WTF Is Roger Stone Stoned On?

For starters, a reminder of who the headlined, questionable “man” in question really is:

“Roger Jason Stone (born Roger Joseph Stone Jr.; August 27, 1952) is an American conservative political consultant and lobbyist. In November 2019, subsequent to the Mueller report and Special Counsel investigation, he was convicted on seven felony counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators. On February 20, 2020, he was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison. The sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump on July 10, 2020.”

Courtesy of Wikipedia [Read More Here]

One thing for sure, Stone’s background check instantly plunges his credibility down to absolute zero. WTF good is a convict who pretends to speak with conviction, anyway?

More specifically, Stone alleges that North Korean mariners had circumnavigated the western hemisphere to purportedly stuff a ballot box all the way up in the state of Maine, just to help Joe Biden win the White House!

My gawd, that’s so freakin’ absurd it’s downright, LOL ludicrous.

Why would North Korea ever screw over Trump? After all, Donny and Kim Jong Un supposedly ♥♥♥ “fell in love” ♥♥♥ because of Kim’s ♥♥♥ “beautiful letters.” ♥♥♥

Turning now to our featured clip, above and offsite, Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins presents his Geography lesson, in a manner so clever and amusing, it’s akin to a stand up comic’s routine; one that’s fully capable of bringing the house down during open mic night at a comedy club.

Of course, once our laughter subsides, what remains is the serious reality of Donald J. Trump’s anti-American régime, along with one key question:

WTF is Roger Stone stoned on?


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A Thin the Liberal Herd Mentality?


Over at YouTube, I just spotted a bizarre Republican ad. Little doubt, they’re hoping to resuscitate their their cash strapped, (not so) Grand, (predominately) Old , (totally dreadful) Party by huckstering the following product:

“Trump 2020 Hunting Camo Hats
Show where you stand wearing this symbol of America”

Copy and Paste from GOP advertisement • 10/29/2020

Here’s where my head is at:

• On one hand, I’m OK with hunters, who shoot their non-human critter(s) of choice to put food on their tables.

• On the other hand, this never armed, usually vegetarian confines his non-violent hunting and gathering to the supermarket.

Obviously, I’m no expert woodsman. Even so, I do have a few questions:

• Why would any hunter ever choose to wear a camo hat (or any other camouflage clothing)?

• Would it not be better to wear bright colored duds in the woods, you know, to give a heads up to other hunters; just to insure you don’t wind up getting shot / shot to death?

Hmm, seems to me that about the only thing dumber than going on safari decked out in camo hunting attire would be to don a fur coat and start grumbling in a gruff unintelligible manner.

Of course, considering how this ad is targeting Farron Cousin’s Ring of Fire audience, perhaps the GOP’s diabolical marketing strategy is to thin the liberal herd prior to Election Day?

Even tho my last remark, is j/k, it’s still possible that the righties are dead serious; I mean, let’s keep in mind the 233,000 COVID-19 deaths that have occurred on their watch.

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Duz Donny Yearn for a 3rd Hand?

Donald J. Trump excessively obsesses over his numbers.

He slows down testing for COVID-19, to lower the discovery of cases, even tho, whether found or not, Corona-V is still deadly… has already claimed nearly 200.000 stateside souls… and still counting! He’s likely falsifying that stat, too. Would it shock anyone were we to discover the number of fatalities is twice or thrice that amount?

He crows about a slightly down, unemployment rate of 8.4%. Granted even a modest improvement is heartening. However, that stat is bound to, once again, head south into double digits territory, STAT! That’s because cram-packed K-12 hallways / classrooms and college kids’ pandemic parties infect student bodies and Donny’s own maskless, no social distancing campaign rallies sicken his devotees. Any of these superspreader scenarios can and will result in sickened, stricken down people showing up at hospital ICUs instead of their workplaces.

He’s privately tearing his hair out re his tanked out job approval ratings, which figuratively swim alongside him in the deep end of his fetid cesspool / swamp. Ditto his fretting over the pollsters’ numbers, which predict his Election Day defeat.

One would think that Donny would view all the above as his wake up call, right? WRONG!

Instead, he views TV… to excess.

Right on TV, he has actually, astoundingly, fessed up to vegging out in front of his flat-screen for endless hours, each day. That’s because he’s a praise junkie desperately ISO his fix… his absolutely undeserved accolades… all courtesy of his psycho sycophants. Yep, these talking head, headcases are all too willing to stroke his massive ego… you know… just to make their false god feel oh soooooo good.

Why can’t he take a more active roll… i.e., actually hunker down to do, bare minimum, one honest day’s work to substantively improve his numbers and OUR LIVES… oh… say… lift one tiny finger to halt Corona-V dead in its tracks before we, who’ve yet to contract Donny’s Disease, get sick and drop dead?

Alas… long sigh… that’s not gonna happen seeing how vidiot / couch potato Donald J. Trump exists only to sit on his fat Fascist fanny… with his remote in one hand and Tweeting iPhone in the other. Seeing how televised praise is the fake prez’s porn, it’s a sure bet that he wishes he had a third hand.








Who Killed “Thou Shalt Not Kill”?

Ring of Fire’s YouTube channel blurb succinctly sets up our featured clip…

Kyle Rittenhouse, the suspect who allegedly killed two Black Lives Matters protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week has become a hero for the unhinged Right, and a Christian fundraising website has allowed these pro-murder Republicans to raise nearly half a million dollars for his defense. The Republicans are the pro-murder Party, there is no other way to say it. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this disgusting turn of events.

About all I can add is that America’s Founding Fathers had been wise to insist on the Constitutional Separation of Church and State and, most assuredly, they’d have frowned upon Donald J. Trump’s bastardization, politicization and radicalization of religion, too.

Although I remain a spiritual man, my own interest in organized religion ebbed at the tender age of 12. That’s mainly because I saw the hypocrisy of the adult congregants, who, in actuality, only showed up each Sunday to sport their finery / flaunt their material possessions. Hell, had it been any WORSE, after the benediction, the menfolk would’ve rushed out to the parking lot to rev the engines of their brand spanking new, swank rides. And once the missus and kiddies were all packed aboard, they’d have peeled out to head back to their mansions.

But the hypocrisy did get WORSE

Half a century later, churches have become bastardized, politicized and radicalized. How else could one explain so-called Christians conveniently suspending the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, just to justify the cold blooded double homicide, of which Rittenhouse has been accused.

If God is on board with such conduct, on the day I die, I’ll take my chances on that downward escalator ride to the Gates of Hell!


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Try Making Heads or Tails of This!

Just take a gander at the yuge, ear to ear spanning, shit eating grin on the fake prez’s smug mug!

WARNING: There’s an ick factor in play, here; the tendency to throw up a little in our mouths, when Donny reminds us of his larger than life hind end; his grotesque, butt ugly booty; his flattened by sloth and fattened by Fascism fanny!


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Beautiful Clean Coal??? NOT!!! (1 Quick Limerick #084)



A know-nothing, know-it-all, known for defiance,
Lambastes all time-honored, fact driven science,
Which warns us Earth won’t be nifty,
By nearby year Twenty-Fifty,
Unless we end fossil fuel reliance!