Two Sons of Fathers Named George

From 1963 through 1969, Republican George Romney served as the 43rd Governor of Michigan (my lifelong home state). Shortly after his reelection in November 1966, via snail mail, he had invited my folks to attend his Inaugural ceremonies, reception and dance.

Neither my father (a chronically low paid, public school teacher) nor my mother (an always overworked homemaker), could even begin to fathom how someone of their humble stations in life, could’ve ever been added to, what had to be, a VIP studded guest list. My parents’ skepticism was warranted, too, seeing how both were hardcore Democrats, who had neither donated one penny to any of Romney’s campaigns, nor (for that matter) had ever even voted for him.

Hell, were it not for the fact that my.father had saved that invitation… that I’m glazing at that actual, historical keepsake as I type these words… I would’ve probably suspected this incident to be dad’s tall tale, or, perhaps, a figment of my own wild imagination?

Anyway… at the time, my father had wisecracked that the only thing he had in common with The Guv was that they both were named George. But, all kidding aside, Republicans of that era… well… at least outwardly… did try to look as if they cared about the “little guy”.

And speaking of the little guy… George Romney had a son named Mitt… yes, THAT Mitt Romney… the very same, present-day U.S. Senator, who, just last week, proved to Utah, DC, America and the world, that he actually answers to an authority who’s much higher than the stoned on power, Donald J. Trump. As such, Mitt had prominently put his spine, scruples and spirituality on display at Donny’s Impeachment Trial… i.e., by becoming the ONE and ONLY Republican to cast his vote to Constitutionally convict and oust the U.S. House Impeached, totally corrupt, guilty and ugly as sin, fake prez.

For Romney, to boldly go where no Trumpian toady has ever gone before, most assuredly, has been tantamount to his committing political suicide. He has bunched up the soiled skivvies of every godforsaken, Trumpian propaganda minister. Indeed, these Orwellian, cranky crybabies… on the lame pretext of defending the totally indefensible Donny… have been throwing on air and online tantrums / going apoplectic in the process of ripping ol’ Mitt A New One. Indeed, Romney will, forevermore, also be Public Enemy #1 within the deep, dark, dank bowels of Donny’s so-called mind. And that doth make the fake prez look genuinely pathetic, petty, undignified and infantile.

While common sense doth advise us not to read too damned much into Romney’s epiphany / public emergence as a holy, moral man… WHAT IF something truly more substantive is in play? Clearly, a person capable of voting to end Trump’s presidency should also be amenable to putting an end to Donny’s deplorable policies… to cite just a few… [1] the caging of immigrant children, [2] the bestowal of needless, lavish tax breaks upon the already obscenely wealthy, [3] the appointment of corruptible SCOTUS and federal judges and… last but not least… [4] the abject neglect of burning, environmental issues.

All the above considered… this son of a father named George now extends my own invitation to another son of a father named George. I implore Mitt Romney to more deeply search his soul. Should he find even more moral courage, I also invite him to join the legions of liberals, who deeply care about finding effective, prompt solutions to all the above-mentioned problems… as well as all of the other ills that plague humankind.







Mitch’s Witch Hunt? Pelosi’s PlayHouse?


Folks who party with Democrats, would LOVE to roll out a badass derrick that’d kerplunk Donald Trump’s Fat Fascist Fanny into a U.S. Senate witness chair… i.e., to hear how he’d “sing” at his Impeachment Trial.

Folks who party with Republicans, would LOVE to haul in Joe Biden’s ass to hear how he’d “sing”, too.

FINE! I say, “Let’s Party Like It’s 2099!” But / Butt testimonials, such as these, must have ironclad, no BS rules…

• This shall be presented as a LIVE, televised / streamed (gavel to gavel) public hearing. Perhaps call it Mitch’s Witch Hunt? Or Pelosi’s PlayHouse? Hey, if the network suits can one-up either of my “working titles”, more power to ’em, right?

• Declare a one-time, National Holiday to ensure the hugest American audience possible. To further encourage viewership, each consenting 18+ viewer, shall wind up entered into a lottery… i.e., where the one drawn at random, top prize winner shall pocket ONE MILLION DOLLARS… A LUMP SUM PAYOUT… TAX FREE (federal / state / local)!

• Both men shall submit to a mandatory, pretrial, rigorous physical exam and psychological evaluation.

• Neither man shall be permitted to lawyer up during questioning and must answer while hooked up to a polygraph machine. Too damned Orwellian you say? Hell, this could’ve gone down as far, Far, FAR more Draconian! They should consider themselves damned lucky that war criminal W. Bush’s waterboarding “techniques” won’t be “in play”.

• An in-house, bipartisan team of Fact Checkers shall rate the respondents’ veracity, utilizing either the Pants On Fire or Pinocchio Scales (their rulings to appear, in-real-time, as a “crawl” across the bottom of our screens).

