Can Vegetation School Vegetables?

Preface: If you’re one who truly digs how humans have triggered (perhaps irreversible) climate change and how that can only negatively impact both flora and fauna; how it can only jeopardize the very habitability of our home world, you are not a vegetable. That said, be you afloat with the science or drowning in cluelessness, dig my own damning evidence of the looming troubles ahead…

Unplanned Field Experiment: Several weeks ago, this inveterate sixties era flower child enjoyed a few moments of preemptive gardening (more about that in a moment). My Goal: To set up a temporary, two foot tall wire fence capable of supporting two peony bushes, thereby extending their typical, 7 to 10 day peak blooming season; one that any garden-variety rain storm can end prematurely. Naturally, the major prob, here, is how these long stemmed fragile flowers simply cannot withstand even minor water retention.

Background: I’m reasonably certain that the plant that blooms white had been transplanted by my folks when our family of four transitioned from renters to homeowners back in June ’61. As for the one that blooms ruby red, it’d been my self-planted birthday present to my horticulturist mom (for her eightieth birthday). I can still vividly recall my greenhouse visit (purchase price a mere $8). And, by the by, that bygone MasterCard ad campaign which promises priceless memories remains spot-on. Anyway, it was one decade beyond that, upon inheriting my mom’s flowers (both indoors and out) that my motivation to honor her / keep her memory alive rendered this annual construction project akin to a labour of love. As such, I even welcome this upkeep.

Damning Evidence: Alas, during this 2021 lap around ol’ Sol, things did not pan out as planned. While my fence did successfully prop up the waterlogged blooms, the very next day, the flowers began turning sickly brown. I suspect the culprit is either acid rain or too much UV radiation (both?). And it doesn’t take much dot connecting to extrapolate that whatever shortens plants’ lifespan can similarly impact animal / human existence. Which brings us full circle back to my headlined Q:

Can Vegetation School Vegetables?

Long Sigh / Short Answer: That’d depend on the vegetables not remaining oblivious to the obvious evidence; e.g. such as that discovered right in my own backyard; and, doubtlessly, planet-wide, too. Or, in lieu of their heightened awareness / digging reality, their simply getting out of our way. After all…

To not dig the dangers of climate change is akin to digging humanity’s grave.



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Mask-Up Now! Suit-Up Later?


Seeing how, there have now been over half a century’s worth of Earth Days and, still, not enough is getting done to combat global warming / climate change, let’s go the K.I.S.S.* route; i.e., cut thru all the hot air type of discussions / debates.

On one hand, we find a gaggle of boneheaded science deniers, who are at the crux of two humanity threatening problems; Environmental Ruin and the Pandemic.

On the other hand, learned climatologists are predicting that, as early as 2050, there’s the all too real possibility that our greenhouse gas / polluted atmosphere will render our home world uninhabitable.

Hmm, one wonders how today’s anti-maskers, who constantly make bogus claims that a simple, flexible piece of cloth, covering the nose and mouth, restricts their ability to breathe / causes them to gag, will react when, just to avoid deadly asphyxiation, perhaps winding up a fried to a crisp corpse, it’ll require everyone suiting up in a NASA / Project Apollo era, bulky moon suit?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!




* K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Straightforward




To whom it may concern…


To whom it may concern (be you many or few):
When you espy us, how do you construe?
Our X-OneNation, ISO its glue;
And devoid of its vertebrae, too.

How would you treat pseudo science reliers?
And defeat global warming deniers.
And anti-maskers; social distance defiers.
And all the rest of these wisdom decriers.

Would you deck out, all decadent folks?
Decked out in brown shirts or white hoods and cloaks.
Who’d reinstall OrangeMan; instill his hoax.
Who’d call on wild insurrection to coax.

How would you fight all who deepen each schism?
Out the “devout”, who flout their catechism.
Fire the pushers of each evil ism.
Devotee voters who’d fight FOR Fascism!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Fly on the Wall Fake News?


Were we able to hot mic a manure eating housefly and release it within the Oval Office, what might we learn?

Two things are certain to make such an endeavor successful. With all the shit going on in that pigpen, there’d be little chance of our “bug” ever going hungry or even wanting to leave!

