Get Well Stephen Colbert (et al)

This IS Final(?) Jeopardy!


Today’s Category: Late Night TV

Today’s Clue…

In ADDITION to Stephen Colbert, James Corden,
Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers & Jimmy Fallon all
hosting talk shows, they have THIS in common.


Players, you have 30 seconds to express
your response in the form of a Question…

(Anyone opting to actually “compete”, should
think up that Question prior to scrolling down.)






What is being fully vaxxed
YET, contracting Covid-19?


TRUE Jeopardy Notation insists we punctuate our responses with a “?”, HOWEVER, there can be no question re the medical ramifications; i.e., while the vaccines are successfully preventing serious and deadly consequences, humans can STILL become coronavirus infected; STILL easily infect others.

And that STILL fully validates this layperson’s contention, from the very onset of this godforsaken plague:


Only a WORLDWIDE MASK MANDATE can help ensure
we expeditiously snuff out & bury the coronavirus; i.e.,
avoid an apocalyptic scenario where one, maybe more
of its variants void the vaccines; to snuff out & bury us!


There can be no question that sicko / psycho Donald J. Trump’s politicization of the pandemic has infected and spread throughout the vast body of his MAGA Maniacs / Morons / Malcontents (and beyond); thereby resulting in their all too damned common, cavalier attitude…

…their absolutely indefensible, “offhand, indifferent, casual, dismissive, insouciant, unconcerned; supercilious, patronizing, condescending, disdainful, scornful, contemptuous, couldn’t-care-less, devil-may-care” state of chronic insanity!

Quoted synonyms courtesy of the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

Upon closer scrutiny of this entire mess, matters pan out as the following, grave, glaringly obvious, public health threat…

  • Bad enough… within the entertainment industry, ALL five of those mentioned TV personalities enjoy a vast circle of friends/contacts; far more so than average folks such as you and I do.
  • Even worse… those friends/contacts also enjoy a vast circle of friends/contacts.
  • Worst of all… it’s a near certainty that at some point, some of these infected people will come into contact with immunocompromised and unvaxxed individuals.

It’s at that juncture where the potential for needless suffering / dying enters the big picture.

Returning to the earliest of our pandemic days… we witnessed Colbert, Corden, Kimmel, Meyers and Fallon responsibly sheltering/isolating (e.g., doing their talk show shtick sans LIVE audiences; Zoom interviewing their guests.

More to the point… these hosts and guests, alike, had been just as witty, personable and entertaining as ever. Sure, I do get it, it’s no fun for comedians / entertainers to not cop that buzz; all courtesy of their applauding, cheering, hooting, whooping it up, LIVE audiences; HOWEVER

In the end… the operative word becomes LIVE; as in keeping humanity ALIVE.

The time has come for these five entertainers to cease needlessly Jeopardizing humanity (case in point, Colbert’s covid has even spread to his house band’s impresario, Jon Batiste. Need I say more?) YES, I do need to say more. They must lead by example; demonstrate to the rest of humanity how to behave in a responsible, respectable manner.

In other words… Guys, PLEASE, set aside your egos; resume performing from your covid bunkers with only the bare minimum, production crew contingent. If this is any help, try harboring in your heads, hearts and souls the sentitments popularized by singer Vera Lynn; the lyrics which solemnly vow…

“We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day”

Song Composers Ross Parker and Hughie Charles • Complete Lyrics [HERE]

Granted, my authoring a 700 word count blog, devoted to TV talk show hosts, may, superficially, seem silly. However, one cannot understate the beneficial impact this quintet (in particular Colbert, Meyers and Kimmel) has been making upon the national political discourse; how their speaking truth to power via “jokes”, serves a far more significant purpose.

Such courageous comedians are heightening the awareness / enlightenment of their Stateside audiences; the very people who, don’t normally pay close attention to the ever-present dangers; the grave threats to liberty and democracy; such as those posed by the STILL unpunished, insurrectionist and fascist X-Prez Trump and his entire freak show entourage.

Long pensive sigh… I now conclude this post, just as I’ve done for the past two+ years…


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









A Cascade of Cached Memories

Yesterday, for the very first time, ever, my landline answering machine’s AI verbally alerted me to a memory full condition. Hmm, I’d always conjectured this device’s archival capacity to be astronomical, but, seeing how she had just saved the 59th message, who was I to argue?

