An Unexpected UnFollowing


Several days ago, some unpleasant circumstances surfaced, resulting in my unfollowing a WP website.

That was unexpected, too, considering how, in the short time I’d been aware of these latter-day nomads, I had [1] thoroughly enjoyed virtually camping out / exploring the Canadian wilderness “alongside” them and [2] wound up totally impressed by their breath of fresh air writing style and breathtaking photography; all of which had made their travel-blog the next best thing to actually being there.

Alas, only to have my feel good buzz abruptly drowned out by the deafening cacophony of oppression’s clanging, rattling chains.

The problem surfaced… when they began [1] blogging about paying visits to the U.S. southern states and [2] literally paying descendants of Confederate generals / soldiers (traitors ALL to America) to take them on guided tours of plantations and mansions dripping with slaves’ blood, sweat and tears.

There can be little doubt, that indecent docents have always been hellbent on wrongfully perpetrating / perpetuating / presenting / promoting America’s absolutely indefensible racist history; obviously inclusive of the brutal beatings, whippings and lynchings of enslaved blacks.

We ARE speaking of the unspeakable… the very hatred which still seethes and surfaces in the here and now; on a nearly daily basis; i.e., each and every time, each and every rocks in the head, stone beneath sternum, out on patrol, out of control cop [1] profiles and pulls over black motorists, [2] brutally beats and tases them, and, in the tragic end, [3] whips out his/her service revolver to, in cold blood, slaughter their black detainees… correction… the blacks they enslave; all over what is nearly always tantamount to a minor driving infraction (e.g., expired license plate tabs).

While I don’t actually believe… that I’ve severed ties with bigoted bloggers, it is their naiveté that’s most bothersome. Fleshing that out, it’s their apparent belief that one can hobnob with bigots sans getting their own hands stained blood red.


While it is true that “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”, it’s worth pointing out that revisionist history does not teach anybody anything worthwhile!


And more to the point… there are not many, IF ANY, down south docents’ tours, which correctly dress down / strip off the white hoods and robes to fully expose knuckle dragging Klansmen, who’ve bloodied the pages of American History; who, in words and deeds, continue to do the same within each new day’s breaking news (aka, history in the making).

Since it’s unlikely that these travel-bloggers will ever read this post, I can only hope that they’ve not gone completely noseblind to the stench of America’s racist past and present; that, somehow, they’ll self-realize how…

The best, and oft ONLY way… to effectively shut up bigoted history revisionists is to make damned sure they take a hit in their damned wallets. All people of good conscience will flat-out boycott their (mis)guided tours and NEVER, EVER buy into any of their alternate reality published SHIT!

For what it’s worth… I do hope that when these nomads plan future travels, they do realize that there are plenty of savory destinations to pick and choose from; populated by decent people far more worthy of their spent travel dollars.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Bloomberg’s Past Haunts Him / Spooks Us (Vid of the Day)

In our above clip, Daily Show’s Trevor Noah presents his spot-on diagnosis of what ails POTUS wannabe Michael Bloomberg. As for my own views…

How can we not condemn the 2015 audio clips, and subsequent vids, which amply document Bloomberg’s racial profiling / stop and frisk tough talk? What motivated his harsh, up-against-the-wall stance? Political opportunism? Butt-ugly, soul rotting racism? Did he really expect to not to get tangled up in the Interwebs, where nothing said and done is ever forgotten?

What does he expect us to do now? Downplay his remarks? Shrug and say what? “His bigotry is not as hardcore as Donald Trump’s?” As if what? That makes him worthy of our free pass? And what then? Is the Democratic Party supposed to pin a medal on Mikey, dub him Trump-LIte and expect the electorate to hold their collective nose come Election Day?

Even were we to buy into Mikey’s sudden ruminations / regrets (namely, his lame claims that his past views no longer represent who he is today), just how sincere is this supposed change of heart?

Why, oh why, can’t we ever find a genuine candidate who, has consistently gotten it right in the past… continues to do so today… and can keep that winning streak going well into the future?

Even if Bloomberg is as appalled by his 2015 beliefs as we are… what will he believe come 2021, 2, 3, 4 and beyond? Why should we ever trust and vote for any candidate, who, for mere political gain, can so facilely, so flaccidly flip-flop in the political winds?

More to the point… how would Michael Bloomberg react if tomorrow’s poll numbers indicate that the voters, who approve of racial profiling / stop and frisk, outnumber those who don’t?

America… indeed the entire world… cannot survive four more years of Donald J. Trump. To oust him at the ballot box will require an opponent who possesses an honest, even-handed, unimpeachable presidential demeanor.

And the more Michael Bloomberg’s exposed past haunts him, the more he spooks us.







