1,000,000+ U.S. Covid-19 Deaths!

According to the Roylab statisticians, the (known) Covid-19, U.S. fatalities just reached and exceeded the one million mark on this very day, Wednesday, March 23, 2022. The YouTube, video which as been topping off my homepage since May 2020 will not only corroborate that grim stat, but also report all the other national totals, worldwide.

Let’s find some quiet time, today, to pay our respects; to consider the mourners’ broken hearts not just in America, but planetwide.

The needless tragedy, here, is that had all of us been promptly and properly masking up, right from the get-go, we could’ve saved a significant percentage of these people.

The truth, here, is that be one vaxxed or unvaxxed, it is totally possible to be an asymptomatic shedder and spreader of the coronavirus; which means that the longer that mutating pathogen hangs around, the odds increase that a variant could arise; perhaps one which can and will render all the available vaccines useless.

That’s why I, personally, will never, ever show up mask-less within any public indoor venue.

If we ever hope to finally end this god awful pandemic, all 7.9 billion of us must view the face mask as the piece of illness preventing, life saving, death defying fabric that it truly is.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Around the World in 80 Days


My posthumously offered thanks to author Jules Verne for enhancing this post with his apt book title.

Ever since Roylab Stats’ Coronavirus Pandemic Real Time Counter, first topped off my site’s homepage on 05/30/2020 06:07 a.m. (80 days ago), it’s been providing my visitors the grim statistics (reported illnesses and deaths), broken down by the individual 218 territories and the worldwide total.

Also worthy of note is how, be it willfully or unwittingly, the resultant unforgivable under-testing for COVID-19 means that incidents of illness and death are still being grossly under-reported.

Check out this telling, statistical analysis…

As of that bygone posting time, COVID-19’s reported cases, worldwide, stood at 5,640,739.
As of today’s blog posting time, COVID-19’s reported cases, USA Only, stands at 5,612,230. *

The juxtaposition of these two, nearly identical stats, serves to emphasize how…

• My homeland’s negligent, IGNOR-ANUS leader’s DIY pandemic has now proliferated into what’s tantamount to a global pandemic, right within the United States, ALONE! Disproportionately, while America’s population represents 4.25% of our global tally, our death toll now stands at 25% of the COVID-19 reported deaths, worldwide.

• A mindless microbe has methodically, effortlessly, outwitted nitwit D.J.T. as well as too damned many of his godforsaken, IGNOR-ANUS peers. One would think that these cocky dolts could’ve each mustered… bare minimum… two rubbed together brain cells, so they could’ve heard and heeded the advice provided by our world’s finest scientific minds. Intelligent leaders who did so, did successfully corral coronavirus!

It’d not be Monday Morning Quarterbacking to state categorically…

• At the dawn of the looming pandemic, had genuine and fake leaders, alike, been able to unify all nations / our entire human family… had they successfully ordered all 7.8 Billion of us into quarantine for 1 MERE MONTH, in all likelihood… SANS ANY VACCINE… the needless physical and fiscal suffering and deaths could’ve been avoided. Indeed, we could’ve reclaimed our lives and livelihoods long before the March Equinox.

BTW, for up to the minute Roylab Stats’ pandemic updates, visit my homepage, where I’ve enhanced the numbers with a rundown of life saving pandemic protocols (inclusive of DIY Mask Making)… as well as my own heartfelt sentiments…

“As complete and accurate as this Real Time Counter is, what it fails to report are the oceans of tears… of the patients, the medical professionals who are trying to save them, and last but not least, all who are mourning those, who did not make it back home… well… at least not back to their homes found on earth.”


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!


* As of 08/18/2020 21:30, COVID-19’s reported cases, USA Only, stands at 5,655,974.