Ergo, I began playing back and selectively deleting; in the process, discovering how the cached content, for better or worse, was also unleashing a cascade of my own memories.

Now, just so this post ends on an upbeat note…

Let’s get the downers outta the way, first; i.e., by calling out the threatening messages recorded by the scammers and phishers; namely, the fraudulent federal income tax collectors, shady tech support agents and (for lack of a better phrase) the officious cops, who, via psychological projection, tirelessly “alert” their soon-to-be victims to the very chicanery, which they absolutely intend to perpetrate and perpetuate!

BTW, such messages’ very existence also demonstrates how poorly the telecoms police themselves. I punctually fork over my limited funds, monthly, which, in theory, in part, should be leading to investigations / arrests of these criminals (or, at least, be putting ‘em outta biz); yet, here we are.

Moving onward to the mildly annoying content, there are the messages recorded by ex-classmate Sharon, who’s still trying to con me into attending the upcoming 50th Class Reunion. Of late, she’s even recruited another classmate to redouble her efforts (Bill recently adding his one message to her five).

Hmm, might Sharon’s persistence be an indicator of how a single restaurant booth would prove sufficient to seat Sharon, Bill and their significant others? Perhaps, this event’s only four attendees?

Sure, I could attend and leave, STAT, when everything morphs into the anticipated disappointment; BUT, not when this event’s tickets will have a sizable price tag attached. Beyond that, no one, in their right mind, would ever opt into social mingling when social isolating is still everyone’s best bet.

A tad of background 411 for all who missed my reunion post; not everyone has fond, fuzzy memories of their K thru 12 experience; e.g., from the 4th grade, onward, I’d been bullied, verbally and physically assaulted.

As for the saved messages that I’ll never delete, among them are the four left by my former friend and next door neighbor, who passed on, just last year, at the age of 95; who was such an affable, young at heart, well-read and critical thinker, one could’ve easily mistaken him for a man half his age. RIP Victor.

Which now leads us to the very first message; backdating to late October 2008, when then presidential candidate Barack Obama had recorded his increase voter turn-out / (wink) “vote for me”, message. Seeing how I’ve saved and savored his words for nearly a decade and a half, you’ve likely already correctly concluded I had helped elect / reelect him; would feel deeply honored to have him record my answering machine’s outgoing message.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









A Fleeting Feeling of Normalcy


Were this post’s featured motorcyclist any more punctual, the white lab coated crowd could handily synchronize their atomic clocks.

Hmm, not a bad post lead-off / teaser. Anyway…

For approximately two years (throughout Michigan’s temperate seasons) and promptly at 3:25 each M-F early morn, this cyclist has been habitually tooling down the two lane major thoroughfare, which runs past my humble abode; had been idled, for a spell, by (what else) the pandemic; but, of late, has roared back to life.

Naturally, the motivation behind such excursions is unclear; but, factoring in the weekdays only schedule and the S to N heading (away from my economically depressed hamlet toward our neighboring, land of opportunity community) it’s reasonable to conclude that remaining gainfully employed figures into the big picture. Well, either that or we’re discussing someone ISO the liberating feelings that, perhaps, only the open road can offer?

Yeah, by now, you may be asking, “Eh, so what? WTF is the big deal?”

Well, this does become a big deal to this social isolating, gone stir crazy guy. I mean, even the slightest inkling of pre-pandemic normalcy can trigger a glimmer of hope for the better days that have got to be out there. Somewhere? Some way? Someday? Someday soon?

More importantly, it is reassuring to know that this biker is amongst the survivors of humankind’s still raging health crisis.

And yes, I do care about the well-being of folks I’ve never met.

Beyond that?

While I’d never ask you to commit to this…

Perhaps, recall this feeling abandoned blogger whenever a motorcyclist roars past your home in the wee hours.

Just knowing that someone out there may be doing so is comforting, too.

Thanks for indulging me…
Do take care and…
Be you vaxxed or not…

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Nearly an Eternity in Lockdown


Almost sixty years prior to the coronavirus pandemic, my own peers had made it their Job #1 to bully me; demote me to the rank rank of second class citizen; these sickos’ nonsensical and merciless verbal, physical and emotional attacks robbing me of the carefree, fun times, which is (should be) (must be) each and every kid’s birthright.

