Fortune Cookie Blog ~ (plan of action)


Truly visionary leaders would not squander revenue to build border walls.
Instead, they’d reallocate precious funds to build a global community cured
of its ideological, fiscal, medical & ecological maladies. Who’d ever need to
become homeland fleeing, asylum seekers, once we all love where we live?







Vid of the Day ~ Friday, October 4th

So… WHY am I (clear out of the blue?) featuring Bill Haley and the Comets performing the Robert Guidry composition See Ya Later, Alligator?

Well… considering how the recent news cycle reportage has been dominated by snakes, alligators, moats and impeachment proceedings… WHY NOT?

Beyond that? This toe-tapper tune could be a political song parodist’s dream come true! Hell, a 2020 POTUS wannabe Democrat (with a wry sense of humor) could even play this track at campaign rallies to call attention to the machinations ol’ YOU-KNOW-WHO.






Fortune Cookie Blog (political wrangling)


Free advice to the governmentally empowered:
Politically, metaphorically and literally speaking,
the animal wrangler, who specializes in training,
weaponizing and deploying asps and alligators,
won’t be exempt from being bitten on his fanny.