage it, STAT, against Climate Change!

Cold War Combats Global Warming!

Now that’s a headline to a happily-ever-after story, which all 7.9 Billion of us humans could, quite literally, live with!




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To Boldly Go… To Proxima Centauri

Last Wednesday, astronomers announced the existence of a planet closely orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri. Normally we’d deem that short star to planet distance too close for human comfort but, since the heat output from red dwarfs is much less, this new world, “Proxima b” does reside well within the habitable “Goldilocks” zone.

Even better, educated guessers claim this exoplanet could have terrestrial type surface features… inclusive of liquid water. And, saving the very best for last, this newfound solar system is an astronomical “stones throw”, a “mere” 4.2 light-years (25 trillion miles) away from Earth.

For many of us, who’ve been around long enough, this is a literal fantasy come true.

You see, fifty Septembers ago, CBS launched the weekly Sci-Fi TV series, Lost In Space… the story of the Robinson family (John and Maureen and their teen daughters Judy and Penny and preteen son Will). Maj. West is their pilot… just in case the computerized navigation system crashes.

After these six astronauts are cryogenically frozen into suspended animation, the fully automated, flying saucer shaped Jupiter 2 blasts off… and they embark on their interstellar journey. Their goal is to colonize a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri (which, btw, may or may not be gravitationally bound to Proxima Centauri).

Col./ Dr. Zachary Smith portrays the villainous saboteur who, prelaunch, reprograms the ship’s robot to destroy the spaceship 8 hours into the mission. His bad karma catches up with him when he gets trapped aboard the ship during the final 10 seconds of the countdown. Eventually he has to deal, first hand, with “his” running amok robot. The critically meteor and robot damaged Jupiter 2 then crash lands on an unknown planet… the 7 shipwrecked spacefarers fighting, daily, to stay alive.

The Wednesday evening this Sci-Fi program debuted (09/15/1965), I was 11 years old… a boy totally geeked about the real life NASA space program. However, at that point, not all was going well in my life. I was being relentlessly, verbally and physically assaulted by playground and neighborhood bullies.

To be sure, Lost In Space did afford this long ago, lost in life kid the very escapism he had so desperately needed. Even better, character William Robinson was also an 11 year old. I could readily identify with him because we were both living on hostile planets and constantly facing down monsters… his world and creatures the alien variety… mine terrestrial.

Returning to the here and now…

One component of today’s reality is our compelling thoughts that humankind could someday visit and explore Proxima Centauri’s potentially earth-like planet.

The other component is that terrestrial monsters and bullies (in particular, political sociopaths and narcissists) do continue to exist and they’re rapidly bringing our troubled world to the brink of self-destruction.

All things considered, it would not be too soon for us to start planning some real-time, real-life escapism… to construct an actual, space-worthy Jupiter 2… to select a handful of humans who, as interstellar astronauts, could easily wind up becoming not only colonists of “Proxima b”, but also the soul survivors of planet Earth.