And, upon factoring in how much school I had skipped to escape their torment, they also committed similar grand larceny by denying me my education; which, btw, is (should be) (must be) each and every human’s birthright, too.

Oh, eventually, after four long years of this harassment, these schoolyard and neighborhood hoodlums / hooligans did grow a tad weary of tormenting me, but their timing could not have been worse. You see, by then, puberty took over; it’s Job #1 being to deface my face.

While my parents (by profession, both high school level educators) did attempt to defend and console me, they could no more effectively open my principals’ eyes than my clogged pores.

My only, bygone coping mechanism, summed up in two words, had become: Social Isolating

Not showing my face in public, eventually, became a way of life; if “life” is even the operative word, here.

Ironically, my leading into 2020, New Year’s resolution had been to get off the bench and back into the game of life; to make the most out of whatever time I have remaining on Earth.

Needless to say, we all know how well that went, don’t we?

So, what has nearly a lifetime in lockdown taught me?

In pre-pandemic times, I could take some solace in my belief that life’s parade was still marching onward; to be joined in progress when the time was ripe.

However, with the pandemic still marching and rampaging onward AND the revelation of the ever-evolving, far more contagious and deadlier, coronavirus variants (of late, discovered, right here, in my home state of Michigan) AND the slow down of the vaccines’ distribution (due to both logistical and pharmacological problems) it’d appear that life’s parade has been canceled indefinitely.

My greatest concerns:

  • By the time this running amok, global scourge is finally in our rear view mirrors, so too, will be my above mentioned, days of yore, ill-timed, ill-fated New Year’s resolution.
  • Considering how a huge chunk of my Earthly existence can already be seen within my own, personal, rear view mirror, my road ahead, indeed, doth appear short.

My best coping mechanism (hopefully yours too), summed up in ten words, continues to be:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






My View and “Whew!”


16 days ago, due to hot, humid summertime conditions, my oily / sweaty skin caused my homemade mask’s left rubber band to slip off my ear while I was within a public, indoors setting. YIKES! Since I had nearly completed my business transaction, I was soon hightailing it back to my car and heading for home. But… had my exit been soon enough?

My being an old man with preexisting breathing issues, I knew that, if exposed, it’d take a miracle for this pitiless pathogen to either spare me or render me an asymptomatic carrier. Excuse the wordplay but, as for expecting a favorable outcome, I wasn’t holding my breath. I just tried to put it out of my mind and keep on busily blogging.

Well, factoring in how COVID-19’s typical incubation period ranges from 2 to 14 days, I suppose it’s not too early to breathe my sigh of relief… naturally, while social isolating at the infinitely safe distance, which the www affords us all.

So, here it goes…


An unnerving, worrisome incident, such as mine…

• Makes me wonder why, at the very least, Donald J. Trump could not have supplied top of the line surgical masks… maybe even N-95’s… to everyone residing in the U.S. Hey, preventing people from getting sick, right from the get go, certainly would’ve made our heroic healthcare providers’ livelihoods and lives a helluva lot safer and easier.

• Reminds me of what steps a fully prepared, proactive, principled POTUS would’ve taken… e.g….

[1] Deploy the National Guard to home deliver sufficient provisions (even prescription meds) to ensure all quarantined citizens can survive, comfortably, for two to four weeks, [2] Repurpose appropriate buildings to safely house and similarly supply the homeless and to reduce overcrowding in existing, multifamily / multi-generational residences, [3] Routinely test everyone for COVID-19 throughout sequestration, [4] retest just prior to cautiously reopening society, and [5] as a final kick-start the economy / restore consumer confidence gesture, ensure every inconvenienced person receives a substantial, stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

Had Trump implemented such procedures, would there even be a need to be masking up America, a half year into, what turned out to be, the coronavirus crisis of his own making?

To be sure, those who wallow in obscene wealth, right on cue, would’ve Tweeted and bleated against such commonsense  measures… even deemed them too costly. Costly? As if what? Saving lives would not be worth whatever the cost? Would they rather blow their wads on palatial mansions, yachts and solid gold toilets?