The benefits?

We could, in real time, finally eavesdrop on all the evil crap that’s actually being discussed, perhaps, even inclusive of this “perfect” phone call to the Food and Drug Administration?

DJT: Listen up you white lab coated losers! Science is shit! There’s nothing, REPEAT, NOTHING more important than ME getting reelected. To make ME look good, you WILL ramrod whatever Chinavirus vaccine looks the best thru the approval process, skip every last damned testing phase and start shooting that shit directly into the arms and asses of Americans on MY TIMETABLE. That means your DO or DIE deadline for making ME The Savior, is two weeks before Election Day, November 3rd! The only reassurances I want from you are that the voters don’t start dropping dead until November 4th. GOT IT?

FDA: Yesssir!

The End


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Fortune Cookie Blog (tick…tick…tick…)


Humanity’s survival instinct must really be mucked up when 4 out of 10
electors can still muster up the mindless desire to bestow another 4 year
term upon a mucked-up-in-the-head, head of state; a cocksure dickhead,
who thinks magical thinking can outwit his run amok mindless microbe;
which, as of minute 29, hour 19, day 4, month 8, year 2020, has sickened
to death 160,000+ stateside souls; and STILL counting… tick… tick…tick…


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!










An Unhealthy Respect For Corona-V


I don’t envy the learned, respectable Dr. Anthony Fauci and his colleagues. They face down, daily, one helluva thankless, exhausting task. Yet, stunningly and regrettably, their Job #1 has not been pandemic management. Instead, they must prioritize the mollycoddling of Prima Donna Donny, who barely functions at the preschooler level.

Were they to upstage / upset that capricious, narcissistic man-child, he’d gleefully fire them all… and worse yet… hire quack successors, such as his newfound false god, one Stella Immanuel, who, not unlike Donny, is renown for foisting off deadly, bizarre fantasies as if they’re what??? Established epidemiological facts???

Let’s not get into any specifics, here, seeing how too frequent repetition of Donny’s and Stella’s flat-out falsehoods always risks morphing them into pandemic promoting, fake truths… well… at least within the so-called minds of the gullible.

Instead, let’s consider how Donny has pissed away over half a year. He’s been frantically, desperately ISO anyone who… anything that… would, even remotely, conform to his magical thinking. Had he spent even a minuscule fraction of that time embracing the time-honored science, he could’ve prevented tens of thousands of agonizing COVID-19 deaths.

By now, he could’ve even honestly declared himself the Conquering Corona-V Superhero… be even taking his victory lap… as in… all the way to the Election Day finish line. Not that I’d ever want him to snag a second term… but… you know… just saying. But… to return to reality…

It has been the medical community’s angst (re the provocation of Trumpian tantrums), which has been severely crippling a desperately needed, far more aggressive war effort against the pitiless Corona-V. And while I do respect Fauci and his associates, there’s no denying that Donny has successfully coerced them into watering down the metrics… just to make them conform to his politically motivated agenda to reopen COVID-19 ravaged regions too fast and too soon (and Donny’s standing orders to slow down testing can only further corrupt said data).

More specifically, doctors having little choice but to play along with toddler Trump, concurrently plays down the role of the presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, who, lull the masses into a false all-is-well mindset, which in turn, emboldens non-masked, non-socially distancing party hearty yahoos, who, in turn, hit the awash with humanity beaches, frequent the jam-packed taverns and attend a sundry of superspreading events… inclusive of pandemic parties, religious revivals, political rallies, etc.

In the end, revelers have become little more than the patsies of a pitiless pathogen… one that plays them like trump cards… thereby further tightening its figurative and quite literal chokehold on humanity.

With safe, efficacious vaccines and therapeutics still in the R and D stage, nothing short of a month long global shutdown… AS IN NOW… will suffice. Seeing how that ain’t gonna happen, we must ask two disturbing Qs. What if, as I type / you read…

• Pandemic survivors’ immunity is only short-lived?
• Corona-V is mutating into an unconquerable supervirus?

An unhealthy respect for Corona-V could render COVID-19 the death of us all.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





Is the Felt-Tip Pen Mightier Than the Fascist’s Sword?


