The Roe v. Wade Row (War)


In a past post, I addressed the issue of devoutness; concluded that religious fervor must dwell in the Goldilocks Zone; i.e., be neither too “cold” nor too “hot”. After all, the former temperature extreme might cause parishioners to perish from moral hypothermia; the latter, could easily imperil entire nations with impending, theocratic overthrow; in particular, of late, the fate now awaiting my own homeland?

Hmm, might America be spared seeing how, THANK GOD, we were founded, in part, on Freedom of / from Religion and the Separation of Church and State?

Alas, in spite of such state ratified, Constitutional principles having endured for nearly two-and-one-half centuries, when it comes down to the squinty, myopic eyes of the intolerant, the jury is still out.


This being a Sunday, what better time to discuss the future of America, which is being threatened, in part, by six ultraconservative U.S. Supreme Court justices (three of them Trumpers). Just one of their onerous, odious decrees recently wound up overturning Roe v. Wade; in essence, rendering abortion illegal.

Be mindful that, in order to discuss this complex issue intelligently, we will need to set aside our own personal views, re that surgical procedure, itself.

The actual crux is how that sextet of simpletons, handed down from the mount, their haphazardly chiseled, “Clay Tablet’s Eleventh Commandment“, which is already messing up / mucking up the lives of multiple-millions; unleashing devastating, societal upheaval; inflicting personal and financial hardship that’ll be felt today and for untold generations to come.

All owing to a half dozen, inconsiderate, out of touch with reality justices, who cannot even begin to fathom how the phrases “problem pregnancy” and “personal tragedy” are inexorably linked.

Case in point, the plight of the raped, traumatized, ten-year-young child, who recently had to flee from her home state of Ohio to Indiana to end her forced pregnancy; to begin taking her first baby steps down the long road to emotional recovery.

Tho that should be the end to this sad story, regrettably, the sorrows have only just begun…

Her abortion has whipped up the Stateside, Iranian magnitude, zero-tolerance zealots into such a frothing at the mouth furor, that these “pro-lifers” are now calling for the conviction, imprisonment and/or execution of the abortionist, the child’s parents and even the child herself.

Were this theological firestorm ANY WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS, the “less intolerant” factions might… JUST MIGHT… relent JUST A TAD… were the child victim to do WHAT?

Consent to marrying and living with her rapist till death do they part?

Folks, I sure as HELL hope that immediately above sentence is hyperbole. For if that’s not the case…





Be humans Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










Who Killed “Thou Shalt Not Kill”?

Ring of Fire’s YouTube channel blurb succinctly sets up our featured clip…

Kyle Rittenhouse, the suspect who allegedly killed two Black Lives Matters protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week has become a hero for the unhinged Right, and a Christian fundraising website has allowed these pro-murder Republicans to raise nearly half a million dollars for his defense. The Republicans are the pro-murder Party, there is no other way to say it. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this disgusting turn of events.

About all I can add is that America’s Founding Fathers had been wise to insist on the Constitutional Separation of Church and State and, most assuredly, they’d have frowned upon Donald J. Trump’s bastardization, politicization and radicalization of religion, too.

Although I remain a spiritual man, my own interest in organized religion ebbed at the tender age of 12. That’s mainly because I saw the hypocrisy of the adult congregants, who, in actuality, only showed up each Sunday to sport their finery / flaunt their material possessions. Hell, had it been any WORSE, after the benediction, the menfolk would’ve rushed out to the parking lot to rev the engines of their brand spanking new, swank rides. And once the missus and kiddies were all packed aboard, they’d have peeled out to head back to their mansions.

But the hypocrisy did get WORSE

Half a century later, churches have become bastardized, politicized and radicalized. How else could one explain so-called Christians conveniently suspending the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, just to justify the cold blooded double homicide, of which Rittenhouse has been accused.

If God is on board with such conduct, on the day I die, I’ll take my chances on that downward escalator ride to the Gates of Hell!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





Michelle Edmisten Fights For Religious Illiteracy

During my high school senior year, my History instructor, Mr. S, would expand his lesson plans, each Friday, to include history in the making. He didn’t merely lecture us about current events… he actually inspired the entire class to participate in lively discussions.

One Friday, the situation got a whole lot livelier than expected.

While discussing our State Board of Education’s plan to utilize cross-district busing to racially integrate Michigan’s public schools, Mr. S asked if any of us could think of better alternatives, which would achieve the same, beneficial results.

I raised my hand and said…

“We’d never need to bus anyone if we could racially integrate our neighborhoods.”

In a split second, one of my classmates, “Greg”, in a near apoplectic fit, leaped out of his chair to bellow at the top of his lungs, “NO!”

Only gravity had prevented him from hitting the ceiling. Only the vacuum outside Earth’s atmosphere prevented the shock-waves of his shouted objection from reverberating throughout our entire limitless universe. Only the racist crap between his ears hindered his comprehension of my logical alternative.

