Fortune Cookie Blog (Omnipotent Potables)


Thou shalt not poke fun at other folks’ religions. However, behold this
christened Catholic directing some slight irreverence at his own faith.
Did you hear about the priest – epidemiologist – bartender who serves
his masked parishioners a Communion Cocktail? The “spirits” include
red wine, liquefied wafer and holy water; dispensed via an IV drip bag
topped off with a miniature mitre; a.k.a. a mockup of the Pope’s “hat”!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!




Fortune Cookie Blog (What’s TP’s RDA?)


Grocery shopping, during the pandemic, is not
unlike an anthropological study. Most curious
is the panic buying and hoarding of paper prod-
ucts such as Toweling / Facial Tissue / T.P.  One
wonders if this stuff is being repurposed. If so,
are buyers serving this with red or white wine?