Ever since man-child Donald J. Trump utterly failed to prevent a preventable pandemic and totally left it up to the governors to decide on whether to shut down America… or not…

The fake prez has been akin to the on vacation, road tripping, antsy, backseat brat, who’s been driving his parents nuts by incessantly whining, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

That’s a fair analogy, seeing how Trump has been feverishly pestering and bullying these same governors to prematurely and recklessly reopen churches, schools and businesses… especially businesses… while COVID-19’s death toll is still skyrocketing.

After all, if they don’t cave into Pollyanna Trump’s unreasonable demands, he won’t be able to perpetuate his get reelected MYTH that America is in post-pandemic mode and returning to normalcy / prosperity?

Of course, deep down, Trump actually loves how COVID-19 has been burying liberal oldsters and people of color… typically, the very voters, who’d never support him. Ergo, his loud and clear message to us has become…

Do your damned duty and DROP DEAD for Wall Street!

Obviously, Fascist Trump’s ‘tude marches in lockstep with genocidal maniacs, who our World History books have been warning us about for ages. For those of us, who’ve been paying, attention, we’re fully aware that autocrats do their damnedest to always make evil shit happen.

Translation: As an asthma compromised old man, I expect corona, Trump’s ally, to eventually snuff me out.

Until then, I find myself besieged by a whole new psychology, which overrules and dims my outlook. I treat the arrival of each joyless day as if it’s my last. Discretionary spending has flown out my slammed shut window, as I wonder which will happen first… the collapse of civil society or my body? Either eventuality, I could easily be robbed of my life.

And so… long sigh… topping off my bucket list is my goal to make it to Election Day’s morning after. I must discover if the pissed off, righteous, American electorate’s felt-tip pens have proven mightier than the Fascist’s sword.

If all goes well, my cast absentee ballot to Constitutionally oust Donald J. Trump (if counted) could be my one last chance to leave my positive mark on my hometown, homeland and home world.








The Cheerleader-In-Chief


The coronavirus crisis, of science denier Donald J. Trump’s own making, has denied Americans their lives and livelihoods on a massive scale. One would expect the bad karma associated with his mucking up Pandemic Management 101 to be sufficient to deny him reelection. But will it?

Not if his ego and power tripping have any say in this matter. It’s fairly safe to say there’s nothing he would not do to snag a second, totally undeserved term. But, how far would he go?

Suppose he knew of an insufficiently tested, potentially dangerous vaccine, which he deemed “perfect” for huckstering just in the nick of time… i.e., one mere week prior to Election Day.

It’s easy to envision dense Donny donning his brilliant red, red state compatible, Santa Claus costume, hitching up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (a.k.a. Rudy Giuliani) to his loaded with syringes sleigh and flying off all across America. Together, in all sorts of weather, they’d swoop down and land in municipalities great and small. That’s where “St. Nick” would play doctor and shoot up everybody. But, would he flat-out lie to his “patients”? Not disclose the iffiness of this serum?

Factoring in how fact checkers have caught him telling whoppers, tens of thousands of times, since his being sworn in, what would telling one more lie even mean to a pathological liar?

He doesn’t give a flying F about about public safety, either. After all, he’s the very snake oil salesman who’s been known to push the anti-malarial (contraindicated for COVID-19) drug Hydroxychloroquine… to instruct his “patients” to fry their guts with UV radiation and shoot up / mainline household (FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY) disinfectants.

Safe to say, he’d think nothing of morphing people into lab rats / risking more lives.

Of course, seeing how Christmas in July is only a crass, avarice driven, Madison Avenue concept, let’s strip this blog of its Santa Suit.

What we actually have, here, is Donny, the self-proclaimed Cheerleader-In-Chief. All he need do is cheer the people up long enough to vote for him come Election Day. And, were any of his always barren of science, horrific advice to cause his victims to drop dead the very next day… eh… so what? Easy come / easy go… well… at least from that sociopath’s perspective.

Oh, the unmitigated gall of his feeling entitled to a second term… in spite of his own negligence which, so far, has resulted in the needless deaths of 137,000 Americans. Hmm, doth grave digger Donny feel a compulsion to “up” his numbers to 1 Million? 2 Million? 200 Million? More?