Mr. S had to spend several minutes trying to talk that kid down… repeatedly reminding him we were only having a discussion.

To this very day, Greg’s “NO” still haunts and saddens me. In all likelihood, he had been served up countless heaping helpings of bigotry right at his own family’s dining room table… perhaps immediately after they had (hypocritically) said grace.

While my idea, that long ago Friday, had (still has) merit, regrettably, it only was a discussion. Unfortunately… two score and five years later… too many people within America and all over our world still have bad attitude problems to overcome before they can finally, fully embrace our ethnic and religious diversity and, ultimately, do their part to unite humanity.

Case in point… I recently read about a Tennessee mother, Michelle Edmisten, who is outraged about Social Studies lessons being taught in the public school, which her seventh grade daughter attends… lessons which discuss the religions of our world… inclusive of Islam.

This mother is worried that her girl’s “personal religious beliefs were violated”… so much so that she flat-out refused to let her daughter attend these classes and preferred to see her report card filled in with zeroes. Said Edmisten…

“Those are zeroes that we proudly took and we will not compromise. It is time as parents, teachers and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools and our country.”

Normally I’d demand we maintain our U.S. Constitution’s stipulated separation of church and state, but it’s not like Tennessee teachers have morphed into preachers. These educators are NOT proselytizing… they’re merely raising awareness about religious diversity in America and our world. How could any of that be harmful?

The National Council for the Social Studies weighed in thusly…

Knowledge about religions is not only a characteristic of an educated person but is necessary for effective and engaged citizenship in a diverse nation and world. Religious literacy dispels stereotypes, promotes cross-cultural understanding and encourages respect for the rights of others to religious liberty.”

To that I say, “AMEN!”

To survive in a post 9/11 world… all of us… inclusive of today’s kids (who are tomorrow’s leaders)… MUST be informed… MUST learn how to peacefully coexist… MUST learn that there’s no need to fear Islam in its pure form… MUST learn that the only actual danger associated with Islam involves al Qaeda and ISIS entities, who’ve hijacked and mutilated their faith to “rationalize” their deadly terrorist attacks.

Edmisten fails to realize that her crusade to ban her daughter’s textbook is tantamount to denying her own daughter and her classmates the well rounded education they deserve. Ironically, this needlessly concerned mom has put herself in the same league as the very Taliban fanatics she fears.

Indeed, both Edmisten and the Taliban’s crusade is all about maintaining ignorance.

While Muslim hater Donald Trump and his likeminded devotees would say “YES” to Michelle Edmisten’s Islamophobia and book banning plot, clearheaded people must counter any and all attempts to dumb down our society. In this particular case, it is not wrong to yell out, “NO!”

Sen. Perdue’s Undue ‘Tude

This past Friday, Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) was a guest speaker at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference. I’ll let his unchristian commentary re President Obama speak for itself. Said Perdue…

“We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says. It says: ‘Let his days be few and let another have his office.’”

What could be worse than his lower case “c”, “christian” ‘tude, which was cheered on by the lowlife lemmings in attendance?

Oh… how about the rest of Psalms 109:8, itself, which goes on (far too excessively) as follows…

“Let his children be fatherless; and his wife a widow. Let his children wander about and beg; and let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes. Let the creditor seize all that he has; and let strangers plunder the product of his labor. Let there be none to extend lovingkindness to him; nor any to be gracious to his fatherless children. Let his posterity be cut off; in a following generation let their name be blotted out.”

My following 10 questions / observations re the unchristian Sen. Perdue and his unchristian disciples…

10. On the day I’m posting this blog, the U.S. Constitution stipulates that January 20, 2017 is Mr. Obama’s last day in office. That means he has only 223 days remaining. So, why can’t they simply wait out the legal term limits?

9. Sure, I get it… they all hate the President… but why do they wish him dead as they do?

8. Does not hate run counter to the love most respectable religions preach?

7. Even if Obama was wrong (which he isn’t)… why do they wish such misery upon his wife and daughters?

6. Just how, pray tell, do they defend their mean spirited notions as “christian”… just because Perdue had been quoting from a Biblical passage?

5. How could Perdue’s “christian” audience have even laughed and applauded?

4. If Psalms 109:8 is a representative sample of the crap the Bible has to offer, I’m overjoyed to admit I’ve never read it cover to cover. Indeed, to be a true Christian likely involves NOT reading the Bible.

3. If Perdue’s take on religion is what it really means to be a “christian” I’ll gladly convert to atheism.

2. This is precisely why America’s Founding Fathers wrote the separation of church and state stipulation into the U.S. Constitution… they were able to envision the likes of a Senator David Perdue and all who get corrupted by his POV.

1. On an even more serious note… do not most who harbor a death wish for the POTUS make them a potential threat? I’d say it’s already long overdue for David Perdue (and all who agree with him) to be questioned by the proper authorities.