I don’t know how to blog anymore.

Sure, I still have a decent command of the English language and can adequately preside over the syntax… however…

Such skills only encompass writing’s nuts and bolts.

What’s far more worrisome are the rabidly partisan global, national, state and local characters, who I typically blog about; they who possess (are possessed by) notions best described as nasty and/or nutty.

Let’s mull over these misanthropes and the milieus they mill about.

We’re speaking, by and large, of the psychotic and/or cretinous miscreant males; from Vladimir Putin all the way down to the local Joe Blows, who, immediately after prematurely fleeing pandemic lockdown, have come to the conclusion that it’s time to partay; i.e., it’s high time to lock and load and hit the streets ISO innocents; to terrorize society by indiscriminately opening fire; all for the express purpose of painting their towns red… blood red.

As if what?

  • The 6.5 MILLION (so far) known Covid-19 Deaths aren’t already bad enough?
  • Global Warming’s death toll (due to freakish storms) isn’t rising fast enough?

And what of the Death of Democracy? Especially within lands, such as the U.S., where, once upon a time, it was thought that such an odious outcome could never happen in a zillion years. Yet, at present, some estimates claim that 1 out of every 2 stateside residents still feel fealty for that Anti-America, fascist bastard, Donald J. Trump; still fail to condemn him for his January 6, 2021 attempted, deadly and destructive coup.

I have first hand witnessed this horrifying state of mindlessness. Not too long ago, a telephone pollster / panhandler asked me what I thought of Trump and even tho I called him out as a TRAITOR TO AMERICA (in an angry tone of voice, no less), she still tried to hit me up for a “campaign” contribution. Needless to say, I was deeply offended that she’d ever consider me to be as imbecilic and sycophantic as she.

Let’s keep it real, re the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol. Moron DJT and his mindless minions all have red, bloodstained hands. Yet, instead of, bare minimum, their facing down trial, conviction and winding up locked up (as in throw away the key magnitude imprisonment), they still remain at large / free…

Free to stupidly and/or dementedly plot to do it again and Again and AGAIN… until they prevail.

Look, I’m not being an unreasonable, uncompassionate man, here. If any of them are diagnosed as mentally ill, it’d be perfectly OK to institutionalize, not imprison them till they can ascend to sanity; as well as gain a better sense of what the real America is all about.

Long sigh…

Alas, this post now comes full circle.

I don’t know how to blog anymore.

Being an eyewitness to America’s demise, in real time, is demoralizing; to the point where I oft find myself staring at the WP compose page’s empty field of white; asking myself “Why even bother?”

Worse yet, In such a state of mind, I’ve also been negligent in reading posts of those who I follow and I do apologize to all of you.

  • So, what’s left when little to nothing is ideologically left / progressive anymore?
  • When the Founding Fathers’ America, for the most part, has gone utterly nuts?

Well, I can only hope that what few of you, who may still be paying visits, here, are not allergic to my oft inactive site’s inevitable dust. For what it’s worth…





Be humans Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Fortune Cookie Blog (Pam’s Barometer)


Long ago, a high school friend / roving reporter and aspiring psychologist /
sociologist conducted a person-in-the-street survey; informally canvassed
classmates and faculty, alike, by asking us all, “If you could, would you?”
Tapping into her intentional vagueness, I kidded, “Yes, no, no, no… YES!”
If you could, how’d you reply to this soul-searching / baring, rhetorical Q?






Ageism/Racism: The Unattractive Reality

Our appearance. It’s how others judge us. More to the point… oft summarily prejudge us. To say the least… exhibiting THAT type of behavior is NOT attractive. To say more… real life experiments have exposed this oft-ugly side of human nature.

In late 1959… author John Howard Griffin, managed to successfully pass himself off as a black man after first taking massive, oral doses of the anti-vitiligo drug, methoxsalen, and spending 15 hours per day under an ultraviolet lamp.

Then, for six weeks, he proceeded to travel throughout America’s, racially segregated Deep South by Greyhound Bus and by hitchhiking. To summarize the story, which he related in his book Black Like Me, he had faced down the typical, brutal bigotry, which the region of that era had been known for.

More recently… actress Roxanne Pallett had successfully passed herself off as a ninety-year-old woman, courtesy of a four-hour process where she was fitted with Hollywood type prosthetics and had applications of special makeup.

She then faced the public… and long story short… had experienced the ill-mannered indifference and ill-tempered impatience of those younger than she.

Folks, I’ve seen this ageism, first hand, too, in the grocery store checkout lane. I watched a woman, ahead of me in line, slowly writing out a check… her noticeably arthritic fingers having a tough time holding onto her pen. Then, after she had left, as the younger cashier rang up my purchase, she rolled her eyes, shook her head and said, with unforgiving, under her breath scorn, “Some people…” She never finished her sentence… not that I had ever really wanted her to do so.

I, too, have undergone my own transformation. True, mine merely involves my normal, day-to-day physiology / aging process doing its thing. But… I can certainly attest to much of what Pallett had related re her own experiences.

Shopping while gray ~ I’ve oft experienced store clerks’ “special treatment” / their “looking right through me” stares. I’ve practically heard their internal voices, bouncing about within their cranial abyss, saying…”Eh… who needs him?” OR “He’s just an old geezer who’s gonna kick off any day now!” OR “He probably doesn’t have a lot of money, anyway, so who needs him?” OR “Ignore it and maybe it’ll go away!”

It was only after I grew my hair to shoulder length that, all the sudden, I started finding the store clerks rushing up to me to cautiously, nervously “offer” me their “help.” Truth is, they’re wrongfully suspecting that I’m going to rip them off (read more here).

Imagine how demoralizing and frustrating it is to be perceived to be someone you know you are not. Perhaps, you don’t need to imagine?

Racism and ageism wrongfully punish us for our physical appearance… for traits that (unless one is part of some sociological experiment), one has no control over. Melanin content is in our DNA. So is how soon and how fast the wrinkles and other signs of aging manifest themselves.

Superficial characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with who we actually are… who we oft are wrongfully being judged to be.

Those who think small have yet to realize that we all begin aging on the day we are born… that, someday, they, too, will feel the heartbreak of being unjustly perceived as “not-valid” human beings.