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All I can say is…

If only our dilemmas in life were all so pleasant. Since I was unable to decide which version of I Can Hear Music to feature as our Vid of the Day, the solution was obvious. I’m presenting both and leave it up to you to decide. Play one or both… there’s no way you can lose!




BlogCast: Tom’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas: Song 11

Even though, technically, it’s still late fall, two days ago, we Michiganders got our very first blast of wintry weather… a major snow event that dumped over seven inches in our neck of the woods. Such a flurry of activity required our daylong attention. After all, the shrewd strategy is to shovel smaller amounts several times rather than waiting till the bitter end… when the grand total could wind up in the knee deep range.

One thing for sure… snow removal requires far more muscle than brain power and, consequently, this shoveler’s mind did have plenty of time to zone out… i.e., free associate the real snow with snowfalls oft celebrated in story and song.

That’s when I decided to BlogCsst today’s track, Leroy Anderson’s 1948 composition, Sleigh Ride (lyrics penned by Mitchell Parish in 1950).

In particular, I’ve opted to feature the Ronettes cover, which appeared on the Phil Spector produced, various artists LP titled… A Christmas Gift For You (release date: November 22, 1963… the day of the horrific, John F. Kennedy assassination). It’s no big surprise that, with such unfortunate timing, it wasn’t until Apple reissued this album nine years later that it achieved it’s greatest popularity.

Sleigh Ride is the consummate feel good song. Despite it’s secular lyrics, it’s almost always associated with the Christmas season. Such sentiments do get further emphasized and enhanced by YouTube videographer Helen Kirkham’s cleverly edited Santa Claus imagery… my thanks to her for the above video.

Since I have other fave Sleigh Ride covers, I now offer you the opportunity to check them out as well…


Ella Fitzgerald (my thanks to videographer Athena Mats)

Arthur Fiedler’s Boston Pops (my thanks to videographer Bob Barry)


With my BlogCast Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas now at the halfway point, I thank you for spending your precious time listening to my musical mix featuring spiritual content, social commentary, secular and even some humorous elements. My plan is to get as many of us into the holiday spirit as is possible. Towards that future, I’ll continue presenting my selections… classics all… counting ‘em down one-a-day… from now until we reach #1 on the 25th.


So… be sure to stop back here again… if not daily… schedule your return visits as often as your time permits.

I’d also like to invite you to click back for my regular monthly BlogCast… one that typically features anywhere from 3 to 5 songs that, when segued, transform everything into an appealing theme… this program slated to hit the www “airwaves” on Sunday, December 24, 2017.


I wish you all Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!


FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.

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