Your Choice… Hillary’s Haven or Donald’s Dystopia

Folks, if you claim Donald Trump would make America “great”… it’s high time you say, “OH YUCK”, spit out that ORANGE Kool-Aid™, AND elect Hillary Clinton. But, if you’re still swallowing all the lies he’s been feeding you, before you try to elect him tomorrow… pay heed to these 13 ways Trump’s hardcore rightwing BS could adversely affect nearly every aspect of civilized society… for countless generations to come.

  1. Trump would likely get to appoint up to three (or more) U.S. Supreme Court Judges, who’d remain on the bench until the day they died. Whomever he chooses could only mirror his severe personality flaws, ergo, Trump’s time in office would extend perhaps up to three (or more) DECADES beyond his term limited eight years… and the legal precedents set by these judicial hack, Trump clones could inflict damage upon our society that’d be incalculable and irreparable.
  2. Trump would resurrect Reaganomics from the dead (FOR A SECOND TIME), crash the Stock Market (AGAIN) and wipe out every average Jane and Joe’s meager savings accounts / investments (funds, which were supposed last throughout their retirement years).
  3. Trump’s recession would result in massive double-digit unemployment. Folks, unable to pay their monthly bills, would default on their mortgages, thereby changing their forwarding street addresses to whatever freeway overpasses would become the roofs over their heads… to whatever Hoovervilles they’d wind up pitching their tents / unrolling their sleeping bags.
  4. Trump’s lust for economic green, at the expense of environmental green, would increase the smog (inclusive of greenhouse gasses, methane and CO2) AND deplete the ozone layer (all of this compromising our chances for good health). Severe climate change would also unleash unearthly arctic blasts, killer ice / snowstorms, deadly heat waves and freakishly severe hurricanes, tornados and lightning bolts. Biblical proportion deluges would plunge most of our world’s coastlines and island nations underwater. Excessive rains and droughts would, respectively, make swamplands and dustbowls out of once arable farmland… eventually making it damned near impossible for farmers and ranchers to feed America / the world… leading to mass starvation.
  5. Trump rather than intelligently trying to cure Obamacare of what ails it would ignorantly bury it… once again denying Americans the health insurance we deserve.
  6. Once Trump hunts down and deports all Hispanics and Muslims he’d need to find someone new to hate. During the next presidential election cycle, he’d train his crosshairs on any and all non-WASPS. Both Trump and his best bud, Klansman David Duke, would ensure that black lives and the lives of all other minorities don’t matter. Trump would wrongfully deem the aged, infirm and disabled to be akin to court jesters who he’d gleefully mock and laugh at.
  7. Trump’s bad behavior would become the unacceptable accepted paradigm, which municipalities’ city managers, mayors and police chiefs would employ when interviewing and hiring cops. Police forces would wind up with even more power-tripping officers who’d get off on needlessly profiling, stopping and frisking, Tasering and detaining anyone who’d stand still… and blowing away anyone who’d try to run away. Armed vigilantes would further deteriorate and irritate society by gleefully adding their psychotic behavior into this already volatile mix. Trump would be way cool with kangaroo courts… illegal proceedings sans legal defense attorneys and juries… where ugly “judges” get handsomely rewarded when they summarily convict the accused and then cram their prisoners (like sardines) into each and every one of America’s for “fun” and profit, privatized gulags.
  8. Trump would sign into law a congressionally legislated repeal of all gun control measures, creating a fifty statewide warzone… thereby ensuring that every minute of every day, bullets would be ricocheting off of every manmade structure and ripping through the flesh of every God made, hapless human being. The resultant sky-high piles of nameless corpses would get bulldozed into mass graves.
  9. Trump, the misogynist pig and pimp, would have zero qualms about forcing women into prostitution. The legions of young males, whose minds he will have corrupted and molded to conform to his own oinking image, would mutate into marauding rape gangs rendering no female, regardless of age, exempt from being sexually groped, violated and assaulted… and these malefactor males would commit these crimes with virtually 100% impunity. Women would be further objectified and dishonored… reduced to incubator status and condemned to a wretched existence where, throughout their child bearing years, they’d labor on Trump’s baby assembly lines… become the procreators of slave labor who he’d whip into submission… force into performing every disagreeable, degrading task imaginable… inclusive of fighting and dying in his never ending, no-win wars.
  10. Trump would declare wars… perhaps on a monthly basis… against a forever-growing list of his pick and choose enemies, who he’d also waterboard and torture. The only thing that’d stop him from going nuclear would be that it’d all be over way too quickly for his sadistic rapture to kick in.
  11. Trump would arrest and imprison each and every one of his newfound, 2016, political enemies… inclusive of Hillary and Bill Clinton, his victimized female accusers who outed him as a sexual predator AND the fourth estate journalists, who gave them their voice. And, owing to his “spirit of inclusiveness”, bloggers, who he hates, would likely wind up in Donny’s Dungeon, too.
  12. Trump’s propaganda ministers would dominate the broadcast and print media and systematically discredit legitimate journalists who are supposed to keep tyrants like Trump in check. Donald would also block access to any Internet site, which would refuse to stroke and stoke his already grotesquely inflated ego and threaten to expose his fascist plot to overthrow America.
  13. Trump’s gutting of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights would spare only the Second Amendment. Figuratively speaking, that misogynist would wind up savagely raping and mercilessly beating and battering Lady Liberty to death.