But, more to the point… do these tightfisted fools actually believe ending a crisis in two months is less cost effective than letting Trump drag it out… on and On AND ON INTERMINABLY!

Well, that’s all I’ve got, for now. Thanks for the opportunity to express my point of view and exhale my “WHEW!”


Stay Safe! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Far More than a Singing Lesson (Vid of the Day)

YouTube’s Anne Reburn and her “clones” cover I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony). An earlier version of this Bill Backer / Billy Davis / Roger Cook / Roger Greenaway composition had been the soundtrack to an über-successful TV advertising campaign, which, circa 1971, had added more “fizz” to Coca Cola’s™ profits.

Tapping into that advertising blitz’s popularity, recording artists, such as the Hillside Singers and the New Seekers, covered a lyrically reworked version, which dropped all product references. And, from that point forward, “Sing” became an international radio hit.

Interestingly enough, it was during that very bygone era when my younger self’s brand loyalty had “somehow” shifted from Pepsi™ to Coke™… where my allegiance has remained ever since. [Note to Self: On this summery mid-afternoon, be sure to pop open a can and enjoy.]

Yet, there was… still is… far more in play. We’re speaking of the heady, lyrical, upbeat appeal for equality / inclusiveness / world unity. Such principles certainly exemplify my ideals.

Beyond that, “Sing” suggests that Madison Avenue’s impact is not always measured in mere dollars and cents. Indeed, headstrong capitalism, when tempered with a healthy dosage of altruism, hath the power to sell far more than commodities.

Hmm… re the above… might it be time to take this reality check, multiple choice test?

a. Have I been reading too damned much between the lyrical lines?
b. Has pandemic necessitated social isolating rendered me stir-crazy?
c. Is Ms. Pollyanna seated upon some branch of my family tree?
d. None of the above?

Whatever the answer(s), rest assured, both Ms. Reburn and I are well aware of how it’ll take far more than a feel-good three-minute song to cure societal ills (btw, I hope you stuck around to check out her post performance soliloquy / reality check).

To briefly put a more distinct face on those ills… too damned many of our compatriots, worldwide, have been facing down the dual, deadly, “I can’t breathe” issues… one precipitated by the pitiless, out of control coronavirus… the other by the out of control, brutal cops’ chokeholds and asphyxiating tear gas.

And be one fighting for her/his life in an ICU, fighting for freedom in the streets, or too damned scared to even consider exiting our sequestration bunkers, we’ve all been feel powerless to do one damned thing about it… and could never expect autocratic leaders to ever channel their power constructively.

And that’s F’ing depressing! And that’s not healthy!

So, if listening to I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing can cheer us up… even in some small way… even for a fleeting moment… what’d be the harm in that?


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







Bygone Bullies Prepared Me For 2020

My younger self would’ve never believed it possible that, come 2020, I’d actually be able to put a positive spin on being bullied from the 4th grade thru the 9th grade (inclusive)… in other words, for 46% of my K-12 pubic schooling experience.

What I learned from being verbally / physically assaulted… even spat on… had actually given me some firsthand insight into discrimination and brutality issues. And my retreat from that ugly scene had even better prepared me for coping with a pandemic shut down world.

You see, my tormentors had unwittingly taught me what it feels like to be discriminated against. In turn, feeling sorry for myself had actually taught me how to feel empathy for similarly persecuted individuals. So, whenever / wherever I see oppression rearing its ugly head… well… my heart sinks and eyes tear up.

To put a face on wretched discriminatory conduct, we look no further than Donald J. Trump’s insensitive, in-your-face and online bullying… all for the express purpose of devaluing precious human beings based upon their ethnicity, religion, orientation, physical attributes and disabilities. And as if that weren’t bad enough, already, there are also his stunningly childish, vicious, ad hominem verbal attacks.

But let’s dig deeper into to the specifics of my days of yore M.O. to avoid bullies. To put it into pandemic parlance… this involved none other than social distancing / isolating. Other than my parents and only sibling, my only after school contacts with humanity had been listening to my transistor radio in my bedroom. The affable DJs and the recording artists they featured, during their broadcasts, had become akin to my surrogate friends.

