Christine Valters Paintner’s Praise (Vid of the Day)

A Google Search paints this impressive portrait of Christine Valters Paintner…

“She’s a Benedictine Oblate, poet, writer, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, teacher, and pilgrimage guide. Her fields of expertise include Christian spiritual practices, monastic spirituality, and the expressive arts.”

A passage from The Work Of The People’s YouTube site will succinctly set up the above clip…

PRAISE SONG FOR THE PANDEMIC – written and read by Christine Valters Paintner, from Abbey of the Arts and music by Giants & Pilgrims.


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…






Fortune Cookie Blog (3-D Spirituality)


To profess spirituality is as E-Z as photographing a blessed house of worship.
But, do make sure such a claim isn’t as thin as a smartphone screen’s image.
Adding that third dimension starts with being attentive to the cleric’s homilies;
putting into practice the truths (s)he preaches; uplifting the day to day lives of
who we meet; offering a helping hand to the aged / infirm; being charitable to
the less fortunate; offering enlightenment to all who may dwell in darkness.






Spirituality and Patriotism


Most people profess their love for God and country. We’ve seen a lot of these sentiments serve as window dressing to bogusly spruce up one particular 2016 presidential candidate’s campaign rallies (need I even name him?). That said, does everybody actually understand how deep spirituality and patriotism need to go?

To better illustrate this, either actually run this “experiment” or just imagine doing so. First write whatever symbols represent your religion on a sheet of paper. Not to worry… even atheism has its own “logo” and I truly believe folks can still feel love and behave in a spiritual manner even without a Supreme Being entering the picture. Next, draw an image of your nation’s flag.

No need to be concerned if your calligraphy and artistry are just so-so. Of primary importance here is to, first, observe the height and width of everything you’ve written and drawn and, next, view the paper edge on.

If you’ve detected spirituality and patriotism as being only paper-thin, you’ve drawn the right conclusion. Indeed, a more significant third dimension is found only within our minds and hearts.

To add such depth, one must feel respect for humanity… regardless of people’s age, nationality, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability and psychological disorder.

We must NEVER worship the almighty (paper-thin) buck… NEVER disrespect Mother Nature… NEVER accept torture, homicide, gun violence, WMD and war.

We must fully realize that, in our world of plenty, no one need ever waste away from nutritional and intellectual starvation. Once stomachs and minds are fed, all industrious individuals should be allowed to freely draw upon their innate talents, become gainfully employed, be granted unencumbered passage on the path to self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Love of God and country have never actually gone away… spirituality and patriotism have just been reduced to paper-thin, barebones symbols and imagery.

The only remaining question…

Is it too late for such a society to self-correct? Your thoughts?

99 Word Blog (#042) BBB’s Inspirational Blog


I’ve just read an inspirational blog, Lessons from a 93 Year Old posted by BeautyBeyondBones.

Her story’s gist…

While attending mass, a latecomer sat beside her and she lived her religion.

Since her login process is complicated, I post my comment below…

Our youth obsessed culture creates a problem. As years add up, they oft subtract from one’s popularity, multiply sad feelings and divide generations. You are a true Christian. It’s heartwarming how you have proved to God, the other churchgoers and yourself that you do put into practice all that’s been preached. If we don’t… sermons become meaningless.