We owe it all to David Lucas’ Cowbell ~ Vid of the Day

With autumn’s chilly northern winds scattering the desiccated, brown leaves across our moonlit rural pastures / paths and cityscapes’ ribbons of crisscrossing concrete… with Halloween rapidly approaching… it oft seems inevitable that our thoughts will tiptoe into the shadowy nether realms inhabited by ghosts, ghouls and goblins. Along the way, we may even catch a fleeting glimpse of the Grim Reaper making his appointed rounds.

But there’s no need to feel trepidation. Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Perhaps the best Rx for scaring off fear is the tranquilizer a.k.a. humor. To extend the metaphor, we can view our above clip as our pharmacy… the dispenser of our mood elevating (out of control) controlled substances.

For the benefit of the cautious, who always read the accompanying Medication Package Insert…

The anti-depressant called Don’t Fear the Reaper (DFTR) was produced at the Blue Oyster Cult / Agents of Fortune Laboratory. Its active ingredient was developed by a dedicated team of scientist / musicians (amongst them the eminent cowbell playing David Lucas). Further R&D was completed by a crack team of Saturday Night Live comedian actors… ultimately resulting in the More Cowbell Sketch. WARING: Side effects may include paroxysms of laughter.





The Not Ready For Primetime (or any other time) Régime

The good news… TV ratings for NBC’s Saturday Night Live are up… way up. Nielson reports 10.6 million have been tuning in regularly… that figure representing an increase in viewership of 2 million.

The bad(?) news… SNL primarily owes its success to Alec Baldwin lampooning a downright failure of a man.

The worst(?) part… the butt of their jokes is paying far more attention to what’s happening within SNL’s studio 8H in Manhattan than… well… pretty much whatever else is going on in the rest of the world.

Is that totally bad?

No. Each and every time #45 is overreacting / going berserk on Twitter he’s also frittering away his four year term… meaning less time for him to FUBAR our global economy, ecology and society.

Of course, what those key problem areas do need the most is the positive, proactive attention and actions of a real leader… an empathetic, ethical, focused, genuine intellect… such as former President Barack Obama.

Of course, #45 is not such a man. NOPE, he could never live up to those presidential qualifications. Ergo, it’s just as well that he’s got his eyes glued to his TV every Saturday at 11:30 p.m.… is obsessing over and bouncing off the walls whenever SNL’s brilliant political satirists effortlessly get under his thin skin.

Yet, one cannot help but wonder…

If SNL elected to never lampoon #45 / his régime again, would that upset him even more?


Burt Bacharach and Hal David, songsmiths known for What the World Needs Now Is Love, co-wrote that #7 Hot 100 Hit in 1965… their endeavor greatly assisted by recording artist Jackie DeShannon. These three mega-talents got nearly everything right. True, there’s no denying that love remains essential. I only say, “nearly” because these days… what our world needs now… and has just too little of… is…


With today being World Laughter Day 2016… let’s all get into the spirit.

To lighten up everyone’s mood and get our toes tapping… performing the “HAHAHA Song”… I now introduce the personification of JOY…

Girls’ Generation

Enjoy World Laughter Day 2016… and try to make this day an everyday occurrence. No further set up is needed. Just click onto the play buttons… and LOL!

NBC’s Get Smart


The BBC’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus

NBC’s 3rd Rock From The Sun

NBC’s Saturday Night Live