Smooth Jazz (Sunday Song Series)

There’s one driving experience that seems to be as universal as the red octagonal stop sign. That’d be our winding up behind the Sunday driver, who’s going 32 kph (20 mph) below the posted speed limit. And all the while that ol’ double yellow line just keeps on reminding us that we’re navigating an “interminably” long stretch of winding, mountainous terrain.

Of course, were we to have Motown Moe’s smooth jazz playing over the auto sound system… oh… say… finding his aptly named track, Sunday Driver, adding some stress mitigating ambiance to that above paragraph’s scenario?

Well… would we even mind taking life at a slower pace… for awhile… be it on a Sunday or any other day?

Sunday Driver appears on Motown Moe’s May 2020 released album, The New Normal. And, btw, it’s a.k.a. our Week #106 stopover during our ongoing journey thru the vast realm of Sunday titled songs.

If you’ve found this week’s travels enjoyable, how about headin’ back here… seven days from now? Till then…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!