Respect people who don’t deserve it?

A fellow blogger, whose devoutness, nearly always, translates well into the secular world, recently posted the following paraphrased Biblical passage, which I simply cannot cotton to. Check it out…

“Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it; not as
a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours.”

Titus 2:7

Really? Is that even possible? Let’s e.g. my concerns…

Just how, pray tell, could anyone ever respect:

  • Genocidal autocrats who oppress and slaughter millions of innocent people
  • Propagandists who irreversibly poison gullible minds
  • Insurrectionist tyrants who subvert their homelands’ charters to deny personal freedoms and thwart the peaceful transition of power
  • Sadists who rebrand torture as “enhanced interrogation techniques”
  • Misters 9 to 5, time clock punching, airbased drone pilots who commit carnage and merely say “Oops!” when the collateral damage starts to literally pile up
  • Science deniers / eco-terrorists

Need I go on? Yes, I do need to go on…

How could anyone ever respect:

  • Mass murderers, who shoot up elementary school houses and houses of worship?
  • Nazis and Klansmen who lynch people of color; all who can’t conform to their whitebread criteria?
  • Bristling with bloodlust and bigotry cops who deem the badge as their license to kill with impunity?
  • Human traffickers / perpetrators of sexual violence / child molesters

Now, I’m not about to suggest that such problematic people don’t deserve compassion. Au contraire! Once due process does its thing, each individual deserves all the time and attention that’s humanly and humanely possible; inclusive of livable lodgings; namely, cells of the barred and/or padded variety; for as long as his / her rehabilitation, if possible, may take.

My conclusion… Titus EITHER dwelt in a never-neverland, where serious crimes never existed OR with a bevy of bodyguards in tow, he routinely donned his rose colored glasses while traipsing thru a much earlier incarnation of un-American Donald’s Dark Ages.

To end this post on pragmatic note, consider my constructive criticism / slight revision of Titus 2:7…

Pay close attention to people who don’t deserve it; not as
a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours.
The survival of innocents will depend on such awareness.

Tom 1:1 (numbering subject to change if/when re-dos become a regular feature)

Now, to be sure, I honestly believe that, just as I do, the above-mentioned blogger feels appalled by all the above-mentioned, deplorable conduct. I merely deemed it necessary to rehash this particular, paraphrased passage to point out how it’s far too easy for spirituality to (unintentionally) impair 20/20 vision / cloud reality.

In today’s world, that could prove downright dangerous!




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Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Happy Landings?


When sanity’s tethers doth loosen their grip
Disarrayed minds will take flight; from reality slip

At first, moods might soar; yet, will threaten to dip
If off the radar they fly, there’ll be nary one blip

Well grounded shrinks, make the scene, at life or death clip
With off course pilots, mind meld; how will balance tip?

Can docs vector them home? Back on a round trip?
How best to land them all safely; on sanity’s airstrip?


Happy Landings: The Song


Could the Fixx fix the prob, that I have left standing
Could their lyrical counsel, lead to Happy Landings?