RU a Groggy Blogger, too?

No yuge surprise, I’ve not been sleeping well ever since Hillary Clinton’s Election Night, 2016 concession speech; ever since Donald J. Trump placed his dainty hand on the Bible to take his Oath of Office; ever since that fake prez began laying waste to the U.S. Constitution, morality, equality, civility, the environment, etc.; ever since Donald’s pandemic has drastically complicated even the simplest of in-public tasks.

However, this post will be more medically than politically oriented.

I’d like to remind everyone that, to stay healthy in mind and body, we must get 8 hours of sleep each night. Not being alert can lead to problems great and small.

Speaking of small, let’s rehash a post, which this groggy blogger had published, all across the WWW, yesterday… a post I believed I had proofread to perfection. Well, after taking a nap, I reread it and was shocked that I had used “their” instead of “there” within the phrase, “Are we their yet?”

Worse yet, I had copied and pasted that very error THREE additional times!

At first, I chuckled and muttered, “OMG how the Hell did I ever miss THAT?

But, then I started to consider the potentially serious side of sleep deficits.

Sure, groggy blogging only damages one’s credibility, but what if you’re a groggy nuclear power plant operator or brain surgeon… or a groggy motorist cruising down a heavily traveled, major thoroughfare?

In other words…

Hey everybody! Get 8 hours of sleep every night!






Fortune Cookie Blog (Dream Deprivation)


We’re both a sleep and dream deprived society. Day in / day out, our chronic
fatigue finds us stumbling / blundering our way through life; oft winding up
with far more problems than solutions. That’s so tragic & ironic, too, seeing
how we often do our best problem solving, while off in the Land of Dreams.






Fortune Cookie Blog (Let’s get our ZZZs)


Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday in America. That will afford all
of us sleep deprived zombies one extra hour of ZZZs. This could be our
golden opportunity, too. Regardless of where we hail from, let’s all vow
to get eight hours of sleep, every night, from this day onward. Do keep
in mind that chronic sleep loss causes traffic accidents, dementia and
obesity; negatively impacts the immune system & screws up the libido.