Well there you have it, my  compatriots…

If Donny’s Dystopia is your idea of what America should be, then Trump is your boy. If all the above horrifies you as much as it horrifies me… you’ll join me, tomorrow, as we head to the polls to establish Hillary’s Haven.

Profiling the Profilers

I know how it feels to be singled out for no good reason. Lately, profilers have been flagging me because they erroneously believe my presence presents what? Some sort of threat? Most assuredly… I am NOT who they’re making me out to be. And that does tend to happen when prejudice rears its ugly head. So… who are they?

The (wo)men, who big box chain stores hire to thwart shoplifters. Normally, I’d say more power to them… if not for the fact that I am NOT a shoplifter and have never, ever, stolen one damned thing from any store… period!

Now, since they are basing their suspicions solely on my physical appearance…

Permit me to present the profile of the real me ~ If such a thing as a pictorial Thesaurus existed… whenever anyone flipped the pages open to the “H” section… oh… say… to look up the word “honest”… they’d find a snapshot of me. Of course, they’d also find my photo… again in the “H” section… if they were looking up the word, “hippie”.

“Yeah, Yeah Yeah”… not too long ago, this Sixties era “flowerchild” got back to his longhair roots. How long is long? Well… the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover will answer that Q. In that Fab Four, crosswalk procession, my hair style/color is a pretty close match to John Lennon’s. And as long as we’re on the subject of hair follicles, I also sport a neatly trimmed beard.

The clothes that make this man ~ In spite of my nostalgia for the Sixties, it’s been a long time since rainbow color / tie-dyed tees, bellbottom jeans with embroidered peace symbols and sandals were en vogue. Come to think of it… I’ve never ever actually owned anything tie-dyed.

These days, when I go shopping, I wear drab hued cargo pants, khakis or faded, stylishly threadbare jeans topped off with a tee, polo or sweatshirt. My shoes are athletic and outerwear is whatever the seasonal weather patterns dictate. Also relevant to this discussion, my sunglasses come off as soon as I enter a store… i.e., no shades to make me look like a shady character.

So… what happens after I “lose” the shades? Well… I start innocently / casually browsing through the merchandise… my eyes focused solely on the merchandise. I can assure you I’m not looking about suspiciously to see if anyone is watching me.

In spite of that… folks… you would not believe how fast store security salesclerks have been rushing up to me… to ask me if I need any “help” (I can hear the suspicion and near panic in their hesitant, vocal inflection). With my being fully cognizant of the real reason for this sudden burst of “customer service”… and how ludicrously inept they are at concealing it… well… I’m almost tempted to say in a hushed tone, “Oh… btw… I am not a shoplifter” AND then burst out laughing.

But this is no laughing matter ~ What makes my receiving this “special treatment” even more inexplicable is that these businesses also employ burly dudes to patrol their portals. If I were to profile them, I’d say they look like steroid bulked up NFL retirees, who could easily tackle any and all suspected shoplifters… long before any of them reached the end zone / parking lot.

I’m also virtually 100% certain that these merchants have invested heavily in security cams. So, clearly, everyone can see that I’ve not stolen one damned thing. So why am I being singled out?

Here’s the real kicker ~ In bygone days, while sporting a much shorter “conservative’ hairstyle and, in some cases, even outfitted with the exact same garments, I have shopped these same chain stores and locations. Yep, as you may’ve already guessed, those were the days when I had gotten absolutely no service at all. True, maybe at that time, they weren’t being ripped off as much? I dunno…

And… btw… I do know how store security functions (or in this case malfunctions). Once upon a time I worked in retail sales and management… to the tune of thirty years. During my OJT, I learned how to properly prevent shrinkage. Translating that from Retail-Speak to English… that means we learned how to make damned sure that outgoing merchandise did not bypass the cash register.

My past training sessions had neatly drawn out the typical shoplifter profile… the #1 tip off being that any “customer” who eyes the store personnel more than the merchandise is usually up to no good.

Is there anything positive… re my being profiled? Well… if I ever DID need help, I wouldn’t have to wander around ISO a clerk. But all one-liners aside… let’s get serious.

My experiences have given me a far better understanding of the emotionally devastating feelings minorities experience when they’ve been racially profiled.

True, I won’t likely ever be beaten up or beaten to death for merely being a “hippie”. But the same cannot be said for those who have been assaulted and murdered because they are non-Caucasian.

Equally true, I could rapidly put an end to being profiled by simply getting a haircut. But, what about folks who can do nothing to change the melanin content of their skin?