By the time my rebellious teen years arrived, I opted to appear so radically different from my oppressors that I grew my hair long. Interestingly enough, my winding up in violation of my school’s stringent grooming protocols, left the assistant principal few options but to suspend me! And this was to punish me HOW? Anyway, in time, long hair styles became my lifelong preference. And that certainly doth work out well when a pandemic shuts down the barber shops.

Granted, about three years into the new millennium, I began entertaining the notion of seeking and experiencing the life I had never had… i.e. to make the most of whatever time I have left… but how doth one quickly kick lifelong, hermitlike habits, such as mine? Of course, the Trumpian Flu soon rendered that Q a moot point.

Ergo, I’ve now come to the realization that that life may never happen… mainly because the powers that be… drawing on the abundance of their density and rapacity… have opted to prematurely re-open our world. And… long sigh… the resurgence of COVID-19 is already underway.

Now, whether or not we’re ordered back into our bunkers, that’s where I’ll be. These days, I won’t even need to rely on radio DJs anymore.

You see, yearning for a career that would jibe with my reclusive lifestyle, I had chosen Communications Arts for my college major… i.e., in hopes the radio station studio might, someday, become my new hide out from a bully saturated world.

And, when that plan didn’t pan out, I set up a modest home studio… where in the months of corona sequestration, yet to come, I’ll be spinning my own LPs / CD’s for an audience of one… moi.


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







Fortune Cookie Blog (Body Count)


RE the sorry state of the heads of many of our heads of state,
it’s a textbook case of NoBody Home! That is the main reason
why you’re presently a social isolating HomeBody & I am, too;
the reason for the pandemic’s astoundingly high Body Count!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!







Another Anthem for Anyone in Need (Vid of the Day)

Ms. Shirley Șerban performs Lockdown, her pandemic inspired, lyrical update of Downtown, originally composed by Englishman Tony Hatch. Back in 1964, Ms. Petula Clark’s recording became an instant international hit… a Billboard Hot 100, stateside chart topper and, on the UK Singles Chart, she wound up at #2.

Were Billboard to ever diversify their charts to establish a new category… specifically for pandemic anthems… Ms. Șerban’s timely performance / lyrics would surely become a chart topper, too.

And for whatever my own timely words may be worth…

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…








Better Than Hulu, Netflix, Disney, HBO etc.?


I am not a tin foil hat wearing whack-a-doodle, flipped his noodle guy who buys easily into conspiracy theories… but…

That doesn’t mean that I’d ever shy away from ‘em. Hell, I oft cook ‘em up and play ‘em out in the theater of my (more or less) rational mind. Being a frequent flyer, who soars off to Fantasyland, if nothing else, is the safest way to “travel” while idled in pandemic necessitated quarantine. The fringe benefits are cool, too. After all, this costs nothing and can be more entertaining than Hulu, Netflix, Disney, HBO etc.

So, let’s take a closer look into who / what has been so conducive to my recent conjecture… namely… one Donald J. Trump and his stunningly stupid stance re All Things Corona.

My premise: This bug doth seem tailor made to jibe with his ideological rampage and bid for reelection.

Disclaimer: This is not to suggest that either the Science-Denier-In-Chief or any of his admin’s like-minded cronies and toadies could ever muster sufficient IQ points to bio-engineer a pathogen, all on their own. These simpletons are simply not the white lab coat – Bunsen burner – microscope – petri dish type.

Nor would they even be capable of coordinating with bioethics violating, mad scientists for an evil assist. The clashing egos on both sides, alone, would all but guarantee that plot’s implosion.

Even so, Donny can still depend / draw on his opportunistic nature to compensate for his mental deficits. And he doth recognize how coronavirus has been disproportionately debilitating and decimating the non-Caucasian and retiree demographics, which, by sheer coincidence, are the very folks he detests… i.e., seeing how most of them are loyal Democrats who’d never, ever vote for him.

In Other Words: Any virus that’s not a friend of racial minorities and the elderly is a friend of the fake prez.

That Donald J. Trump’s pandemic ass dragging could actually be his ongoing, politically motivated conspiracy… one which seems tailor made to snag him a second term… at the very least, is worthy of consideration.

Of course, no conspiracy theory is necessary to point out how ignorance tends to conspire against all who wallow in it.

If that debunks all of the other conspiracies, that might even deny Donny a second term.

And we could all (literally) live with that.