How about a Fast Food Fast?

Forward: The below mentioned, fast food behemoth shall remain nameless as will its CEO. Opting for anonymity is not only wise within a litigious society, it also serves as a reminder of how, within a business world awash in copycats, we’re not discussing a freakish anomaly.

To say the least…

For nearly seven decades, a notorious junk food purveyor and his predecessors have been persuasively detouring gullible consumers down a one way, dead end road; emphasis on the word DEAD.

To say more…

These customers wind up pigging out on foodstuffs devoid of life sustaining, essential nutrients; overloaded with saturated fat, excess sodium and sugar; all the while, watching their ill-advised, sickening, dietary choices enlarge into an entire, unhealthy (albeit short-lived) lifestyle,

The youngest of these patrons are particularly vulnerable to this company’s manipulation, when tiny toys, trinkets and other worthless swag get served alongside their grub; when aired and streamed weekend cartoons’ adverts trot out their corporate stooge / playful mascot; the affable doofus whose main mission is to deviously indoctrinate these tykes; relentlessly reprogram them until they morph into inveterate, junk food junkies.

In time, when morbid obesity induced, critical illnesses start to strike down these unfortunate youngsters, guess what?

Lo and behold, oft too little and too late, it’s the corporate monsters to the “rescue”. You see, they’ve, oh so conveniently, erected multiple hundreds of pediatric care hospitals to house both their self-made, gravely ill patients; as well as their worried sick folks.

Little doubt, such a corporate gesture has less to do with displaying genuine compassion; more to do with helping Mister Moneybags back-burner whatever vestigial guilt he MIGHT be “feeling”.

Granted, even an unintentional merciful act is a wonderful thing, and, beyond that, it IS the very least he could do. But, how about doing more?

Look, I’m not about to suggest that he shutter his eateries. All I’m asking is why not, instead, supply healthier food to his ravenous captives? In time, once the demand for junk food wanes, he might even be able to shutter a few of his hospitals.

Or better yet, repurpose them so their medical staffs would wind up caring for all who are ailing; both physically and fiscally.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Fortune Cookie Blog (Pam’s Barometer)


Long ago, a high school friend / roving reporter and aspiring psychologist /
sociologist conducted a person-in-the-street survey; informally canvassed
classmates and faculty, alike, by asking us all, “If you could, would you?”
Tapping into her intentional vagueness, I kidded, “Yes, no, no, no… YES!”
If you could, how’d you reply to this soul-searching / baring, rhetorical Q?






Spirituality and Patriotism


Most people profess their love for God and country. We’ve seen a lot of these sentiments serve as window dressing to bogusly spruce up one particular 2016 presidential candidate’s campaign rallies (need I even name him?). That said, does everybody actually understand how deep spirituality and patriotism need to go?

To better illustrate this, either actually run this “experiment” or just imagine doing so. First write whatever symbols represent your religion on a sheet of paper. Not to worry… even atheism has its own “logo” and I truly believe folks can still feel love and behave in a spiritual manner even without a Supreme Being entering the picture. Next, draw an image of your nation’s flag.

No need to be concerned if your calligraphy and artistry are just so-so. Of primary importance here is to, first, observe the height and width of everything you’ve written and drawn and, next, view the paper edge on.

If you’ve detected spirituality and patriotism as being only paper-thin, you’ve drawn the right conclusion. Indeed, a more significant third dimension is found only within our minds and hearts.

To add such depth, one must feel respect for humanity… regardless of people’s age, nationality, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability and psychological disorder.

We must NEVER worship the almighty (paper-thin) buck… NEVER disrespect Mother Nature… NEVER accept torture, homicide, gun violence, WMD and war.

We must fully realize that, in our world of plenty, no one need ever waste away from nutritional and intellectual starvation. Once stomachs and minds are fed, all industrious individuals should be allowed to freely draw upon their innate talents, become gainfully employed, be granted unencumbered passage on the path to self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Love of God and country have never actually gone away… spirituality and patriotism have just been reduced to paper-thin, barebones symbols and imagery.

The only remaining question…

Is it too late for such a society to self-correct? Your thoughts?

99 Word Blog (#060) Ta Thai Ta Ta Thai


Donald Trump’s un-presidential campaign has been so depressing I wound up going offline for four days. While I’ve since returned to blog about the third Clinton-Trump debate… the best I can say is…

The Good News… there’ll be no fourth debate!

The Bad News… Trump depressed me… AGAIN!

But… rather than retreating offline… AGAIN… I read Shefali’s blog titled:

“BharataNatyam – Classical Indian Dance”

…where she relates how, at an early age, her mother taught her the fancy choreography. Since Shefali, sharing a portion of her life’s story, helped cheer me up… and could help you, too… Follow This Link!

99 Word Blog (#057) Trump Junkies Go Nuts (Part 1)


Virginia’s Daniel Parks and his buddy, recently demonstrated their undying man crush for Donald Trump and hatred for a woman, Hillary Clinton… by parking their pick-up in front of the campaign HQ of Jane Dittmar (Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District). For 12 freakin’ hours both ARMED stalkers then strutted around outside… menacingly and creepily glowering at the workers inside.

Parks claimed, “We’re not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance breeds fear.”

