Bridging the Great Divide ~ A Parable


Once upon a time, Conrad DeNier found himself debating Libby Learned. Both being nearly lifelong walkers upon the fraying, stretched thin, conservative / liberal tightrope, on that particular, fateful morning, their seemingly eons old War of Words promised to be as relentless and perilous, as ever. After all, neither party was ever willing to cede even one millimeter of ideological territory; NOT when it came down to the prospect of emerging victorious in the battle of the Haves vs. the Have-Nots.

However, this time around, Conrad would trot out his “new” ploy; totally unleash the ever-present spoiled brat, within. He’d hold his breath until Libby totally agreed with him. And so it was. Her closing point made, he first bleated out his counterpoint; next inhaled and puffed out his cheeks. Indeed, so enraged was he that, all the sudden, his heart totally gave out!

While unconscious, Conrad’s entire life flashed before his eyes; he even wound up seeing the light; both cosmically and cognitively speaking. However, as it had all been predestined, this would only be his Near Death Experience.

As the onrush of warmth gradually reanimated his lifeless body; returned him to consciousness, Conrad’s first sensations were of Libby’s relentless CPR. As he squinted through his eyelashes, “The Light” suddenly cross-faded to that of ordinary daylight. Now awash with feelings of utter stupefaction, to him, this had become the proverbial light bulb over the noggin moment.

In spite of their history of fierce animosity, when push came to shove, Libby had done the humane thing; had actually saved his very life! Seeing how she had been willing to set aside her own differences, he could not help but wonder. Could he not do the same? He even began to question the illogical nature of his own ideological selfishness. Why must he always seek more ill-gotten wealth at the expense of the less fortunate? After all, the sheer enormity of what he had already accrued, to date, could even last a spendthrift ten lifetimes.

Funny how it took a deep shade of physiological blue to get him to cede his seething, red hot intransigence; to temper it with a healthy helping of newfound, true blue hued tolerance. Conrad DeNier even wound up seeing Libby Learned in an entirely new light. Indeed, he now deemed his longtime foe a newfound friend.

The multifaceted moral to our story is fundamental…

Peaceful coexistence is vital. Allow selflessness to gain the upper hand. See the light before you see The Light.





Altruism and Avariciousness Can Both Breed Aggression


A power wielder’s projected presence upon our world can be motivated by either altruism or avariciousness.

Selflessness (as incredible as this sounds), is not always welcomed… not when the recipient nation’s head of state is an oppressor… one who gets easily pissed off by any outsider providing humanitarian aid. After all, no oppressor takes kindly to anyone who’d dare to ease the unspeakable human suffering of the oppressed.

Selfishness (no big surprise), is never welcomed… not when the targeted nation’s head of state knows fully well that the intent of his plundering oppressor / attacker is to grab real estate and/or gobble up natural resources. Such a victimized leader will… justifiably so… feel pissed off, too.

Either scenario can result in retaliatory attacks… such aggression fueling an endless feeding frenzy of subsequent eye-for-an-eye magnitude vengeance.

While that stark reality would ALMOST make it seem prudent for every leader to embrace mind-your-own-damned-business isolationism… well… this would likely wind up a unilateral prospect. Such a stance would aid and abet the in-your-face oppressor / aggressor adversary. And that then raises the issue, which no compassionate soul could ever accept… namely…

Whoever would dare to harm even one innocent soul harms us all.

All of these inevitable, regrettable realities can only emphasize the precarious, catch-22 nature of international relations and… inserting my own long exhaled, exasperated sigh here… the inevitable, regrettable reality of terrorism / warfare.

We can never expect aggression / oppression to vanish off the face of this Earth until humanity… somehow… someway… figures out how to consistently ensure madmen are never allowed to rise to power in the first place… ensure the mentally unstable are institutionalized so they can receive the therapy they so desperately need.


99 Word Blog (#022) Two Olympians’ Hearts of Gold

On 08/16/16, two Olympians, running the 5,000-meter race, collided… American Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealander Nikki Hamblin. For D’Agostino, who’d sustained painful knee ligament injuries, her new top priority had become helping Hamblin… urging her onward…

“Get up, get up! We have to finish! This is the Olympic Games. We have to finish this.”

Afterwards, Hamblin helped D’Agostino into a wheelchair.

Abbey and Nikki had been the last to cross the finish line but their good sportsmanship, sense of community and hearts of gold are worthy of Olympic Gold. Our troubled world could learn much from these two women.