All Strings Attached (Sunday Song Series)

A bit of a digression… doncha just love that Statue of Liberty still shot above? Moving onward…

With our Sunday Song Series now at Week #61, for a change of pace, let’s talk classics. Why classical music? My brief bio…

My parents are to blame for introducing me to Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz as a wee preschooler. My Sixties, hippie dippy roots and, later on, EZ listening background also come into play. In fact, while typing this very blog, right next to me is a CD tower where filed under “S” there’s the epitome of diversity… e.g., recording artists such as Sting, Stooges and Strauss. Seeing how so many genres can harmoniously coexixt in my world, perhaps classical will play out well in your world, too?

As for the specifics, we’ll be giving a listen to Symphony No.3 a.k.a. The Sunday Symphony by William Grant Still… a.k.a. “The Dean” of African-American composers.

While I’m offering Movement I (The Awakening), above (for the folks with time constraints), as for the classical connoisseur (and/or folks who have time to savour their music), check out Maestro Still’s masterpiece… in its entirety… below…

Our adventure into the world of Sunday titled songs will continue… 7 days from now…






Super Moon Toons (Super Special Blogcast)

Just in time for the Super Moon (11-14-2016), I’m Blogcasting five Moon Toons, which will help set the proper mood for this amazing astronomical event… one where Earth’s satellite, in it’s full phase, will be at it’s closest perigee since 1948 and appear 15 – 16% larger and far brighter than we’re accustomed to seeing.

Oh, btw… the Moon is looking mighty impressive even as I post this tonight… one night early.

Throughout the ages, gazing at the Moon has inspired a universally experienced air of mystery, awe, romance, passion, and love… these feelings eventually and inevitably becoming interwoven into our world’s music. When a song’s focus turns skyward, our primal, natural yearnings are roused, instinctively drawing each listener’s attention to matters celestial.

And if the moon watcher is also a composer of music, a synergy develops with other watcher-songwriters. Consequently, there’s a vast body of Moon Toons for us to choose from and enjoy. There’s also a diversity of song tempos, instrument arrangements and musical genres, which could almost be compared to the phase like moods set by the Moon… first quarter, full, last quarter, new and earthshine… from the narrowest sliver to the Super Moon… and everything in between.

While these special musical segues, presented below, can be enjoyed at any time of day, for the optimal effect, synchronize the playback with the spectacular Super Moon. At that time, be sure to shut down all artificial lighting and once you’ve clicked the play button on the first video, traipse on over to your window, fling those curtains wide open and watch this cosmic event lazily arcing across the sky.

Once you’ve tracked through all five songs, it’ll be time to head for the great outdoors… and the farther away you get from the hustle and bustle of civilization, the better. If there’s a significant other in your life, invite that person to join you.

Once you’re one with nature, the hush of the night will form its own subtle “music”… perhaps a gentle, steady breeze whooshing through pine needles or rustling whatever leaves may still be on the trees… maybe a nearby babbling brook will add a bit more ambiance, too. At that point, that ol’ devil moon will draw your gaze upward and you’ll feel your terrestrial concerns ebbing as you soar to commune with the vast cosmos.

Who knows, the sparks of new love may be in the air? Or perhaps latent feelings will be rekindled? Might single folks even wind up experiencing an unexpected meeting with their soul mate, while both are wandering about beneath the night sky? Whatever transpires under the Milky Way… under the Super Moon… you’re bound to feel a timeless bond with the rest of humanity… one that has always been there for the taking… for those attuned, caring souls, who know how and where it’s found.

Howling is cool, but not mandatory.


Van Morrison ~ Moondance

Sting ~ Moon Over Bourbon Street

Cassandra Wilson ~ Harvest Moon

Norah Jones ~ Shoot The Moon

Bap Kennedy ~ Moonlight Kiss



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