Nonetheless, Dittmar volunteers did feel threatened.

To not view his thinly veiled hostility as threatening, Parks is either a sociopath or ignoramus.


99 Word Blog (#055) Incendiary Inhumane Donald Trump


Empathy barren Donald Trump incessantly, insensitively throws misogyny driven tantrums to lambaste Hillary Clinton because… long ago… she had wrongfully criticized her husband’s ex-mistresses.

Let’s not forget that Bill had lied, convincingly, to deny his extramarital affairs… misinformed his wife that these women were politically motivated liars.

Since Hillary knew Democrat obstructing Republicans are notorious for flat-out lying, it’s fully understandable how she’d erroneously deem Bill’s claim truthful and, consequently, defend him.

Witnessing Trump battering Hillary… exploiting her lingering emotional pain for political gain… proves he’s heartless and soulless… demonstrates what an incendiary, inhumane president Donald Trump would be.



Ageism/Racism: The Unattractive Reality

Our appearance. It’s how others judge us. More to the point… oft summarily prejudge us. To say the least… exhibiting THAT type of behavior is NOT attractive. To say more… real life experiments have exposed this oft-ugly side of human nature.

In late 1959… author John Howard Griffin, managed to successfully pass himself off as a black man after first taking massive, oral doses of the anti-vitiligo drug, methoxsalen, and spending 15 hours per day under an ultraviolet lamp.

Then, for six weeks, he proceeded to travel throughout America’s, racially segregated Deep South by Greyhound Bus and by hitchhiking. To summarize the story, which he related in his book Black Like Me, he had faced down the typical, brutal bigotry, which the region of that era had been known for.

More recently… actress Roxanne Pallett had successfully passed herself off as a ninety-year-old woman, courtesy of a four-hour process where she was fitted with Hollywood type prosthetics and had applications of special makeup.

She then faced the public… and long story short… had experienced the ill-mannered indifference and ill-tempered impatience of those younger than she.

Folks, I’ve seen this ageism, first hand, too, in the grocery store checkout lane. I watched a woman, ahead of me in line, slowly writing out a check… her noticeably arthritic fingers having a tough time holding onto her pen. Then, after she had left, as the younger cashier rang up my purchase, she rolled her eyes, shook her head and said, with unforgiving, under her breath scorn, “Some people…” She never finished her sentence… not that I had ever really wanted her to do so.

I, too, have undergone my own transformation. True, mine merely involves my normal, day-to-day physiology / aging process doing its thing. But… I can certainly attest to much of what Pallett had related re her own experiences.

Shopping while gray ~ I’ve oft experienced store clerks’ “special treatment” / their “looking right through me” stares. I’ve practically heard their internal voices, bouncing about within their cranial abyss, saying…”Eh… who needs him?” OR “He’s just an old geezer who’s gonna kick off any day now!” OR “He probably doesn’t have a lot of money, anyway, so who needs him?” OR “Ignore it and maybe it’ll go away!”

It was only after I grew my hair to shoulder length that, all the sudden, I started finding the store clerks rushing up to me to cautiously, nervously “offer” me their “help.” Truth is, they’re wrongfully suspecting that I’m going to rip them off (read more here).

Imagine how demoralizing and frustrating it is to be perceived to be someone you know you are not. Perhaps, you don’t need to imagine?

Racism and ageism wrongfully punish us for our physical appearance… for traits that (unless one is part of some sociological experiment), one has no control over. Melanin content is in our DNA. So is how soon and how fast the wrinkles and other signs of aging manifest themselves.

Superficial characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with who we actually are… who we oft are wrongfully being judged to be.

Those who think small have yet to realize that we all begin aging on the day we are born… that, someday, they, too, will feel the heartbreak of being unjustly perceived as “not-valid” human beings.

“Lost Dogs” Blogs? Woof? Woof? Woof?

Check out these fun facts re our very own blogging community!

“Every second, close to 6 (the actual figure is 5.7) new posts are published on blogs. That averages out to 342 posts per minute. Just above 20,000 per day. And a grand total of 7.49 million annually.”

Now, just imagine how easy it would be for an author’s work to get lost in that blizzard of blogs. Well… most of us don’t even have to imagine.

The music world has dealt with similar issues, i.e. songs that aren’t getting the attention they deserve; e.g., 13 years ago, Pearl Jam packaged their musical rarities and B-sides into a double CD titled “Lost Dogs” (EK 90778 & EK 90779 ©2003).

And just as PJ did… I now package my postings into this “Lost Dogs” Blog.

That said, my main topic this day is not music. That’s because on Tuesday Nights @6 p.m. the weekly, WordPress Party blows the roof off the blogosphere! Folks, this bash is BYOB… Bring Your Own Blogs… and when I ring that front door doorbell with my elbow, that means I’m not coming to this blow out empty handed.

Hopefully my ideas will go to your head / get a good buzz going… with no hangover in the morning… that I guarantee! Nope… no “hair of the dog that bit you” home remedies will be needed! Keeping all of that in mind… maybe you’ll help unbury / dig out a few of my “Lost Dogs” Blogs? Perhaps even dig what I have to say? If you wish to have your say… I can dig that, too… my comment boxes are standing by… mostly empty.

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