Were he to politically bury his Democratic rival, too, it’d be easy to envision DJT reveling in his ill-gotten victory, giddily giggling his fat Fascist fanny off while uttering, “Anyone stupid enough to believe anything I say, deserves to die! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Be his shoddy wares pharmaceutical or rhetorical, street smart people will just say “NO!” to whatever BS dope dealer Donny is pushing. And savvy voters will never allow Donald J. Trump the last laugh.







Not Suffer Fools Gladly


As 1 of 7.8 Billion entrants in the Game of Life, I’ll readily fess up. Emotionally speaking, I’m far from perfect (more about that by blog’s end).

Yet, one hardly need be the epitome of emotional maturity / stability to, first, recognize what’s best for our human family and, next, act promptly, proactively and persistently.

Sacrifices of that nature should be second nature. Doing good, for the greater good, defines selflessness. It matters not if the required curatives, themselves, are elaborate or elementary… painstaking or pain-free… challenging or child’s play.

More to the point, let’s apply all the above to pandemic politics. Let’s start the game’s clock by fleshing and flushing out all, who have the unmitigated gall to call themselves leaders… i.e., the self-absorbed, self-proclaimed know-it-alls, who deny science and, as such, know nothing of consequence. As such, they squander golden opportunities to become the role models to the masses.

Even when this involves the mere child’s play of donning a facial mask, boneheaded heads-of-state throw temper tantrums to display their childishness.

Consequently, mindless people follow their mindless misleaders… i.e., wind up benching themselves in the Game of Life.

And who, pray tell, could ever expect sidelined whiny children to ever emerge as champions?

Such resignation / defeatist attitudes can only aid and abet coronavirus’ worldwide rampage. We, the misled beings are being beaten… some of us (literally) beaten to death by…

A mindless microbe.

Meanwhile, the levelheaded, who’ve been doing our level best to conquer corona, now stand by helplessly witnessing the stunningly unmotivated, maskless masses running amok… partying like there’s no tomorrow… some of these sickos even hosting pandemic parties. If you’ve yet to hear about them, Google the phrase.

They squander humanity’s nearly half-year long gains, which our masked mugs, social isolating, adjourned education and lost livelihoods had established.

They run out the Game of Life’s clock, where it has yet to even be determined if there could ever be a Sudden Death period of play… inclusive of the (hopefully completed) Hail Mary Pass? Long sigh…

To now make good on my post’s opening remark re my far from picture perfect, emotional fitness level…

While my commitment to helping save humanity could never be compromised, my patience towards the boneheaded and blasé now groweth thin. Could anyone blame me for saying…

I do not suffer fools gladly.







Selfless vs. Selfish… Who Will Win?

For this SELFLESS man, the most frustrating part of social isolating has been watching the SELFISH yahoos… be they the misleaders or the misled… undermining… doing their damnedest… to squander our hard-earned gains… every step of the way.

To stand by, helplessly, while witnessing the science denying, effing fool losers… our so-called leaders… not take the coronavirus crisis (of their own making) seriously enough… to watch their chronic, chaotic, compounding blunders thoughtlessly aiding and abetting the spread of this deadly pathogen… has been bad enough.

Even worse has been our standing by, helplessly, while witnessing the science denying, effing fool losers… our so-called leaders… recklessly reopening America… way too fast and way too soon (even “cooking the books” / manipulating the data to make it all appear safe to do so). And that amply demonstrates how they’ve not learned one damned thing from their recent egregious errors.

And so, We the selfless American People, now prepare for yet another round of social isolating… even though we know, fully well, that the selfish will promptly squander any and all of our in the offing, hard-earned gains, too.

We must concede that the science denying, effing fool losers… our so-called leaders… will always prioritize fiscal over physical health.

They feed off life, itself, to fatten up their bottom line.

As such, we are on our own.

While I cannot speak for everyone, this selfless man will be doing his damnedest to flat-out defy each and every science denying, effing fool loser leader… from the top down… who does his damnedest to mislead humanity into an early grave.