• Penalties for perjury, upon conviction, shall [1] automatically disqualify each guilty party from ever holding all future elective offices (all the way down to dog catcher), [2] require the immediate return of all raised campaign contributions and [3] if treason is involved, shall result in appropriate imprisonment.

• The actual inquiry will be akin to a multiple choice test… Trump’s and Biden’s six possible answers…

a. Yes
b. No
c. Won’t answer (arrogance)
d. Can’t answer (ignorance)
e. Can’t answer (national security issue)
f. I invoke 5th Amendment protections

• Whenever “e” responses arise, the respondent(s) must be re-deposed in a Closed Senate Session.

Election Year Fringe Benefit: Seeing how inordinate amounts of evasiveness, cluelessness and/or forgetfulness could prove damning for anyone auditioning for that Oval Office gig, the voters could view Mitch’s Witch Hunt or Pelosi’s PlayHouse as the ultimate means to ferret out one… perhaps even two unworthy candidates.

Hey… better to get this political bad blood out of our electoral system NOW, rather than to feel four (or four more) unbearably long year’s worth of buyers’ remorse LATER!








Refuting a Flawed Trumpian Talking Point


Trump’s floundering attorneys at (f)law, in collusion with the ginormous gaggle of grasping at straws, tin foil hat donning Republican conspiracy theorists, oft attempt to foist off their shared, flaccid fairy tale that Democrats, by dusting off the legitimate Impeachment process, are attempting to tear up the 62,979,636 ballots cast for their boy Donny.

What these right wing, wingnuts fail to acknowledge is how [1] the Framers of America’s Constitution had conceived of this very impeachment process, just in case voters, someday, inadvertently, wind up empowering a hostile to America candidate AND [2] that that someday HAS arrived!

To tear up that Trumpian false narrative…

• Had the voters been able to correctly detect Donny’s dictatorial demeanor and corrupt MO, just how many of them would’ve still cast ballots for him?

• Chances are that Hillary Clinton’s already impressive popular vote tally… 65,844,610… would’ve even more substantially trumped Trump’s… and she’d have emerged America’s 45th POTUS.

• Republicans’ “come to the defense of the voter” stance, at its best, is hypocrisy… at its worst it’s a brazen bald-faced lie. True, they may not tear up ballots, but it’s their Fascist voter suppression tactics that prevent those ballots from ever getting cast in the first place.










Donny & Jay Can’t Beat the Rap / Notorious B.I.G.’s Rap

‘If you don’t know, now you know.”

Jay Sekulow, who is one of Donald J. Trump’s shameless mouthpieces at the Senate Impeachment Trial, appeared to be mystified when he asked, “Why are we here?”

Of course, what else can poor Jay do but feign ignorance? Theatrics is his only defense tool… i.e. seeing how [1] he could never, possibly, muster a legitimate, cogent refutation of the spot-on, damning Articles of Impeachment and [2] his client doesn’t even realize it when he’s constantly, publicly incriminating himself.

We must commend the House Impeachment Manager Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) for even entertaining the notion that Sekulow could actually be akin to a genuinely mystified toddler, who so desperately needs to be spoon-fed the following facts…

Just in case this YouTube clip ever “vanishes”, let’s back that up in text form, too…

“We are here, sir, because President Trump pressured a foreign government to target an American citizen for political and personal gain. We are here, sir, because President Trump solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election and corrupted our democracy. We are here, sir, because President Trump withheld $391 million in military aid from a vulnerable Ukraine; without justification; in a manner that has been deemed unlawful. We are here, sir, because President Donald Trump elevated his personal, political interests and subordinated the national security interests of the United States of America. We are here, sir, because President Trump corruptly abused his power and then he tried to cover it up. And we are here, sir, to follow the facts, apply the law, be guided by the Constitution, and present the truth to the American people. That is why we are here, Mr. Sekulow. And ‘if you don’t know, now you know.’”

Jeffries’ closing line quotes Notorious B.I.G.’s (NSFW) rap from his 1994 hit, Juicy.








A Constitutional Crisis / Chaos Abetted or Averted?


This blog’s posting time marks the beginning of the historic, Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. Americans and many others spanning the whole world… will all be watching, intently, to see if U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are honorable men, who’ll be able to [1] elevate patriotism over partisanship, [2] preside over a trial complete with witness testimony and presented evidence AND [3] pursue the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… wherever that truth shall lead them.

While that is, precisely, what these high and mighty entities are under oath to do AND owe each and every American, alas, what We the People will likely get is quite predictable… namely…

The lurid, obscene spectacle of the Republican dominated Senate’s members, all standing at attention to salute… to lay bare… their undying, undue lust for dictator Donald J. Trump.